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    The Master-Tolkien, philology, reading Beowulf, old english noun declension, greek, Electronica, mute records, Depeche Mode, Juliette Noureddine = my favourite chanteuse who loves the works of the Master Tolkien, & whose music makes fitting accompaniment to WoT
  1. Peter Jackson's use of Alan Lee's original illustrated (base) rendering of the Tower of Orthanc from an earlier Harper Collins book cover was so amazing to behold in the LotR films, especially getting to finally see that tower's apex in the films which Lee helped to design too, so much so that I happily purchased a premium Weta sculpture of this Númenórean tower from Weta Workshop here in Wellington, New Zealand. I'm really looking forward to taking in this upcoming adaptations' versions of places like the White Tower and of Tar Valon, of the Whitebridge, , the royal palace in Caem
  2. I recently re-read Philippa Gregory's "Women of the Cousin's War" (The "War of the Roses" is a later XIX c. appellation. Apparantly it was known by the name in the book's title back in the XVth c.). The book is not an historical novel which Gregory has been known for writing but an actual history book. What really interested me is Gregory's introduction to this book. Within it she says that women and their hi/stories have been side-lined for the most part in the past because men mostly ruled and held posts of power, the chroniclers were pretty much all men too, and many of them mon
  3. Really, reading some of your commentary makes me yank my beard in anger... hmmmph!
  4. I see you get the usual pithy Mills & Boonesque finger-down-the-throat-and-retch please awful american cover. Thank the gods for the restraint that the UK/AU/NZ covers from the series shew. As for B.S., I don't know what the fuss is all about. He has fulfilled his job admirably to the point where his style is different enough to not be an ape of Jordan's, yet fits in perfectly to the canon. Marvelous!
  5. The Warp and Woof of theSpinning Wheels End. I always knew in my heart of hearts that Moiraine would return to us from that other world. To me she is the rock that makes up the base of the great bastion that is The Wheel of Time and it's canon. Jordan's Gandalf, tho much more grounded on the matierial plane than Gandy, despite the connexions of her sisterhood title Aes Sedai with the celtic mythologies (aes sidhe a race of elves or fairies)from a time that is a time ancient before the Age of Legends:our time and before it(and a connexion back to Tolkiens canon, to Morgoth or Melkor and his ch
  6. I wish Faile would die because she's a pain in the arse. But I dont wish Faie would die because then Perrin would give himself over to the lupe and...die, or commit suicide... *sigh*
  7. These covers appear very underwhealming. For instance book one has what looks like Elijah Wood a-hobbitting apon his tree branch but what must be Matrim Cauthon on a boat (posing for Thom?)whilst it sails past the Tower of Ghengei? How does this and the other covers end up in attracting new readers shopping instore or online amongst a plethora of many other canons and their authors all struggling to reach their story out to the buyer. The Sweet Eye of the World cover reached out and grabbed me the first time I saw it, so much so that the picture of Moiraine along with how Jordan writes her rem
  8. I just want Kate Mulgrew(played capt. Janeway in Star Trek Voyager) to play the part of Moiraine in all the WoT movies that ever get made(down here in new Zealand). That small yet commanding stature. Those cristalline chimes along with those ageless features. I always hear her voice when I read Moiraine. Oh and don't laugh but misery loves company so I think Judge Judy can learn to act so she can join up as Elaida.com. Oh to see her get her just deserts by getting raked by the Seanchan... bye bye bee-arch, have a safe flight on A'dam Air. lool
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