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  1. When you read the books, do you populate the characters with voices from other media? Usually I just read the books in my normal 'reading voice' in my head, for lack of a better phrase. This time out though I'm doing a bit of fantasy voice-casting. I tend to picture the series as an anime in my brain anyways, this is just helping to fill things out more. :) I only have a few so far, that 'reader voice' is surprisingly stubborn about yielding brainspace. The cool thing about 'casting' the series this way is that we don't have to tie ourselves to how the characters look. Pedron Niall - Ch
  2. My guess is it would also involve a form of linking between them. Since men can't link unless there's a woman for every two (going by memory here) it would need to be women, or at most a mix of 4 men and 9 women.
  3. I considered this - that would be cool That's usually what happens when you contract your repair stonemasons through Hogwarts.
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