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  1. Hey you guys, I'm currently working on my Extended Essay project for the IB programme and I need some help. I am writing about how RJ characterizes females in tWoT and how it differs from other (male) authors. I mean, he has a special way of describing them. There are always women in positions with authority (queens, village Wisdoms etc.) as opposed to many other fantasy books and epics I've read. I'm not saying that this is the only work by a male author with powerful female characters, but it is far from stereotypical. One of the themes in tWoT is the constant struggle between the sexes and the way they view each other. What are your thoughts on this? How does it affect the storyline and the different societies RJ build up? Personally, I find it interesting because it is unusual, although it can get a little annoying with all the focus it gets in the books. But anyway, your thoughts on this would be much appreciated.
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