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  1. WOW!Shall I give up becoming a bander?Or as I decided the BoRH to go second you are just trying to drive me away as some kind of traitor? No way,Corki :D Sooner or later I will join the Band,even if the price is to tidy up the boss's office and be happy that its not any other honourable work. Of course if the mighty general does not mind me joining whan that time comes.
  2. I AM FINALLY AN ALGAI! :D Hm,on our side?are you sure, Kepen?I mean who is against us? And moreover I guess that if Egwene finds out that I haven't voted yet too,she would send some not absolutely harmless weaves to the algai quarters too... Anyway... I AM AN ALGAI! :D :D :D
  3. Was that a threat to Kepen,George? Hope it wasn't.As a furute member of the Warders Guild I guess I'll need some sword practice too...
  4. Wow,what a protector I have!*hugs slightly Kepen and jumps nimbly back*.No saidin powered friends here? There won't be work for them, but why not pop up for fun? Anyway,it was me who asked about the ORGs but yet I'll have the final say
  5. HI, Laur!!!*yells hilariously and hugs Laurana* Yeah,finally I managed to get to here! Sure,I'll come to the i-know-where.Wherever you are there must be the fun too! :D
  6. Well, the problem appears from that I haven't considered the Band before I literally hit against it-that's something unforgivable from my point of view! Furthermore,I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle membership in two ORGs at the same time.Maybe one after the other... That remains to be seen(the suitable version of 'to be continued')...
  7. Hi,Sarah!*hugs her siter-in-fate* Not much progress here.Though it's not expected as I haven't spent much time at DM...Hope you're coping better than me and having fun. Hey,guys,do not fight!Not that your ORGs don't deserve that , but let it be not here-wiping blood away's not my favourite leisure activity Actually I came at DM determined to fulfill the idea of becoming a Warder,but now a great temptation appears on the horizon-shouldn't I join the BoRH?As Mat's once and for all my fovourite male character it seems that the Band should go first.Yet I'm not sure, as there's also a friend of mine convincing me to become a novice!!! :x I'm just going insane! :idea: *turns her head towards George* May I ask you for an objective an fair-minded oppinion,George?The Warder's Guild,The Band of Red Hand or the White Tower as a novice?And don't feel hurt if finally your motion doesn't tip the balance.
  8. Thank you guys for the nice reception! I AM happy! :D To bounce an Emperor on my knee?Wow,no thanks.To call you George-yeah,that sounds better.moreover that "noble" name confuses me(the kind way to say i honestly don't like it).So thank you personally, George,guess your title deserves it. And no offence Who dared get a name even slightly resembling mine,Egwene?Let me see her,we may turn out to be kindred spirits :) .About the Asmo thread-that's something that puzzled me quite much and for the six books that came after the FoH I've been searching for any clue,and yet I don't have a prepared theory :( Nice to meet you too,Kepen :D !I'll come to the blue boards soon, I promise. Oh, and thanks.Actually I'm not scared...yet.I'm just not sure what to do now-it's probably normal for a newbie. any suggestions will be welcomed!
  9. Well... I'm Lave Leverett and I'm new here.I'm glad I have the chance to get to know you all and the more people I meet the happier I'll be. So HI!!! :D
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