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  1. What do you folks mean by being 'emo'? Emotional? I agree wth you Sabio, btw. I agree 200%! Waiting years for Books that sucked really sucked, and they all sucked a bit, because the Taver'en Trinity did not advance, all three of them, in every Book, and Rand didn't really advance at all in Book Ten. I did like Book Eight, btw, if my previous left the impression of otherwise. Sorry to Multiquote you twice, Azrayne. But they were all reluctant heroes, especially Rand. He just got his reluctance out of the way at end of Three. "Stop!...I am the Dragon Reborn!" Yeah, Perrin seems whiny, but Mat ha
  2. A most excellent point, randsc, and well-said
  3. The problems with Books 7-10 were two-fold and hand-in-hand, as I understand it. Jordan had expected 'Three, four books. Six, tops. Absolutely tops!' (misquote?) So Books 1-6 were well-prepped and edited. (Five and Six even came out the same year, methinks!) But with Seven, he'd caught up to all his preparation, and the tale had grown in the telling, as Jordan quoted Tolkien. The first Six took just as long as the others to write. There simply was no active fanbase screaming for the next novel. So the two-fold problem; because the tale kept growing, he was never able to get past the baby-steps
  4. This is sad. That means the Wheel of Time is done, and that I will not have anything else to read. I have no need to read the Encyclopedia, nor any desire to read such. I s'pose all things must end, but this has been part of my life so long that it is hard to believe it is done. I hoped for a better note to end on than arguing about the body-swap theory. I suppose I might come back to visit this site sometime, but it won't be the same. Until then, unto all, Peace favor your sword.
  5. Forgive me if I have missed this somewhere, but with the series over, I just don't get here as much as the days of old. Has there been any news on the proposed two othe prequel novels? Have they been published, are they still being written? We Brandon Sanderson write them? Have they been cancelled? Have I just missed word of them because I don't navigate this site much? Thanks.
  6. Yes, but Demandred might have thought it was disinformation, or that Rand would intend to go there after the Battle in Kandor. As for any quality issues, give Brandon Sanderson a break. RJ did very little to limit WOT's growth, and this was the last book; they had to stuff everything in it.I jhave to admit, Taim was a disappointment.
  7. I liked Demandred in Book Fourteen. He'd gone mad with obsession. Remember also, only Rand knew what Rand was going to do. He kept his intentions to himself, until he needed to tell people. Tha'ts how I see it, anyway.
  8. I think pride was involved, but remember, even Aiel could be Dark Friends. I think she was attacked by Aiel Dark Friends, and of course, DF's could and would be told about each other by the Forsaken. I imagine they had recognition symbols and signs as well. This seems to be the only logical conclusion, to me (Aes Sedai would not think wetlanders were Aiel, even with Compulsion, unless it was fatal Compulsion, the kind that would render them useless/Graendal-pet level)
  9. The main reason was a punishment? Perhaps. At least Ishy might have seen it that way, but the DO knew he wanted the Wheel to end. None of the other Chosen could he trust as Naeblis, since they wanted power. Ishy wanted oblivion.
  10. "Well, that's how most TV shows work. To say they are unconnected is silly - they are most definitely connected, following the same people, with stories following on from one another - what's that if not connected? They still had an ultimate goal, and they continued to work towards it." In all the episodes I remember, the characters were overwhelmed with the moment, the act of forcing themselves to exist. I suppose that was realistic, but it was not pleasant. Each episode focused on different characters, and it was not like they were making progress on the goal, they were just treading wat
  11. "In terms of Americans' short attention spans, it's worth noting that your series tend to run to over twenty episodes, while ours are commonly 6-13 episodes long. Your networks expect to keep your attention for half a year, ours about a month and a half. Much is made of shorter attention spans today, and I'm not entirely convinced. (Classic Doctor Who lasted 26 years, by the way.) BSG was hardly a bunch of unconnected stories - it had pretty clear plot and character arcs. The problems with the show only really caught up to it after you stopped watching - they were unable to satisfactorily reso
  12. Congratulations Kandor, and nice to here from you! I believe you have a good point, and no need to apologize for your English.
  13. "For Sammael, bear in mind Rand was there to kill him, and was unlikely to give up. Getting rid of Sammael might be seen as the easiest solution (especially if Rand dies in the fight instead - it's win/win). You don't need to invent complex plots and master plans." I would still count this as a sacrifice. " Given the timeline situation in the last three books, we cannot say with any degree of reliability that it happened to the instant. But even if we accept that premise, it doesn't tell us anything useful." I must respectfully disagree. This is a definite shift-gears moment. We don't ever r
  14. I presume that Moridin sacrificed them both for he wanted to die, to end his own suffering (I take Rand's view on this to heart). Else why would the DO recycle him and make him Naeblis? Ishy was the only Forsaken to truly grasp what the DO's winning would have meant. Therefore, I presume that Sammael and Semirhage were deliberate sacrifices, and that the dream where Rand met Ishy-Reborn was an actual ploy by Moridin to get Rand to Break the Wheel with the Choedan Kal. Else why did the LB begin the instant (or near enough) that Rand Broke the last Choedan Kal? Why else was there a Prophecy of t
  15. The only Brotherless who had discussed this were the ones in Malden. We have no idea how many of the Shaido there were Brotherless. (pretty sure that) The last we see of the Shaido Wise Ones is of them sending runners to find the rest of the Shaido and tell them to head back to the Waste. So the Brotherless that come to their senses return to the Waste instead of joining their clans, the Shaido and those left with them also return to the Waste, thus missing the Last Battle. This is going to be difficult for the rest of the Aiel to accept or forgive. EDITED TO ADD: Also every A
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