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  1. Flying simply requires force and lift. I'm sure the Aes Sedai could easily achieve both, they aren't lifting so much as pushing, and then you have another AS on the thing being pushed who controls it, I mean, a little air here and there and they can somewhat steer. Of course, Flying is kinda stupid, skimming is obviously very easy (not as in travelling...), give a pair of AS a decent angreal and then they just lift eachother off the ground and push in the same direction, 10-13 Feet above the Earth would suffice in many instances and I'm sure they could weave a barrier if need be for forest tra
  2. I think the core problem comes from the fact that the Aes Sedai are being shut out of the world, chaos and mistrust is fostering and the plans of the shadow are bearing fruit as those of the Aes Sedai appear to be withering. Hawkwing separated the WT from the rest of the continent for 20 years and even before that a man who could channel came to power and united the nations. The Seanchan return from a land where Aes Sedai are horrible manipulators who seek only personal gain and have no three oaths or anything else (I always figured that was at least partially connected to the fact that most o
  3. The talent of singing is not necessarily limited to the Aiel/Tinkers. I think there might be a bit of foreshadowing/hinting going on with the Aiel, in that they don't normally sing after a certain age. The songs though are hinted at not being a specific song, my understanding was that there were many and they could be improvised and changed at least to some degree, but the talent of singing and changing the world, will be rediscovered.
  4. She makes Enron look like small business...
  5. Oh, my. :o I never got either of those and I'm infamous among my friends for my dirty mind and risque puns. Most likely, I missed it because it was in print and printed puns usually slip by me. As to "easing the badger", I don't know what it means but but I've always had the sense it was quite naughty. Let's see. Badgers live in burrows. The sign shows a man carrying a silver shovel and dancing with a badger, as if he might be about to dig a burrow. "Easing" sometimes refers to carefully inserting something into or removing something from a space (e.g. easing a car into a tight parking
  6. I find the three most suspicious characters to be Rand, Mat, and Perrin. I mean three trumped up fanboys magically turning out to be super awesome and then marrying super rich women, seems like a bunch of gold diggers to me!
  7. The point is that neither sides is really legal. Basically, the two sides are having hissy fits and sticking their tongues out at eachother and going "na na na na na we can't hear you!" and on and on. This is a case of the victor writing history.
  8. Ok. Maybe Rahvin's servants chased the people away. How? Rand's Gateway was done by only Rand's channeling; and Rand was not controlled by Rahvin at the time. And Telaranrhiod does vary in its time correspondence to real world. Not necessarily. While DREAMING the time has no correspondence, but in the few times people have entered physically, no such lack or correspondence has been shown.
  9. The Heroes addressed Mat as "Trumpeter" and Perrin as "Bannerman". The Heroes probably would have added some specific names after those titles if they (the Heroes) knew them (Mat & Perrin). Not if they're constantly reborn to be the "Trumpeter" and the "Bannerman". I would like to point out that that could be important. Also, we have to remember that the Forsaken are crazy awesome, and from Ishamael (and Hawkwing) we do know that even heroes can fight eachother, fight LTT/Rand even. To me, it's always seemed like Mat and Rand are linked, not just the way Mat, Rand, and Perri
  10. That actually brings up something about overdrawing the power. I mean, we know that a decent angreal or sa'angreal can bring the raw power of a channeler (not necessarily their skill with specific powers, weaves, or other things) to a level above taht of even the most powerful unaided, but if someone like LTT purposefully drew in too much, how much could he draw? I mean, obviously making a mountain and tearing apart the world isn't easy, but enough people could presumably do it, even if they didn't have access to many angreal or sa'angreal (since msot of the stuff that happened was probably pr
  11. I'd recommend you run far away from the messageboards until you're done with the 11th book, or else you may draw the ire of people who have such as a certain someone recently did. To answer your question though, remember, you are reading a book series in which the main characters are literally walking plot devices, ta'veren are like the ultimate deus ex machina.
  12. Okay, I'm not sure if this is the right board, but I just read the blurb for and saw the trailer for Dragon Age: Origins a game by Bioware and I just find it begets credibility that something can have that many recurring similarities (the terms are even similar!), without at least being a nod to (not exactly a rip off, I mean TWoT plotline in many ways is kinda vaguely generic, but the use of similar terminology and everything...). Any opinions? To be more specific, the title is Dragon Age, The bad guys come from the blight, the bad guys are called darkspawn, and the good guys have fal
  13. The only problem with that is that none of them seem to be doing much pondering of math and science, what with electricity, the steam engine, telescopes, airplanes, etc. all being invented by regular folk and all at once too, and a white/brown alliance would probably be the best at math, science, and philosophy.
  14. You guys do know that the body has a blueprint thingie and I do believe they've successfully regrown parts of fingers in humans, and more in other animals, and so it's literally the exact same thing they do with the healing normally, but we'll just have to assume that's just one of the funky things that requires a different weave, or perhaps is limited by some sort of phantom limb mental effect.
  15. At the end of the day, any infantry formation without some form of big pointy stick is in for trouble when charged. I read up to there... See, you're just not thinking this through all the way. It doesn't matter HOW awesome the guys charging are, I'm sure I can make a big enough stick that the idea of charging at it, is both stupid and suicidal...I mean.....Any large enough pointy stick is indistinguishable from a nuke.
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