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  1. Don't know if this has already been mentioned (because I'm tired and don't want to go through 27 pages of posts), but what about that one Black AS the Tower Hunters caught. They made her swear again to the first oath and to obey the TH, but when one of the TH's said "Say it ain't so...say Elaida's not Black" she couldn't speak and she was practically choking. She believed Elaida was Black since she knew everything the Supreme Council was doing. She couldn't obey both commands. So, she couldn't tell a lie, even though she believed it to be true. Again, don't know if this was discussed. I think it was Talene that was the captured Black Sister. Don't have the books in front of me. I just always liked that scene though.
  2. What was the point of Verin telling Mat to wait 30 days before leaving if she knew she was going to die before then? This is the only thing that seemed off for me, other than the Bloody Knives.
  3. Hey guys - I just read on Theoryland that Brandon put a small clue as to who killed Asmodean in TGS. Anyone find such a clue?
  4. was Moira the only Aes Seda in Egwene's opinion to be old enough to be a Sittr among the new Sitters?
  5. I do find it interesting that Elaida deposed Egwene during her accepted test and became Amyrlin. In real life, she deposed Siuan. Major foreshadowing? Anything else that would foreshadow things in the future?
  6. I'm wondering if we can infer anything from Egwene's Accepted Test - namely with Beldeine being her Keeper. Isn't Beldeine Black? What about the Aes Sedai present during her test - we know Alviarin is Black, but what about the others. Is Alana Black? Would be a good way for the Dark One to keep track of Rand. and are we ever going to see what happened during Elayne's testing? Did she betray Rand each time like Egwene did?
  7. OMG - I read that and was like, WHAT!!!!!!! So cannot wait for the book to come out so I can read how it happened!
  8. Does Gawyn play a major part in Egwene's storyline? Can't think at work. All your fault. I am bound and determined to find a copy by this weekend so I can read it. Any hints on where I can find a copy in Minneosota?
  9. That ter'angreal did not have a sword. Rand had an angreal which had a sword (the small fat man) but the access key held a globe. Thanks, Luckers. Well, shoot. That destroys that theory. But, maybe, then, the sword is the one from the fat man angreal.
  10. What about the ter'angreal key that Rand uses to access the Choedan Kal? Didn't that little male figurine have a sword? I think I remember it piercing his hand more than once. The Choedan Kal were created about the time of LTT to help him seal the Dark One's prison. Rand recognizes the sword he was given because he had seen it so many times on that ter'angreal. It fits right in his hand because of how much he handled the ter'angreal and its point had pierced his palm so many times.
  11. I believe she was an Aes Sedai. Just don't know if she was this Martine who used to study ter'angreal.
  12. I don't think she actually admitted to it, but implied it. She says something like, "They don't believe I was ever at the Tower. They think I was a servant" or something like that. I remember the scene.
  13. I really need to read the books again. I could probably do a good read-though before November.
  14. Thanks. So it isn't actually written in the books, just us putting 2 and 2 together. Wasn't some form of Seanchan punishment to have a damane's a'dam be held by a "norm". Or was that an a'dam being held by a man?
  15. I just re-read KOD after reading a theory here regarding her identity. I had read (here) that her identity in WT was revealed as an AS who studied ter'angreal and had been burned out, but I cannot find that passage anywhere in KOD.
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