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    During our #reWoTch marathon charity livestream, we offered an epic prize- the chance to win a hardcover copy of The Great Hunt with show tie-in art AND a bookplate signed by Robert Jordan!
    Part of the entry was to submit a poem inspired by Trolloc nipples, and the fandom did not disappoint. 
    Here are some of the entries we received- enjoy!
    The crane flies eastward
    as battle plans are drawn.
    He leads the fighters onward
    toward the Malkier dawn.
    Trollocs follow them down
    into the lands so green
    Their nipples to be drawn
    into the fandom stream.

    Beckoning to me
    Glistening in the night like a flattened orb
    I long to fondle you so
    My dearest Trolloc nipple
    Trolloc and nipples
    are among Kevin's favorite things
    'course they are wonderful beings
    They drink milk and eat pies
    and plus they can sing

    To honor Kevin
    There is but one way
    To honor the purveyor
    Of those most holiest of peaks
    Of those most delightful of tips
    All must smile, all ought laugh
    To cheer this gift to our fandom
    There is but one way
    Take this delightful quirk he offers
    And milk it like a Trolloc

    There was once a man from Emond's Field,
    He was careful to never reveal,
    That his Nip's were not of man,
    they were furry and rough to hand,
    "How will I find someone to love us?"
    BUT he then met Kev Angus!    
    And all was well below as above
    he found his Trolloc nip love! 

    Trolloc nipples
    Cripple my soul
    The milk in thy cup
    Curdles and flows
    Your juice keeps me wanting 
    The taste of it blows
    Be gone Trolloc nipples
    The bane of my woes

    There once was a Trollock named Narg, whose nips were ever so large. 
    With a flip of his hair, he smacked a loose mare, and those nipples really took charge.

    I met a big trolloc called Wipple,
    Who had big proud outstanding Nipples.
    He said with a grin,
    Milk lies here within.
    So give them a tweak,
    And then they will leak.
    Rafe’s signature will then be the peak!

    In the shadows lurk,
    Trolloc's essence darkly formed,
    Nipples in the night.
  2. Thom DeSimone
    Get Ready to Rock the Wheel of Time #reWoTch Closet Cosplay Contest!
    Hey there, Wheel of Time fans! It's time to dive into the fun and fabulous Closet Cosplay Contest during our charity stream marathon Aug 26th starting at 11am Eastern on our Twitch. We want you to dig deep and come up with a Wheel of Time themed cosplay. Whether you don an elaborate costume or turn everyday items into an epic ensemble, we can't wait to see your creative genius in action!
    When to Strut Your Stuff:
    The closet cosplay showdown kicks off at 11am EDT with our livestream. It's your chance to get creative and have fun while doing something awesome for charity! 
    How to Get in on the Action:
    Step 1: Stick with us
    First things first, show us some serious love! Hit that subscribe button on YouTube and that follow button on Twitch. Why? Because this is where the magic happens—updates, fun moments, and vibes you won't want to miss.
    Step 2: Strut your stuff
    Time to bring your A-game! Strike a pose and snap a photo of your genius creation. Share your masterpiece on Twitter or Instagram. Remember to tag Dragonmount and throw in the hashtag #reWoTch to join the party.  Twitter- @dragonmount & Instagram- @dragonmount_
    Step 3: Lock in your shot
    Here's where it gets real—lock in your shot at the set of Graphic Novels by Macmillan. Donate any amount to our Charity stream. Then, pop an email with the subject line “reWoTch cosplay” over to social@dragonmount.com with your Twitch and YouTube usernames. Don't forget to attach your cosplay pic!
    Everyone's invited to join in for a seriously good time. But if you're aiming for the prize, you've got to go all in with all three steps. The winner must provide a shipping address within the continental United States for us to ship the prize to. 
    How We Roll:
    The Dragonmount team will pick our top 5 favorite entries. These are the ones that capture the spirit, make us laugh, and have us saying, "Wow, that's pure genius!" Then YOU, your fans, your friends, and fellow Wheel of Time enthusiasts will have the chance to vote in a poll to decide who takes the Closet Cosplay crown. 
    The Big Giveaway:
    We're not fooling around, folks. The winner gets their hands on something epic: the complete set of "The Eye of the World" graphic novels by MacMillan! Yep, that's a whopping 6 issues of pure Wheel of Time goodness.
    Mark Your Calendar:
    The Closet Cosplay Contest starts at 11am EDT at the start of our live stream.
    Make sure you've done all 3 steps by 8pm EDT during the marathon.
    The winner will be announced on Monday!
    Get ready to show us your Wheel of Time style, and may the most epic closet cosplayer win! 🌟
  3. Thom DeSimone
    Greetings fellow WoToholics aka “Statistically the best” Fandom! First off we want to thank you from the peaks all the way to slopes of Dragonmount! Because…. 🐉✨
    This past Saturday, our community came together for an non-stop squee inducing, 11-hour “Charity Livestream #reWoTch Marathon of The Wheel of Time S1”, and because you and ALL our fabulous guests. We overchanneled right past our fundraising goal bringing in over $2000 for the victims of the #MauiFires through the American Red Cross on our Twitch channel. If there's one thing about our community those who have observed over the of the past 25 years can take away, it's our dedication to the embodiment of the title “Aes Sedai”. Our unity, compassion and altruism are forces to be reckoned with. 
    The support from you touched the heart of the team that makes up this lonely mountain. Not only did we surpass our target to help the people of Maui, but we also gave away more than 50 prizes, making sure that balance is met and the generosity of our fellow Wheel of Time fans is rewarded in kind. Prizes like: 
    Vintage “The Wheel of Time” TCG (trading card game) cards - Donated by Dragonmount Staff
    Rare Brandon Sanderson pins - Donated by Dragonmount Staff originally from Dragonsteel
    Swag from other fan groups from the “first age” of our community all the way through to today! Tarvalon.Net - Ta’varen Tees - The Black Tower Podcast
    Full six issue set of The Eye of the World Graphic Novels, recently republished and donated by Macmillian. 
    A copy of The Great Hunt with tie in show cover art accompanied by a SIGNED ROBERT JORDAN BOOKPLATE! - Donated by the Jordan Estate
    Bumper stickers …and more! - Donated by Dragonmount Staff
    As we mentioned we were blessed by the Light with the extraordinary guests who brought their unique flair (and followers) to the livestream. We were joined throughout the day by the lovely Harriet McDougal and Maria Simons, as well as Innkeeper Hatch from The Dusty Wheel, Uno, Daniel from Black Tower Podcast, Jess from The Amrylin’s Study, Ta’veren Tavern, Sulin, Joe Lott from JordanCon, Amys Farstrider,  Reese Sedai, WolfBrother, Roofmistress Leigh-a from Three Fold Talk, Dani from the Wheel Weaves Podcast, Zuul, Taffy B, Joe from tWoTcast, Ryan & Kay from Way of the Leaf, and the one and only Kevin Angus. The enthusiasm was palpable as we listened to their insights, shared laughter, and maybe even shed a tear or two. I think we can all agree that once GradeKangusBeef entered chat, one may say pure gold was milked from the very teat of a Trolloc. 
    But it wasn't just the guests who made this event a moment for the Ages; it was all of you who participated and showcased your talents. The hilarious poems that were shared, the creative cosplay entries that brought our beloved characters to “life”, and the responses to our “Caption This” posts produced gasps of horror, incredulity, laughter, and heartfelt raw emotions dug from the frozen ground surrounding Dragonmount.
    The staff would also like to express our gratitude to Bill aka MatsdaggerX, who selflessly volunteered his time to ensure the event ran smoothly as a moderator and was one of the fastest clicks in the Westlands with his sharing of all the links in chat. His dedication and hard work helped make this event the success that it was, and we're deeply appreciative of his contributions.
    Now, let's talk about our community—why the Wheel of Time fandom stands out as “statistically the best fandom!” - Rafe Judkins.  We not only revel in the magic and wonder of Robert Jordan's world, but we also channel that fervor to leave lasting marks in the ‘Age Lace’ that makes up our timeline. Through events like charity streams that us and many of our fellow content creators put together. We, as a community, showcase the strength of our unity and the depth of our compassion that flows through and links each and every one of us.
    And as if all that wasn't enough, we've got another piece of thrilling news to share: you helped our brand new baby Twitch channel grow in power!! We hit a milestone that opens up new avenues for us to provide even more interactive content to our beloved community- thank you!

    In conclusion, this charity stream event was more than just a marathon—it was a testament to the incredible power of this community’s dedication to the meaning behind the title of Aes Sedai. THANK YOU to each and every one of you, for your involvement, your support, and your love for “The Wheel of Time” series.
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