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  1. Nowadays I pronounce everything like they do in audiobooks. The biggest problem for me was Nynaeve, which is actually rather easy on the ear when you know how to say it right. I also mispronounced Seanchan as Se(as in settle)-ahn-chan, and the classics Tame, Ale, Fail. It still seems strange that many characters whose name ends in an 'e', say Corele, are pronounced like, in this case KO-REH-LAH. The 'e' gets changed to 'ah' which is kinda strange, as I would just drop the last 'e' and say it KO-REHL. I got most of the rest right though 8). And to this day I can't stop laughing when I get to Jadranka, who is a Seanchan soldier who gets a little screen time in TPOD during the Rand-Seanchan battle. Jadranka is a female name here in Croatia, named for our Jadran sea, which in English is the Adriatic sea, so I suppose Jadranka could be Adriatica ;D
  2. Well Frances is just a name which I nicked from Frances the Mute the second album of a progrock band The Mars Volta. As simple as it is, people always assume it's got something to do with France and then view me as a frenchmen, or better to say as a frenchwoman. They say it sounds like a girls name ::) I suppose Francis is more common, but still...
  3. I'd say either Berelain or Graendal, probably Graendal.
  4. Do DM forums have the Hall of Shame area, if not they should and this topic deserves the number one spot in there :D
  5. Luckers' bodyswap theory is really well thought out and can be made to fit the facts we know, but at the same time it's so lame and I really wouldn't like to see the end of WoT going in that direction. It makes sense to me that the soul bound to the wheel would have its TAR appearance as that of the last incarnation, but there's nothing to say that it is so.
  6. Maybe you should read the topic before posting. Normally, I wouldn't say anything, it's just that every 20 posts or so in comes someone and asks a question that has already been thoroughly explained. Anyway, I think Bel'Taim is one of the looniest theories out there. And I can't understand how even after all the evidence against it presented by Majsju, RAW and Mr Ares, some people still maintain it's possible.
  7. The only way I see this working as a RTS is if they make all the nations/factions very similar with some special units and buildings thrown in for each faction. Something like AoE, but that doesn't make a good game IMO. An RPG wood be much better.
  8. What I don't get about the forsaken is the fact that they don't seem to realize that if they win and DO breaks through, they won't get their eternal life. They'll be dead along with everyone else and Time itself. Ishamael is the only exception, but he was bonkers long before he started using TP, IMO.
  9. Actually, the first time I was going trough the series, when I got to the recycling in LoC and CoS, I was like 'WTF, Rand and company just went trough 5 books killing off those bastards and now they're coming back?' ;D Of course, I changed my mind later. The more the merrier ;) Pevara is one Red I like. Although when I first read that scene where Seaine goes to her after talking with Elaida, I got the creepy vibe from Pevara. Actually I suspected her a black, who killed off her family.
  10. Starcraft is the coolest RTS ever ;) Any genre would be good as long as it's made with quality. I would of course prefer an RPG made by BIOWARE, although a FPS like Jedi Knight could be very cool too. I would prefer such a game to have the main storyline of it's own, not connected to the books, sort of like KOTOR in Star Wars. I really woudn't like to see a MMORPG made, cause your average MMORPG player is a psycho, 12 hours a day - player, who loves nothing more than to relieve his frustrations by bashing 'lesser' players in the game.
  11. I mostly just detest the FOX channel :D But aside from that, I wouldn't say that I hate any of the characters. Egwene and Nynaeve have had some moments when I really wanted to smack them (mostly their treatment od Mat and Rand), and Elayne chapters in CoT were the most difficult to get through in whole of Wot.
  12. WHAT? And I thought I finaly had all the names right on this readtrough. Anyway, I pronounce it See-ooh-ahn. I pronuonuced Aiel (like ale) wrong for years, and the correct way to pronounce Taim still feels strange to me.
  13. Hmm, I agree with the DO and Rand being wildcards, and obviously it can't end up with lightside thrashing darkside without much losses, but I wouldn't say the darkside has the tactical advantage. Shadowspawn can't travel, that's a huge minus right there. The light side can do hit and run tactics using just the channelers and do some serious damage. Undercover darkfriends in the lighside army can do some major damage, I agree. In my initial post I forgot the Horn of Valere, which is another plus for the lighside. Sure the lightside is not united at the moment, but Rand has been working on it for the last 8 books, and the prophecies make me believe he'll eventually get everyone cooperating. I think RAW has it right, DO's influence will be the balancing factor between the light and dark.
  14. that forces of the Dark One are up for some major whoopass come Tarmon Gaidon. If the only channelers the DO can count on are Taim's Asha'man, Black Ajah, and maybe some Aiel Wise Ones, Sea Folk Windfinders and Seanchan damane as well, it seems to me no matter how many Shadowspan and Darkfriends they pull out of the Blight, they can't hope to compete against all the united light side channelers. I don't know the exact numbers in question but it seems to me that at best the darkside could scrape up around 300 channelers(maybe 500, beeing really generous on damane, windfinders and wise ones), while the light side has at least a few thousand channelers including all the novices and the Kin. Not to mention all the angreal and sa'angreal the lightside posseses, especially Calandor and the male Choedan Kal. Rand could probably obliterate everyone all by himself using the Choedan Kal (although I don't see it used in the fighting before his confrontation with the DO/Shaidar Haran/Moridin). Don't know, it seems to me even if they pull millions of Trollocs, Myrddraal and other shadowspawn out of the Blight they'll still get their asses handed to them. I'm basing this conclusion on the fighting we've seen at Dumai's wells and the attack on the manor house in KoD, where a small group of channelers completely destroyed a vast army sent against them. What's your take on all this ??? p.s. first post on this board, sorry if this has been discussed already, it seemed too general a topic to use the search option
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