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  1. How is the voter packet sent out electronically? Would I be able to see all of the books on my Kindle? Is it like a DRM Free ebook?:
  2. Since people are not being helpful on this board I will post what needs to be done. Click on Terez's link in her signature for the WOT Reference Library - then click on the right side of the page for POV index - then scroll all the way down to the A Memory of Light POV section and highlight the white area underneath the last words (currently Chapter 3: "A Dangerous Place" - Androl). This will show the names of all the other chapters and the POVs for many of the chapters. I can not confirm if the POVs or chapter titles are correct.
  3. Can someone post the steps for whatever we need to click on? If not, can you PM it to me? Does it include chapter POVs? It is very frustrating that we are on a spoiler board in which people are hiding the spoilers. Everyone on this board fully realizes that there are spoilers associated by clicking the links. Thanks.
  4. Is it me or does the most recent Memory of Light (day 20) email seem cutoff? Also, I have been a little disappointed in the quality of the emails. Tor's emails states that Sentences, words, paragraphs, chapter titles...memories, if you will, of light will be released, but so far, it has been basically phrases. Where are the spoilers and paragraphs?
  5. For those of you who are attending JordanCon this weekend, the rest of us would appreciate any news that is shared regarding A Memory of Light. I understand that Harriett will be reading from the book and we would all like to know what the passage is about. Thanks
  6. Just a reminder, there are still outstanding codes and it appears Brandon is releasing more information at the bottom of the Great Hunt Website (The Great Hunt) The Great Hunt that was not decoded by the group led by Terez.
  7. Is it possible for someone to add the google spreadsheet guesses onto the Failed Guesses Document (Failed Guesses)under the correct column periodically? If I were doing it, at the top of the column, to keep track, I would just say thru Row X when some guesses have been added. By adding the spreadsheet information to this Failed Guesses document, it will allow everyone to search for all the guesses in one place. I have noticed that the spreadsheet has different guesses than the other columns. Thanks.
  8. Whoever is in charge of the failed guesses document through the Great Hunt 2011 website should add the following instructions at the top of the failed guesses document. In order to search to see if your guess has been used, use your "find" feature in your internet browser and then type the word/phrase and the search for the word. If it does not show up, then it has not been guessed.
  9. What happened to the google spreadsheet that was tracking the guesses? The link can no longer be found on the Great Hunt 2011 website (Great Hunt 2011 Website) Update - I found the spreadsheet, it must have been locked when I was looking at the failed guesses link on the website above (it is inside that link which takes you to another to the spreadsheet). Spreadsheet
  10. I can't access the link that Terez posted (at work), so this may be a duplicate link. someone is now keeping track of everything in one place, including links to clues that have been submitted. It also appears that Theoryland is updating the search tool since the site does not give an error message, but at this moment it does not give all the clues that have been entered. This is the 2011 Great Hunt Tracking Website with all the available information - 2011 Great Hunt Tracking Website
  11. Is someone creating a list where we can all plug in our guesses/clues so that everyone knows what has worked versus what has not worked? Last year, Theoryland had a great tool (2010 Great Hunt Tool), but it is currently not activated for 2011. This tool is useful so we don't have to scroll all over the place in various posts on different websites to find what has been tried. Also, is someone creating a document that keeps track of all the tweets/blogs from Brandon/Peter and the clues (2010 Great Hunt Document)? If these documents/tools are created, I would pin it to the top of the bulletin board so everyone can easily go to it. Also, I have tried the following: The Dragon The Winds of Time Night and Day Memories Early Warning
  12. I don't know specifically about the new age not having channelers, especially with Avi's viewing in the Towers of Midnight indicating channeling still exists. However, with RJ's view of everything being in balance and the yin and the yang; I believe that the following will occur in one of the 7 ages. In no specific order (meaning that age 1 is not really age 1 and so forth). Age 1 - normal channeling - men and women and no technology Age 2 - only men channeling (the balance of the current age of only women being the main channelers for most of the age) Age 3 - only women channeling (the current age) Age 4 - strong channeling (the Age of Legends) Age 5 - no channeling (the opposite of the Age of Legends) - this ends with the discovery of channeling Age 6 - normal channeling used with technology Age 7 - technology with minor channeling or no channeling (opposite of above and my age 1) - technology being the "magic" All of the ages above balance each other out over time with men and women each being able to channel in one age each, there being a strong age (AOL) and weak (or no channeling) age, with and without technology and channeling or no channeling and finally just normal channeling - no too strong or weak channelers.
  13. I agree with Kadre about the video not offering up anything regarding the book other than speculation. Part of the issue that I had with the video is that the title - WoT video news: A Memory of Light update - indicated that there was an update. I think there should have been a different title used since there was not an update. Personally, I use the RSS feeder feature (thank you for that) to find out when updates occur with Dragonmount (DM), so by using the title that was used, it lead me to believe news about the book was going to be revealed, when it reality it was not revealed. I don't have a problem with Luckers being used (or other super fans), but when you have a news story, I think there should be a clarification that he is not associated with Team Jordan and is just a super fan. As Jason mentioned in a comment above, a lot of people only see the front page of the website or the YouTube Channel, so they may not even know who Luckers is. I know he clarified in the comment section, but I think he should have stayed with the speculation that is commonly believed about A Memory of Light versus a joke that some people may have thought was either a fact or commonly believed. I agree with Engram about how there was a fake out on the cover was not right. This is my viewpoint, but I suspect a lot of fans agree with me, that when Dragonmount is held out as the official site of the Wheel of Time and when DM is doing a news story, it should be only the facts and not speculation or jokes being delivered unless the video has a disclaimer at the beginning stating such.
  14. For those of you who attended JordanCon, please use this topic to discuss any relevant information that was disclosed during the Convention. The information should be for both the upcoming book - A Memory of Light - and any of the released books. Thanks.
  15. The first fantasy series that I read was Magician. I think it would be a great idea to have Tomas in the bracket. I don't think you can have Ashen-Shugar in the bracket because he is more of a secondary character (similar to Lews Therin in the Wheel of Time). In fact, Pug is not sure that he can beat Tomas in a fight. Fyi...the next Feist book is due out in early April for those of you who read it. For all of the people who think Perrin would lose in a fight, I think you have to take into account the tav'ern effect that Perrin has on his surroundings and how it could possibly equalize some of the magic being used against him. Remember, if a spell misfires once in a million times, it could happen and Perrin survives.
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