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  1. Is it just me or does it feel like nothing has happened so far. Ok so I know there are like three battles going on at once right now, but it kinda feels like I'm trudging through all this waiting to get to the good bits. I'm still waiting for the first major character death and some one on ones like rand/taim, perrin/slayer etc. I suppose I'm saying that the shocking moments are lacking. It better pick up soon...
  2. I love the WoT books. But unfortunately I'm the only one that I know who reads them. I tried to get my boyfriend into them a couple of years ago. He read the prologue and part of the first chapter of EoTW and gave up. He says he can't read it because Robert Jordan is such a crap writer (which I highly disagree with of course). So it's annoying when I'm getting really into WoT and sometimes come up with theories, but he always just looks at me blankly whever I voice them cause he doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about. I'm currently working on my best friend. I've been trying to persuade him to gives the books a shot. He's actually got the first two books on his shelf, but alas he hasn't picked them up yet. Hopefully if/when he gets round to reading them we can theorise together.
  3. There definitely needs to be some major characters kicking the bucket. I'll be disappointed if there isn't. I think Mat and Perrin will survive, Rand I'm not sure. Somehow I don't think Min, Avienda and Elayne will snuff it, though if they were my bets would beon either Avienda or Min. Unfortunately I think Lan is going to die. Everyone wants to see him reclaim his throne in Malkier, but somehow I've got a feeling that he won't quite get there. He's my fave character and I really want him to survive but I've just got a bad feeling. But if this does happen Nyneave has to be at least pregnant. We can't have Malkier being reclaimed but having no heir. Maybe Cadsuane will be done away with. To be honest I don't think she'd mind. Rand's now (hopefully) learned his lesson and she really wanted to live for the Last Battle. She might feel getting killed in the Last Battle would give her great honour.
  4. I love listening to music while reading, really helps set an atmosphere. When I first starting reading WoT I didn't intentionally listen to music when reading, it just sorta happened. As in I happened to be listening to this music while reading. And because I did that so much, this music is now my WoT soundtrack (don't you judge me :D) The first album by Simple Plan and the first album by The Rasmus. I actually don't listen to them now, but if one of their songs play, it just instantly transports me the the WoT world. And also this happened totally by accident. While reading the end of EotW, I happened to be listening to the first Evanescence album while at the bit at the end with Rand battling Ishy. Very dramatic moment along with dramatic music, it was so perfect. And from then on whenver something dramatic happens in a book (doesn't matter which one), I have to listen to that. So I'll probably be listening to those while reading the next book. Oh and also I discovered something new. The band Dream Evil. When I listened to them I just thought of the Wheel of Time. Especially the song The Chosen Ones. Even has something about slaying the dragon. Well it would work if the Forsaken were the good guys, and the Dragon the enemy. But I suppose it depends on the point of view. :D
  5. I was just wondering how many times everyone has read the books. I know some people have done multiple re reads and some probably haven't. And I'm curious cause I'm probably not the only one who has been going through the series again in preparation for the next one. I'm currently reading tGS again for the second time, I'm so near the end I'll probably finish it tonight and that will take me to completely re reading the series twice. But I've also started a third read through which has included tGH, tDR and tSR. tEOTW isn't included there cause I lent it to someone at the time but I'll be starting that again probably tomorrow. Oh and there was a fourth read of tDR cause I did an essay about it at school. So what about everyone else? :D
  6. I got started on the Wheel of Time seven years ago when I was sixteen. It was the easter holidays and I was in town and very, very bored. So I decided to have a little browse around the book shop. And that's where I spotted the books. They looked very interesting. I was in a major LOTR phase at that time LOTR swallowed three years of my life. Of course I'd already read the books but was looking for something new. Anyhoo I didn't buy anything cause I was worried about buying a book and not liking it so I took note of the title of the first book and went along to the library. Luckily it was there, so I went home and started reading and I haven't looked back.
  7. Oh wow, you people are all so quick at reading. My friend can do that too, reading a massive book in only a few hours. I'm a much slower reader. tGS took me about a week to read and ToM will probably be the same. I might try and drag it out a bit longer though I'll probably fail at that. :D Honestly though, I'm glad that I can't read quickly. Who wants to actually finish a good book? So I'm a slow reader, but that way I can saviour it for a little bit longer. :D
  8. ^That's a good point actually. About Logain and Elaida, I never even thought of that, maybe they can see ta'veren as well. And yeah, Lan probably isn't. Kinda wishful thinking I suppose. He is my fave character in the books.
  9. Hmm, yes I suppose that makes sense. I'm probably just looking too much into it. :D But what about Lan, and do you think there are any other ta'veren running around that we don't know about?
  10. Ok so this has been going round and round in my head for a while now. I was on my third read through of tGH and got to the bit when Siuan first spots Rand in Fal Dara and sees the glow around him and instantly recognises him as a ta'veren. What I'm wondering is how did she know she had that Talent in the first place? Has she seen a ta'veren before? Who was it? As far as I know, that isn't answered. How do you know you've got the Talent if you've never seen a ta'veren before? Cause like Nicola only realised she had it after she saw Mat for the first time and was confused at first by what she was seeing. And Siuan on the other hand knew exactly what she was seeing, so it couldn't have been the first time. As far as we know there are only three known ta'veren alive at this time (I think). And it's quite rare. So are there more ta'veren out there that we just don't know about? So that set me to thinking who could Siuan have possibly seen before to know she had the Talent. When I re read New Spring before tGH I was thinking what if Lan is ta'veren. I'm not sure how possible this is but I remember reading the bit where that boy falls from a tower and it should have killed him or at least given him several broken bones, but simply walks away from it with a few bruises. Wasn't Lan in the city at the time? And I'm sure there were many more "coincidences" that happened around him. I don't have the book to hand at the moment unfortunately. So you think it's possible or am I just clutching at straws here?
  11. I'm not re reading the whole series, it would probably take me about a year to do it and I already did it preparation for book 12 and I didn't actually get reading that book until June. Yes I'm a slow reader. I've just re read books 2-4 recently cause they were the ones I least remember and have skipped the rest to read book 12 which I'm about halfway through. But that'll probably be finished in a few days then I'll have at least two weeks before the new one comes out. It's gonna be hard. I just can't wait until chapter two is released though :is excited:
  12. This has been bugging me for months now. If I remember correctly there are five great captains in this world. I can definitely remember three: Gareth Bryne, Davram Bashere and Rodel Ituralde. The fourth I THINK is Pedron Niall, but I just cannot think who the fifth is. Can anyone help me?
  13. Ah yes, I was also very confused by this. But to be honest I don't think any of them are Mesaana. I think she's still in the Tower. The reswearing of the oaths would obviously catch out any who were BA, but Mesaana isn't Black. So her swearing on the oath rod saying she was neither a darkfriend or black would be completely true. She's not Aes Sedai (only posing as one) and I don't think she'd consider herself a darkfriend (but something more as she is Forsaken). I think the epilogue was there to make us think she'd fled, but why would she if she could get round the oaths? Which could be to her advantage as Egwene will think her gone. So I think there'll still be more Mesaana plotting in the tower. Though looking at Brandon's answer there, I'm not so sure anymore. Hmm....
  14. I've got quite a few things that I want to see happen. 1. Find out who killed Asmodean (which has to be revealed. I think there would be rampage if not :D) 2. What is Demendrad up to? Where is he? 3. Rand vs Taim 4. Galad finding Morgase (I was really dissapointed about finding that out second had in the last book. But the way the prologue was going, hopefully we'll see it in ToM) 5. Also I am dying to find out what Galad's reaction will be when he finds out that the Dragon Reborn is his brother. How hilarious will that be? :D 6. Lan reclaiming the throne of Malkier after the Last Battle, (though I dunno why but I've got this horrible, horrible feeling he's gonna die) 7. Rand, Mat and Perrin meeting up again. I mean it's been far too long. 8. And the whole Tower of Genghi thing. And I'm sure there is more, but that is only what I can think of at the moment.
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