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  1. I can't believe no-one has mentioned this one yet. But for me it was the scene in TDR when Perrin is in the forge in Tear. Made me think that this was Perrin saying a last goodbye to his village life. Agree with most of the other scenes mentioned.
  2. Mine is the 6th book, Lord of Chaos. It starts slow but builds quickly. This is the book where Rand truly has to deal with Aes Sedai other then Morraine. He makes a strong stand and sees them as I see most AS at that point as arrogant and ignorant. In the first 3 books they hold themselves above and separate from everyone else and the reader believes it because they use the one power, they are seen by most as almost god-like. But by book 6 we have been introduced to Aiel Wise Ones, Sea Fold Windfinders, and have had PoV from various forsaken so we know how ignorant and misinformed the AS really are. I think Rand can see this too so he stops fearing them and seeing them as a threat. And of course the battle at Dumi's Wells is simply amazing. In chapter 2 and 3 Taim comes to Rand and begins teaching the Ashaman. But by chapter 55 we see how fast they have become a deadly force. It's funny though how after this book there is very little written about whats happening in the Black Tower. We only get snippets here and there from now on. Only enough to wet my appetite for more, and give me an impression that something dark is going on there. So for these reasons Lord or Chaos is my favorite followed closely by The Shadow Rising. The story of the Aiel as told through Rand's ancestors and Perrin returning to the Two Rivers to defend his home. In TSR Perrin really comes into his own and becomes a character that I really love to this day.
  3. Really? Is there a quote or reference for this? Has Else always been Lanfear? Even when Mat and Rand visited her farm in TEoTW?
  4. The question is in the subject. She seems to be terrified of him when she meets him for a short time in Tar Valon. Anyone know why this is?
  5. Well just to get the ball rolling... Obviously Egwene's dream that the Seanchen will attack the White Tower has been fulfilled. However that's being discusses in the Egwene thread. Can't think of any others off hand though.
  6. Well since there is no Cadsuane or Min thread I'll put my post here. Did a search in tGS spoiler board but seems like no one had even mentioned this. What about Mins vision of Cadsuane teaching Rand and the Ashaman something very important? I had always thought that this was Cadsuane's goal or getting Rand to "Laugh and Cry again". But I don't see how this applies to the Ashaman at this point. That's why I think Rand will (unfortunately) lift Cadsuane's exile. She will have to be close to him (and also close to the Ashaman) to teach whatever it is she has to teach.
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