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  1. That really doesn't answer my question about what was wrong with the ACOS eBook cover, but thanks, I appreciate it!!
  2. Yes, I agree. Can you please shed some insight, if you have any, on what happened to the ACOS eBook art that we thought would be used on the ACOS trade paperback? I love this new painting as well, I'm just curious...did Harriet think Lan saving Nynaeve was a bit too romance-novel like or something? Also, when can we expect this trade pb and future ones to be available for purchase? Thanks.
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAGONMOUNT, my favorite website that I go to every day!! Thank you so much for all your genrosity, and all that you do, and especially for keeping our community strong and full of the Light!
  4. I've read every novel once and once reread books 1-4 but that was years ago. I am now doing a complete reread leading up to AMOL and am nearly done with TGH.
  5. I was a freshman in high school and at a local bookstore saw the hardcover "Shadow Rising" (ironically enough, because of this giveaway...am I EVER going to win, Dragonmount?!?! LOL). And I assumed it was some type of continuation of Tolkien's work or something because of the title, but then I saw "Book 4", so I went to find Book 1 in the paperback section, and the rest is well, history (in the form of a wheel).
  6. Green Ajah for me because at the end of the Third Age I believe the most important thing is to be ready for battle. I would do whatever I could to prevent the forces of chaos and darkness from taking over. The Light send it so! But since I'm a guy I would also choose Black Tower, just as long as the Mazrim Taim isn't there, or 13 of anything! I would love to work under Logain's tutorage, or Rand's, but no dreadlords please!!
  7. Can someone please clarify who makes the prophecy, and in which book, about 3 girls on a boat with he who is dead yet still lives, or something like that? Thanks! I know this scene depicts Min's viewing from TEOTW "Strangers And Friends"...
  8. MAJOR Goosebumps!!!! If only...if only...if only.... sigh. oh well. First, once again condolensces to DKS' family and friends. Second, what a picture!!!! I LOVE it! It makes me very sad though, of course, and although I love Whelan's work, I still wish this could have been completed. It's actually more complete than I thought it would be. Didn't Min say something about a body on a boat on a river to Tar Valon? Or am I crazy? Still, this funeral bier scene depicted here is powerful, beautiful, and I am so honored to be able to see it. Thank you for making this happen. RIP DKS
  9. It has been mentioned that we will not be able to hear a video of Harriet's reading, but, is there a chance that we can see DKS concept art for AMOL posted somewhere for those of us not fortunate enough to attend JC???? TOR??? ANYONE???? PLEASE??!??!?!?!?!?
  10. Thank you for this post! Please keep them coming! I know there aren't any comments here but I'm sure others appreciate the compilation off WoT art as much as I do. THANKS!!!!!!
  11. Definitely With The Chodan Kal...what a series of scenes!! Forsaken, circles of men and women, using the sa'angreal....INTENSE!! Hope the entire last book is as epic as this chapter in Winter's Heart was!!
  12. Nynaeve. She is just so darn powerful, do dedicated to serving the Light, and he would do anything to protect her friends. She is a noble healer, a spunky woman who smacks of no nonsense, and I don't are how many times she tugs on her braid, I love it everytime!
  13. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Harriet, Please show us the unfinished DKS cover!! Yeah the guy had a bad wrap over the years but most of us still LOVED him and LOVE the WoT covers! With Jason telling us it's one of his best, well, it's unbearable thinking we might never get to see it. Please incorporate into AMOL...it won't "take away" from Whelan's vision, because his vision will be....ON THE COVER!!!!
  14. Has Tor disabled comments on their AMOL release date page?
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