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  1. 1. Post the name of the WoT character who is the author 2. Post the title of the book that they would write, if they were so inclined to write that book specifically about another WoT character 3. The follow up post must guess as to who that book was written for, then post one for themselves _________________________________ Author: Thom Merrilin Book Title: "Romancing The Stone"
  2. Your right. I was reading several things on several open web pages and came back to write this and ended up off-topic. For what it is worth, I was supposed to write about the Light having the strangest culture and my thoughts didn't keep in-tune with my writing...
  3. My time is coming to an end.... You have one question to ask. One question only. Once you hear the answer you die. There is nothing else to life. You don't exist. You get one question and one question only. You get one answer and one answer only. Of course this is a WoT realated....so.. What do you ask? You ask. You get an answer. You die. So......what would it be? Me: I have seen relations to norse mythology, to the Lord of the Rings, to various chinese cultural monsters and also to such references like Shirlock Holmes, so RJ...after it is all said and done, after the last page is read and we have all discussed the Fisher King to the Warder's mentioned in Shirlock Holmes mysteries....was any...ANY of this story actually YOURS...or was it all basically a replay of everything we have already read, have already seen...and you just simply mulched it up...made it into something else, and sent it back to us? Answer: and I die.... so what would yours be?
  4. Rand is but a fake from dual creek! I hate him! The greatest character ever written is Mordeth! Padin Fain! How can you not love him? Seriously though I honestly think that the dual nature of Mordeth and Padin are probably the workings of the greatest villian in history. He outshines Lector by a mile and that is saying something. I love hero stories, don't get me wrong. I am not dark, emo-loving, satist by any means...but I love...LOVE characters that truly jump out of the page at you, that grab you by the throat and make you really think. No character ever, in all my readings, in all the movies I have watched...in all the poems I have read, has struck me more than Padin/Mordeth. Padin/Mordeth is the man, the biff, the legend. Three cheers for the true hero of the story. I know to some it will seem as if I am mocking. But I am not. IMO the best character ever written. He has been circled around so many times by authors but RJ captured him. So for that, I say, down with the light. UP with the Dark!
  5. For me, the most real song was a Metallica song to be honest. Listen to "All Nightmare Long" while thinking about the long chase of Osama Bin Laden. Literally, you cannot find a more on-point song. I truly think they had him specifically in mind when they wrote it. I know this isn't WoT related but many of us long time Metallica fans find their lyrics to be...prophetic to say the least.
  6. I am just curious and decided to toss this out there. What started you into fantasy and ultimately into the Wheel of Time? Here is my story (short form): I was very young, like 8'ish and I saw a cartoon on Lord of the Rings. I was absolutely captivated. That is where it started for me. After that I found out my older brother had played this game called Dungeons and Dragons. He didn't play with me but told me a bit, so I basically made up my own version and played with a couple friends. We had some epic adventures for really not even knowing how to play and only a minimal knowledge of the types of people/bad guys in the D&D world. About 3 or so years later we went to a football game. A family traditional trip. I hadn't been playing D&D for awhile and had gotten out of fantasy by that time. We stopped at a dollar store which was a way new concept then. Well it was to us anyways. They had a box full of books where you could get three for a buck. I grabbed three without looking at them and paid for them. I only wanted them for the 6 hour drive back home after the game. The books where a Greyhawk series by an author who I can only remember her last name, Estes (I think it was Rosa Estes). They were about some wolf nomads and the main character was Mika Oba and his wolf Tam-Tur or something like that. I was officially hooked. They were probably the greatest books I could have gotten and I had gotten them by chance. The story was absolutely epic and to this day the only story I think that was as epic feeling has been the Wheel of Time. Anyways, I kept reading fantasy after that. Read the Drizzt series and others. Then after a while I gave up on fantasy again in my teen years. Finally one day I decided to rekindle my love for fantasy reading. It had been years since I had read a book and I had no idea where to start. I noticed my brother had a fantasy book on his dresser so I stole it. He hadn't read it and never noticed so I just kept it. About a week or so later I actually started reading it. It turned out to be The Eye of the World. I still remember sitting up in bed for about 5 straight hours that second night. I couldn't put it down. I ended up going to the book store the day after to buy the second book and kept going from there. I could go on based on my writings since then and readings but will leave it there. That is how I came to be a reader of the Wheel of Time. By chance.
  7. Here is my take on Shara: RJ added it as a land of mystery so to speak. He could reference it for different purposes but the basic idea was that it was a land clouded in mystery. It was also meant to intrigue the reader and keep them guessing. RJ had said that he never intended to dive to deeply into the lands and as you have read in the story, he affectively walled it off from the reader. We get a few glimpses here and there but it is meant to captivate the reader, nothing more. If your good, and pay attention you will notice several references in the books about Shara's people coming into Randland. There is one scene where a guy discusses silk coming from worms. He is from Shara. If your not paying attention you will miss it. Everyone in Randland thinks silk comes from trees and it was stated earlier that silk came from Shara...the silk path. I think Shara is basically just meant to give more weight to RJ's world, to add a few tidbits of info meant to be mysterious and to keep the reader interested. It also expands the world. We know there is more in the world then what is on the map but RJ spends so much time just in Randland he purposefully left Shara and the lands beyond to our own thoughts and imagination. I think the Land of Madmen is even cooler than Shara.
  8. This would be so much simpler if the person asking had said "his soul" instead of HoL. But as Ishamael in text was referring to Rand, not some generic hero of the light, this would indicate Rand's soul has gone over in the past. Touche.
  9. No. I have read the series for over 11 years. I am ready to read the ending. Call me crazy, dub me stupid or what you will but if the last book is four sentences long, I would care more about just reading the ending at this point. I want to know what the ending is and have waited for a very long time to know. I of course would like the last book to be long and well written and thought out but I seriously am more interested in reading how this long journey finishes. I for one will move on in life and not look back. I will thank Rand, Mat, RJ, Brandon and all the cast and crew for a long and memorable time in the series but at the end of the day, I want to know how this story ends. If Rand merges and gets blasted then so be it. I will read it, smile, consider the long years I have invested into this story and move on in life. As stupid as it may seem, I have felt that I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a very long time to close this book. All great stories must come to and end. I am the kind of person that closes a page in a book and doesn't look back. This story has been ongoing for a very long time for many readers and we deserve to know the ending. I don't care what that ending is. RJ had it planned long ago. I trust in RJ to bring a good ending. Since he is gone now the series may finish where it otherwise wouldn't have but at long last, I have felt over the last year or so that I am really left with just the desire to close this book and know how it ended.
  10. Who would Rand be if born today? The Wheel of Time takes place in OUR past and future; the wheel spins. We see evidence of this in the series and it's accepted I believe by most theorists. I also think RJ made such a comment at some point. That is the back drop to this answer. The soul that is Rand/Lews and others is a champion of good over evil. Rand knows that his soul had never knelt to the Dark One. He faught him time and time again since the beginning of the wheel, e.i. time. The soul that is currently in the series known as Rand is a man's soul who's life is tortured, powerful and has a clearly lined objective in the world. Despite any protests to the contrary, the Dragon can only be a man and that man has power but suffers for said power. He is the ever balancing wheel rotating, so that he may and will defeat his foes but will take many a pain for doing so. For as much as he is born with power, he is also born to suffer. This leads into a series of questions that must be considered. In the current time of the series, a leader almost always carries two duties as a politician and a military general. We see this clearly with Rand. He is charged with being the leader and also military duties. He is obligated to the people and yet has charge of defending them. This is separate today. Granted the US president is the Commander in Chief but his role is largely separate from actual military strategies. Rand is a President, a King, a Dictator and a General all roled into one. Such a position doesn't exist today in the same context. Therefore, the first question would be: considering his combined role, what type of role would he be in today? Would he be a leader such as a President or Dictator or would he be a General? One could argue that a role combining both still exists but as far as world powers go, no such role can be found. That leads into the second question that must be considered. Would Rand be in charge of a small country or a large one? If his role would be as a General, would it be a small military or a large one? A rebel force or a populous one? In the series, Rand is in charge of everyone. His power carries over to the world. We do not have such a world power today although some may argue it could be the USA. Others may argue that China is in fact a growing power and that his rein would be there. One could also surmise that today, Rand's destiny could/would be marginalized into something much, much smaller since we simply do not face a world threat from the Dark One or dark forces. Perhaps he would be the ruler of Argentina? That leads to another question. In the series we have bad guys. We all know who the bad guys are. We know what their influence is. In our world it is much, much harder to catagorize "enemies." Just take a page out of the terrorist book. In the US, there are "terrorists" as a general word, then there is "Islamic" as a form of saying terrorist, then there is the correction of "extremists" used to reference Islamic peoples but in a much narrower context. Basically the point is, despite having such a well known enemy, even the US cannot agree as to who that enemy actually is. Even then you can continue to muddy up the definition when taken with the different types of people within the different types of groups that the US finds an enemy versus those it finds as a threat versus those it finds must just be watched versus those it deems friendly. With that considered the Islamic religion isn't an enemy and those who follow it generally are not enemies so we cannot catagorize them the way those in Rands world can so catagorize "dark friends" or those who follow the Dark One. Terrorists are small pockets of people who break from the fundementals of whatever religion they come from and form individual groups hell bent on destroying all that do not see the world the way they do. Not even all terrorists are like that....see how complicated it can get today? Even some of the enemies of "the free world" wouldn't even come close to fitting into the very rudimentary definition I just gave it. This is all of course just giving one very rude example of just one of the potentially infinite amount of "enemies" out there. That leads of course to another pattern of thought. Above is about terrorists and religion essentially. There is nothing saying that you could even catagorize that as bad or those within as bad guys. After all, when it comes to religion, one countries terrorist is anothers freedom fighter. One countries rebel is anothers hero. One countries hero secret-assassin is anothers war criminal. Rand's world doesn't have religion like ours does so there is a very large chance that religion would play absolutely no role into the train of thought. But perhaps Rands world representing our future/past is in fact a product of some religion gaining power and domination? Perhaps the series represents a world where religion had previously ceased to exist? Perhaps his world represents a world where one religion become the world religion? This leads of course to another question. If there is no "enemy of the world" today then would Rand's soul even be spun out by the wheel? If no, then does the soul go into a remission of sorts where the Wheel puts a hold on it until more evil times come due? Or perhaps there is something else? We see in the series that Rand has various versions of life. He sees these when he goes to the guiding stones in the second book. Based on these variations perhaps today Rand would simply live a normal life, die a madman, be a President, be a General, be a Dicatator, be a pro athlete, etc... But then again, perhaps those stones didn't represent real worlds but the shadows of the world it copied means that every variation wasn't real and none of the possible lives seen by those who traveled them were real? This takes us back to one of the first concepts in that we are now in our world versus being in the Future/Past. Something never explained in the series is where did the title "Dragon" come from? In the current age, the name/title/term "dragon" is in fact of asian origin. The Chinese invented the dragon based on lore and culture. This leads us to another question; if the title "Dragon" is in fact Chinese then wouldn't the man who carries such a title in fact, be Chinese? The answer to that is...not necessarily. The term "dragon" has become known in virtually every land and every culture in the world. Virtually any people could give such a title. Therefore, the title Dragon doesn't answer the question as to who Rand would be today. Based on the absolute inability to answer the question from anything above, the final question is stated. The label "Kinslayer." That is the only way remaining then to answer who Rand would be today. That title however, was only givin to Lews Therin after he killed his family. The other "Dragons" never had that title. Therefore, that title is completely irrelevant to answer the question of who Rand would be today. I hope this answers your question.
  11. I do truly believe that and I promise you I have read plenty. Care to name any character who has taken such a long, drawn out tortured life through a book or are you going to just toss a rather childish, "I disagree therefore clearly right" type of response? I think you just don't understand the concept behind what happened to Rand. He built up that "new zen Rand" through out the entire series. He simply came full circle after having battled both internal and external demons from book one. He was growing during that entire conflict, learning, changing...it was a constant struggle. When he went to dragonmount, it all came to a head. It was in essence the climax of the series. He was either going to go completely insane or resolve it all and walk away balanced. Rand walks away very powerful and yes as I said, "the likes of which haven't been seen before." But this isn't something that just happened spur of the moment...it is most definately not a new development. It developed from book one. The entire amount of absolute torture RJ put Rand through all brought him to that point. Rand would have been that zen Rand much, much sooner but a weaker version. Like the previous souls had been. Because he was so tortured for so long and fought and fought and fought, he never gained that level until after all the time and circumstances brought him to DM where he left having finally resolved it. He finally came full circle. He become much more powerful because of it. He didn't leave DM as some sort of "new zen" Rand. It was that Rand finally left DM as a free man you could say. RJ had been building up to that since book one. That was my point. So he is something new (free from his tortured demons)...but really he isn't (its just Rand as he is without all the baggage) sorta thing. I don't think it is that hard to grasp.
  12. This and the fact that Matt represents Odin. Odin was the center of it all. I think it has several meanings but these are the most important to that character.
  13. Good stuff here no doubt. For me, the absolute most powerful thing said in the entire series though is, "You may call me Rand Sadai." When taken from the book as a whole it is the most important statement made. Nothing even comes close. But the things said here, especially sleep well and wake are really cool.
  14. This ^^ Add that to character development of both Fain and Matt and you have your answer. RJ could've killed off Matt but decided he had more use in the story yet. He was developing the character of Fain here and the battle Fain had with leading the Faid rather then being led.
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