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  1. HOLY HELL! Just when I was wondering what had become of the NS cover, here it is! And it's... woaaaa.. this is the best damn cover ever made! Baby-Moir is soooo beautiful *sighes* I was so taken by her the first 10 minutes or so that I missed all the amazing details: the trees and the grass.. the embroidery.. the super thin flows.. Lan's sword.. Lan himself.. everything is perfect! I'm printing it and putting it on my room's wall!
  2. Rand is winning for now! Great!
  3. I'm crazy for Moiraine! God, what a woman! Icy, enigmatic, mysterious, determined, detached, fascinating, regal, badass! In one word: hot ;D
  4. amy93


    I've been keeping this New Spring desktop for about a year and a half but I never get tired of it :D I like very much also this one by Solitarium ;)
  5. Agree. I like Moghedien. I remember a scene in FOH when she meets the Black Sisters in that manor in Tarabon that made me laugh out loud. She scared the hell out of them, and they were all 'yes Great Mistress, of course Great Mistress' and she cared nothing about them, she was like 'yeaaaah but this tea just needs more honey'. LOL! Ah, and the way she put Liandrin in her place.. Great! I hate Liandrin, she totally deserved that!
  6. Of the Forsaken I like especially Graendal. She seems so shallow right on the spot, but then you realize that is just a mask to confuse people.. She's pretty smart! Also, I love how she surrounded herself with half-naked compelled slaves LOL I like also Semirhage, soooo sadistic! I remember reading chapter 6 of LoC when she's torturing Cabriana while making her Warden feel pleasure, and I was like "OMG she's terrible!" XD I know she's not a DF (but she's done such a disaster that she can't be considered one of the good guys lol) but I love Elaida! I find her such a complex character.. She always believes she's in control of everything around her, always believes she's got the right of all things, and then she inevitably screws everything up XD I love the fact that she always interprets her Foretellings as it pleases her XD I love her relationship with Alviarin too :D She's just mad at everything Alviarin does, always thinking "one day I'll put her in her place!" while she's the one being manipulated by Mesaana.. She's adorable! She lives in her dream world, with her ivory animals collection and her knitting.. :D
  7. Rand. He is depicted so well, I like his inner struggle to remain sane, LTT's voice in his head, his sense of duty.. I think he's one of the most misunderstood characters, I mean, he always tries to do his best and people think he's mad, he's going to ruin everything and so on... Poor Rand.
  8. I agree. Also we have to remember that Elaida wants the Tower to be whole and strong, so maybe that's why she took Moir and Siuan under her protection, to make sure they both pass the test. Perhaps she thought she still had a chance to make them choose the Red Ajah, who knows.. Or maybe she's just sadic and enjoys exerting power over people, especially people who should be stronger than her lol
  9. I really disliked Min on her first appearance in EOTW, don't know why, but I've come to appreciate her a lot from the 2nd book, probably because of her sense of humor. Besides she's the only one who truly understands Rand and makes him forget for a while his duties and helps him stay down to earth calling him shepherder all the time LOL
  10. My three: Nynaeve. I think this scene says it all “I did not even have a chance to send a message to Rand.” Elayne got in after, and the lamp winked out. The small windows let in only dribbles of moonlight. “And one to Aviendha. If she is taking care of him for me, then she ought to take care of him.” “He isn’t a horse, Elayne. You don’t own him.” “I never said I did. How will you feel if Lan takes up with some Cairhienin woman?” “Don’t be silly. Go to sleep.” Nynaeve burrowed fiercely into her small pillow. Perhaps she should have sent word to Lan. All those noblewomen, Tairen as well as Cairhienin. Feeding a man honey instead of telling him the truth. He had better not forget who he belonged to. Ahahahah she's so hypocrite Siuan. I just love everytime she argues with Gareth Bryne, and her fishing curses too ;D Uno. LOL he can't help cursing it seems XD
  11. Wow great work Khalus! I think I'll print all of them ;)
  12. Thank you, Astus! And Padraic, what about you? Do you join us?
  13. Yes, I think very few will buy them and so they will stop the issues.. Surely I won't be between the customers. Thank you for your support! :D
  14. She looks like a complete doofus in the picture. An air head. I know they aren't able to describe the sound of her voice since it's in comic form but surely they could have moderated her expression a bit. Though, I don't have a problem with the art on its own but when compared to the NS artwork, it is completely lacking. Moiraine's expression is shameful. That's all. Rand and Mat look 14-15 and Cenn Buie reminds me of Aginor -.-' NS artworks were wonderful! Why can't we have the same quality even in Eye of the World comics? Thank you =)
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