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  1. Tried: Blood Blood on the Rocks To live Can we trust him? I want that page unlocked sooo badly.
  2. Is there anyone who's compiling a list of guesses like last time? I tried: Alloy of Law The Shadow at Noon
  3. I wasn't sure where to bring this up, but did anyone else notice the grammatical difference in writing between RJ and BS? I thought this might be helpful to the people who would like to know who wrote what. Brandon omits the "Oxford comma", while RJ does not. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, Wiki "Oxford comma". It's the comma before the "and" in a list.) For example, in ToM prologue, talking about Heeth Tower, Brandon writes on p50 "put archers at every choke point, kill slit and window." In contrast, in EotW, RJ writes in ch5, The Gleeman: "You want a few weeks of cold, boredom, and sleeping rough?" Brandon's list does not have the comma, while RJ's does. I thought this might help people identify the writer, but of course it doesn't work for things RJ audio recorded and then someone else transcribed.
  4. Forgive me if someone has already brought this up, but I think there is already a way out of this future. The main problem, according to Padra on p733, is: "What was it to be Aiel, now that their duty to the past has been fulfilled, their toh as a people cleansed?" On that same page, Alalved says, "Skirmishes between the nations are common, though none speak of them. The Car'a'carn required promises of the monarchs, but there is NO ENFORCEMENT." I think the Aiel will become an international police force, responsible for enforcing the Dragon's Peace. This gives them a purpose that also doesn't make them completely abandon their cultural heritage. Now, having Avi convince Rand to do this, given he's speaking at the FoM in a few hours, is another story.
  5. Brandon posted to Twitter: "Paul Postuma, I named a door after you in ToM." Does this suggest Tower of Ghenjei to anyone else? I can't think of any other doors that would be important enough to have a name.
  6. Can someone ask if Brandon noticed/questioned this detail before he started writing WOT?
  7. People were mentioning that something apparently insignificant in books 4-6 was going to be important in ToM. What if it is the time Mat and the Band run into a slaughtered Tinker caravan (LoC, ch 22) and there was a message saying "Tell the Dragon Reborn". Could this be it?
  8. Did Moiraine know that Verin was Black Ajah? In her last letter, didn't she say to be as suspicious of Verin as of Alvarin?
  9. Could someone pm me the beginning and ending prophecies/poems? Pretty, pretty please????
  10. Could someone please post the poems from the beginning and the end of the book?
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