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  1. Mat's battles aren't boring. Perrin buying grain is boring. Worst bubble of evil in the series.
  2. The problem I see is you don't seem to enjoy Mat. Mat is awesome and the only good thing about CoT. His battle with the Seanchan were great and his marriage was great. I love all of Mats stuff.
  3. CoT had no climax because nothing happened in that book.
  4. He says "in a way its true." That to me says it was a accident that the forces of evil didn't mean to have happen to him. Maybe Fain did it to him in the dungeons in tGH.
  5. I've thought Rand, Perrin and Mat were a bit immune to the Dark One's touch (Rand less so when he went all dark Rand). After VoG, Rand's protection is also given to the women he loves. The sun was out in Tear BEFORE Rand got there. Just my take.
  6. Yep, nothing really happens in CoT. Even Mat does nothing (until the very end).
  7. CoT is NOT fine. Its like RJ took all the boring stuff that was going to happen late in the series and put them all in one book. Anyone who says otherwise has a case of fanboyism. The book just isn't that good compared to the rest of the series. That book is so hard to get through on rereads. Only good parts are the Mat parts. And thats because RJ could write about Mat doing anything and it would be great.
  8. The generally accepted theory is that he is the King of Murandy. That doesn't sit well with me. The evidence is pretty good and it certainly could be the answer, but it would be a disappointment if Demandred gathers an army from one of the weakest nations in Randland. So unless he's armed them with shocklances or something it would be a personal let down for me. But what about Seanchan mainland? Do we really think the Forsaken would leave such a large force untapped? Seanchan is a huge land. The chunk that came with the Return was just a small part of them. They have huge armies and hundreds of Damane. Those are resources that a Forsaken could be proud to bring to the table. But is there any evidence? We know that he was working with Semirhage, who was with the Return. So we already have a link to the Seanchan there. However, the only other evidence is really theory. What do you guys think? I really hope the Reodran theory is wrong. It would just be really anticlimactic unless he brings something unique to the table.
  9. Rand's treatment was a deliberate way to alienate him against Aes Sedai. Galina, the leader if Rand had to be kidnapped, is Black Ajah. This is the high point of the mid series books. Crown of Swords is pretty good. Path of Daggers is only okay. Winters Heart is pretty good. Crossroads of Twilight is yawn inducing. You don't get this kind of awesome again until Knife of Dreams. So be prepared for alot of filler.
  10. At the beginning of ToM we get a little excerpt of Loial's The Dragon Reborn. He says that their ancestors were standing outside the Steddings looking in. Why were they standing outside? Why weren't they roaming thier old houses or trees like humans? Maybe Steddings are actually outside the fabric of the Pattern. Whats your thoughts?
  11. Ahh, if only Perrin had gotten some advice about Saldean women this early in the series. The last few chapters aren't going to work anyway you think.
  12. Mat doesn't recognize Birgitte because the Dagger took and clouded so many memories. You have to remember, only a couple people actually SAW the Heroes coming. Just the ones with Rand.
  13. I hate the Egwene/Gawyn romance as much as Elayne/Rand. There are a couple I love (only good part of Crossroads of Twilight was developing one). The other is one that starts in this book.
  14. Yeah, I've always thought Verin sent her a letter that sent her on some mission.
  15. He has to have done some big things. The Dark One was too pleased with him at the end of LoC for him not to have done something spectacular.
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