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  1. I like Egwene and I think she has matured greatly. She may still have her moments, but that just adds to her being 'human'. If she was all perfect everyone would hate her for that instead of the reasons now stated in this thread. I think she has come a long way from the young girl with her hair in a braid. I actually don't like Mat to much, hes a but annoying and seems to think that whatever he does is the right thing and that everyone is bullying him. I have never seen Egwene as the 'ooh! ooh!' girl. Shes definetly no Hermoine.
  2. Halen stared, stunned for a second, as the Trolloc she was cutting down with lightning was suddenly heaving up its food on the ground. She quickly finished it off and stared for a secong at the weaves of saidar that had caused the Trollocs unappealing reaction. She smiled. "It looks like they want us to join too." She said to Ashda and Serick. Ashda smiled breifly and they took advantage of the breif interlude in trolloc atacks to run forward. They made a good 500 paces beofre the Trollocs surrounded them again. Halen wove the Stream of Fire again and they shied back out of the way. She pulled
  3. What in the hell would you do with all that money? Those three give massive amounts of money away to charities every year, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the foremost charities in the world. You could travel the world in Luxury and buy a car in every country and still have money left over to repeat the trip many more times with Bill Gates' fortune alone. The extra money would be for my future generations. I want the rest of my line, as many generations as possible, to live comfortably and happily. :D I travel in the utmost best of everything, stre
  4. If the effects lasted after that one day then I'd do this: 1. Bond Serick, my brother and twin so we would be able to fel each other everywhere. 2. Find Bill Gates, Oprah and Brad Pitt and use Compulsion to get them to sign their fortunes over to me and tie it off so they would never want to get it back. 3. Use Compulsion to get me a job where I don't have to do anything and get paid lots of money so I can travel the world. 4. Travel all over the world and Compulse countries into giving me pieces of their land so I can make my own country. 5. Stop all wars using my my power to get th
  5. Halen Kerani - Sister of the Green - Strength: 28, Skill: 30, Air: 7, Earth: 2, Fire: 6, Spirit: 4, Water: 7(Is tht ok?) Halen felt the wonders of linking with her brother. Through the link she knew that he was fascinated but that was quickly dampered and determination and anger took its palce. She motioned Ashda to follow his orders and he complied by crouching. She smiled at him and turned back to her brother as she felt him draw every bit of the Power that she could draw. She watched with fascintaion as he wove a weave she thought he was making up on the spot. He released his Ward and
  6. Halen released saidar and put herself back on the brink of embracing it. "I've wanted to link with you to." She whispered and linked her fingers through his. "Lets do this and show these shadowspawn why they should fear the Light." She growled. Ashda stood behind her, blood running from a number of his cuts and slashes across his body. "But would you mind Healing my Warder first, he has fought hard to get me to you." She said, smiling at her last Warder. She looked around and saw an Aes Sedai lifted on the winds and from that direction, massive amounts of saidar was being wielded. "I think the
  7. Halen lashed out with saidar strainig to hold up the weaves she was maintaining. She weilded Fire, which she was surprisingly strong in and wherever the threads touched a Trolloc, they exploded in flames and crumpled to the ground. She also weilded Spirit and earth, weaving it so it caused massive amounts of pain. She wove deathgates and staggered. "Kerani and the Blue Doves!Hold to the Light Halen I'm coming!!" Her brother's voice filled her with determination. He was close, oh so close. She blasted a Trolloc with a weave of Fire and Air and Ashda dispatched another. She felt Serik a moment b
  8. Halen glidded down the corridors and made her way to the kitchens where she hoped to find a meal. She thought of the letter hidden in her sleeve and moved a little bit faster. She knew that she was meddling, but she couldn't help it. She had been born to meddle in afairs of countries. The letter was from the King of a failing country to the south, he was asking for her aid. She knew this because she had recieved four other letters like this from various Kings and Queens over the past month. She picked up her tray and glided to a chair and quickly began to eat, regretting not eating in her room
  9. Halen staggered as she felt the blade slash her side. She fell to her knees as Ashda dispatched the goat horned Trolloc that had wounded her. "Do you think you can stand?" Ashda asked as his balde flicked out to keep the small circle around them open. She drew a ragged breath in and magaged to stand, losing saidar as the pain flared and she cried out. Ashda caught her arm and held her steady. "We need to get you to someone who can help." He said, his voice trembling. "I'll be fine Ashda, I just need to take a second." She said, surprising herself at how calm her voice was. She put a hand to he
  10. Halen strolled down the hallways, followed by her two Warders. It was a bit of an uproar in the Blue Ajah but she held her head high and didn't let any of what they said bother her. She tightened her grip on her blue fringed shawl and quickened her pace. She was on her way to the Courtyard to hear a petition form a poor man who was oneof her eyes and ears from the south. She glanced back and motioned to Deamon. He looked down at her and she whispered,"Go back to our rooms and make sure no one enters. Take the papers in the small box and take them to the innkeeper." He nodded and trotted off ba
  11. Cookies?!?!? I LOVE COOKIES!!!!!I'm like a cookie monster!!
  12. Actually my Tar Valon-ness comes from salidar.net but I fully plan on joining the WT here, so we will be triple trouble then. Twins and a half brother of the same age? yeah we can do just about anything.
  13. Hey my brothers and I love the series and since they are here I decided to come down too!
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