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  1. Actually it is absolutely possible. Luc and Isam merged; one lives, one did die, but both are. Maybe Moridin is He Who Is Dead. Maybe Aviendhas kids will be different because they are literally Rand and Moridins kids
  2. Thats the idea, although of course it could be anyone
  3. I like Perrin in EotW, and I like the part when he meets Elyas and the whole Wolfbrother thing comes about. And Im probably more glad that Elyas is in it later than I am about any other lesser major character. Its like he still has a part to play. I cant stand how easily both Aginor and Balthamel fall. They appear together, you get the impression that theyre guna work together, but noooo. The invincible Forsaken were definitely too vincible in that encounter for my liking, they let the team down.
  4. I dunno on that one, Drizzt has supernatural abilities and magic swords and whatnot, swords that werent just made by magic.
  5. Theres no good saying Nynaeve beat a Forsaken when she still had a block as if thats a point against her. Nynaeve was angry so she could channel; her block meant nothing
  6. I think the Aiel are great; I think ji'e'toh is a brilliant idea and to be honest I dont see why the wetlanders-and Rand especially, since he isnt daft-dont understand it. I like the way they boast, the way they set their own punishment, and their sense of humor. Yet if you really think about Maidens of the spear, they are extremely considerate. A woman like Aviendha chooses to be the way she is, to take up the spear and become a warrior. And because of that, they are not allowed to wed, and must have their child adopted; it sounds harsh but if you think about it, it is a mercy to the child and the husband she never had; you have to divorce the spear before you can settle down with a family, otehrwise the family you start will suffer because you died living the life you chose. The Aiel are probably my favorite culture in Wheel of Time
  7. Who ones master is doesnt usually affect ones fighting abilities. The first few seemed really colorful and solid. Wizards First Rule was great I thought, Stone of Tears went downhill because Chase left, blah blah blah, then I read Wheel of Time and realised what a scam Sword of Truth really is. The only original idea Goodkind had-the ONLY one-is Gratch. You wont find an equivalent of Gratch in Wheel of Time, but everything else... Check this out. Jagang the Dreamwalker possesses people. Why hes called a Dreamwalker I dont know. Smart character, but why Dreamwalker? Oh, thats right, because its in Wheel of Time. How about Ishamael vs Ashen-Shugar?
  8. Thats a pretty huge division in basis. One is the facillitating function of a bodyswap, the other is a behavioural tick. We know Logain has glory in his future, him stepping over Rand seems to link to this, and laughing is a fairly normal way of expressing success. Im open to better interpretations of that particular vision if you have any Luckers.
  9. Is Halima about in that chapter? Im guessing she is
  10. Yep. Rand thought he had lost his first loss, which I thought was brilliant. And when he went crazy with Callandor... one of my favorite Rand moments, definitely. I love heroes who have drawbacks, and I think Rands mental issues make fr a great read.
  11. Not a fair fight at all. Even though Richard never learns to use his magic properly (although I didnt bother finishing the series) Richard has the sword, which gives him the skill of its previous users. Better to ask who would win between Richard and Rand because they are exactly the same person, only one guy did it right and the other tried to change him to hide the stolen protagonist. Who do you think would win out of... Moridin using the True Power and Terry Goodkind endlessy saying that he has never read WoT?
  12. Only as he steps in or out. He cant just do it whenever he wants, he has to jump in or out to change
  13. Any proof? It becomes clear late in the series after he kills who he thinks are Rand and Min. He can appear as either Luc or Isam in waking or dream world, he just has to be steppingin or out of the dream world to change. In the prophecy Fain wrote of in TGH it says "one did live, one did die." Isam lives, I reckon, because Moridin and also the Trollocs call him Isam, not Luc. So Isam has Luc as a disposable identity
  14. The fact that we can see a way doesnt make it the only one. The only reason I consider Logain to be a candidate is because he laughs as he steps over Rands corpse, and nothing other than the Moridin-Rand link points at it being Moridin. The thing is, I actually like the Moridin one a bit more, I have ranted and raved about the Dragon reborn-Nae'blis buildup, and I do think it would be great if it happened. But... Logain laughs when he steps over the fake Rand body. Judging that Logain doesnt laugh often, doesnt it seem strange that he laughs when stepping over Rands dead body like he knows its fake? Would Logain really laugh about it? The sense of humor fits Rand. "haha, Im stepping over my own corpse." That is definitely something Rand would laugh at.
  15. Where in the books does it say that the female Choeden Kal was destroyed because of the pacing difference between the male and female? Nothing in the books hint to that that I can recall, although my memory isnt photographic. Could you tell us what evidence there is to back up that statement Luckers, because i seem to remember quite clearly that Nynaeve collapsed before it was finished. Am I wrong? Alivia has had hundreds of years of training as a weapon, using the One Power in battle. Nynaeves training means little because Cyndane, as Lanfear, will have known the majority, if not all and more, of what Moghedien knows. Besides that, Nynaeve didnt even get that much in the way of battling out of Moghedien apart from inverting weaves which I just addressed; Lanfear will know about it also and be better at countering it. Knowledge doesnt mean everything, just like strength doesnt. Since you are counting the knowledge Nynaeve has gained from Moghedien, we can count the knoweldge Alivia now has of the gear she used at the Cleansing. Secondly, you say that Alivia has only had battle experience and nothing else as if that would hamper her against Nynaeve in a battle. Nynaeves knowledge of Healing, weather/danger sense, and probably even T'A'R would mean nothing against Alivia in a battle; you cant heal yourself, her weather sense wouldnt make any difference, and Alivia wouldnt just stand by and let Nynaeve take her to T'A'R somehow and think an a'dam on Alivia. Everything Alivia knows would count in a battle against Nynaeve; from shielding-which she will know and be good at-to bog-standard destruction, Alivia would handle Nynaeve easily because of her knoweldeg in my opinion. It isnt as simple as Alivia would beat Nynaeve so Cyndane would, its more that Cyndane is too good for either to stand a chance, regardless of whether or not Luckers and I agree on who has better one-on-one battle knowledge and experience. I still maintain that Alivia does, just as Luckers is free to stick to his own, but such questions are rarely answered clearly anyway. Alivia lost, thats all we need to know on the battle front.
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