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  1. Were they any actual answers given during Sanderson's Twitter Q&A? I can deal with the last bit with Rand and his new power being left open to interpretation, but there are many things that should be answered. Alana, Verin's letters, Nakomi, the body swap, and many other notable items and events should be explained.
  2. Something I didn't see mentioned before: Lanfear and Moghedien's mind-traps? What happened there? Seems like a pretty big puzzle piece to just disappear. Maybe I missed it.
  3. Pretty sure that Alanna wasn't a darkfriend. Otherwise she wouldn't have released Rand from her bond before dying.
  4. Another thing that struck me as a bit off, and maybe someone else has already mentioned it, but it seemed like the good guys had a knowledge of the True Power when previously they hadn't even known of its existence.
  5. I dunno. I think it even said in AMOL that he no longer bore any ill will for Rand. I mean, why should he? He knows Rand didn't kill his mother. His sister is having Rand's kids. He was jealous of Rand but I think he got over that.
  6. Got these right: Bodyswap. Demandred in Shara. Egwene going out in blaze of glory. Gawyn getting butchered. The Big Three live. Rand getting to live incognito.
  7. It does not happen onscreen to my knowledge. After it is over he notes that they no longer are.
  8. I'd say there were plenty of significant deaths in this book. Especially the latter half where people start dropping like flies. Sure the main three and their significant others come out the other side, but plenty of characters that have had big roles in this series don't make it.
  9. What about the Chekov's Gun thing? Has it been determined what that was?
  10. The "three in a boat" foretelling never happened. I'm not sure how Moraine saved the world with her return. Min said Rand was doomed to fail without her. I mean her appearance at Merrilor was awesome, but from then on she was just part of a circle with Rand and Nynaeve and didn't do much. I can only assume that her saving the Accords of Merrilor from dissolving was her moment of glory. Logain's stepping over fake-Rand's corpse while laughing or whatever didn't really happen either.
  11. Honestly, I loved the book. Things that I would have liked more time spent on: Epilogue. Yes, I know some of you hate the anti-climactic ending of Return of the King, but seeing as I spent nearly 20 years of my life wrapped up in this wonderful story, I'd have loved more closure. Not another hundred pages, maybe not even fifty. Just a little more. Tell me about Lan, Nynaeve, Galad, Thom and Moraine. Speaking of Moraine, I had hoped to see more action involving her. After her helping Rand with the Accords of Merrilor , she doesn't really do much else. Verin and Alanna. The letters, the secrets, etc. Rand's harem: How did they know? When did they scheme this all out? How did the whole swap occur. Rand knew enough to have Alivia help him out. When oh when did the ladies get in on the plan? There's more. I'll have to read and reread this to absorb it all. I laughed at times, my heart was in my throat at others, and there are probably a million things left unanswered that just don't come to mind yet, but my mind is still trying to take it all in.
  12. Looks like a mistake, answer is in TDR, you can work out the issue and the answer... Might as well just ask: What is in my pocket?
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