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  1. Be careful what you ask for. I liked the "sword of Truth" series, the books, and was glad to see a tv series made from them. Unfortunately they butchered the story so badly that I only watched a couple of episodes. Would really hate to see that happen to this epic.
  2. Hopefully this show will be a warning to those in control of the rights to WOT. This show has been so hacked up from the story line it is unbearable. Already found Pillars of Creation. Give me a break! Wont be long and Zed will be casting a chainfire spell on Richard and Darken Rahl will reveal the real secret of “The Book of Counted Shadow”. Of course all that won’t happen until Jagang conquers the whole world. I happened to like the books, although the end was a little . . . unexpected. For those who didn’t care for the books but find the show to be ok ask yourself one question. How would you feel if they hacked up the WOT like they did with this show. Would you be ok with only Elayne falling in love with Rand, while Aviendha and Min are never mentioned or Rand blowing the Horn of Valere instead of Matt
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