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  1. I really don't want to sound like an ass but I almost had an opposite first reaction to learning of Jordan's death. I'm not a big fantasy fan. I've read of course LotR because hasn't everyone? I also read Raymond E. Feist for a few years, getting to "Shards of a Broken Crown" before I quit. The only reason I read WoT was because I needed something to do over the summer a few years ago and my roomate promisted me "the craziest $hit ever" happens in this series. Intrigued, I picked up TEotW and was hooked. But I digress. My initial reaction (which I'm sure the original poster shared after more thought) was how sorry I felt for Robert Jordan. Here he had crafted a new world with it's own history, myths and legends literally living in this world for over 21 years. Haters want to say Jordan never had any idea where he was going with the series and was just adding books. I feel this is preposterous. The man started working on WoT in 1984 and the first book wasn't released until 1990. Then he churned out a book a year. I honestly feel Robert Jordan figured out all the major plot points and the conclusion in those six years before TEotW was released. I'm sorry to have posted such a long response but I just feel it's a bigger tradegy for Jordan that he couldn't tie up this world and story the way he wanted than it is for us that he couldn't release the last book for us. I'm sure we all have our problems with the series (my biggest one is women "putting their hands on their hips") but how many hours of pleasure have we taken from WoT? RIP James Rigney and thanks for the good times.
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