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Trolloc Poetry Submissions

Thom DeSimone


During our #reWoTch marathon charity livestream, we offered an epic prize- the chance to win a hardcover copy of The Great Hunt with show tie-in art AND a bookplate signed by Robert Jordan!


Part of the entry was to submit a poem inspired by Trolloc nipples, and the fandom did not disappoint. 

Here are some of the entries we received- enjoy!


The crane flies eastward

as battle plans are drawn.

He leads the fighters onward

toward the Malkier dawn.

Trollocs follow them down

into the lands so green

Their nipples to be drawn

into the fandom stream.


Beckoning to me

Glistening in the night like a flattened orb

I long to fondle you so

My dearest Trolloc nipple




Trolloc and nipples

are among Kevin's favorite things

'course they are wonderful beings

They drink milk and eat pies

and plus they can sing



To honor Kevin

There is but one way

To honor the purveyor

Of those most holiest of peaks

Of those most delightful of tips

All must smile, all ought laugh

To cheer this gift to our fandom

There is but one way

Take this delightful quirk he offers

And milk it like a Trolloc



There was once a man from Emond's Field,

He was careful to never reveal,

That his Nip's were not of man,

they were furry and rough to hand,

"How will I find someone to love us?"

BUT he then met Kev Angus!    

And all was well below as above

he found his Trolloc nip love! 



Trolloc nipples

Cripple my soul

The milk in thy cup

Curdles and flows

Your juice keeps me wanting 

The taste of it blows

Be gone Trolloc nipples

The bane of my woes



There once was a Trollock named Narg, whose nips were ever so large. 

With a flip of his hair, he smacked a loose mare, and those nipples really took charge.



I met a big trolloc called Wipple,

Who had big proud outstanding Nipples.

He said with a grin,

Milk lies here within.

So give them a tweak,

And then they will leak.

Rafe’s signature will then be the peak!



In the shadows lurk,

Trolloc's essence darkly formed,

Nipples in the night.


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