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  1. just think what that would have looked like if the sword was on the other side, what does it matter i think it looks awesome. And when is the last time he used his sword... how do we know he has not started wearing it on his right hip
  2. Perrin is up against the guy from Dune GO VOTE http://sf-fantasy.suvudu.com/2011/03/cage-match-2011-perrin-aybara-versus-paul-atreides.html
  3. yea i think egwene's amyrliness has gone to her head. i cant wait for rand to put her in her place again
  4. http://sf-fantasy.suvudu.com/2011/03/cage-match-2011-tasslehoff-burrfoot-versus-perrin-aybarra.html I voted for Perrin a few nights ago. well thats stupid i was on it for along time today and did not see that i could vote for perrin....
  5. here is the first round bracket http://suvudu.com/files/2011/03/SCM_11-1_brack_rnd-1_r2.pdf click on the match you want to vote on and vote, Perrin's not up yet but soon
  6. with the Choedan Kal is my favorite part of WH. WH is the only audio book i do not have on CD so this would be awesome
  7. i thought her copies did not work as well as the original, well not as well as the ring
  8. I was listening to ToM and had the thought what if the reason Elayne cannot get Ter'angreal to work the exact correct way is because she is not linked with a man. I feel that most things made in the AoL would be done with both, and until she realizes this she will just get the kinda close copies she has been makin. just a thought
  9. even though i don't like anime stuff i say keep it up, anything WoT art wise is awesome to me
  10. So if I am not wrong, between the time Lanfear and the others drilled the bore and LTT and the hundred companions sealed it up, nothing was "comtaining" the dark one, and he did not destroy the world. So my question is what is the big deal if he was not able to destroy the pattern before LTT sealed him why do people think breaking the seals is the end all. The bore was open for years during the war of the shadow. And i think most people know that there is a time gap between the drilling and the sealing
  11. i really like these fan art fridays
  12. Believe it or don't, but I was going to use this...you beat me to it. haha i'm so fast i beat you from posting something on a topic you made...flash watch out here comes jwilli
  13. is this what you are talking about http://www.amazon.com/Wheel-Roleplaying-Steven-Christian-Charles/dp/0786919965/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1297915185&sr=8-1 and it seems the attack of the golden Ashandarei is back
  14. Robert Jordan created the Creator, so the real question is who created Robert Jordan
  15. dont count perrin out just because he does not have magic, jamie made it to the finals last year with nothing other than sword fighting skills and he beat a god along the way. so we might have a chance
  16. So there is going to be another Cage Match this year over at Suvudu http://sf-fantasy.suvudu.com/2011/02/cage-match-2011-its-coming.html If you missed it, last year Rand won the first ever cage match, and then went on to defeat the champion on the Villain Cage Match in October. here is the forum from the first cage match http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/45805-rand-vs-jaime-lannister/page__hl__cagematch Perrin is our Champion in this years Cage Match so we will need the votes last year was crazy when it came to the finals FYI: This thread will not contain spoilers from the series but i can not speak for the comments on Suvudu but we need your votes so if you have not finished the series when the time come just go vote and do not read anything just vote. and here is the bracket from last years one in March http://suvudu.com/cage-match?ref=TextLink_Top PS i wrote this once and loaded a new page and everything was deleted, i wish you all could have seen the first one....it was great
  17. Do you know something about Elayne that we don't know? bonded i mean bonded but i bet those nights in the menagerie get lonely
  18. the problem i see with that is the bonding, she is "tied" to elayne and until that is broken i dont think she could be fixed that way, saying someone undo what moghedien did. I have a theory that if elayne would not have bonded her that she just would have gone back to TAR that all Mog did is put her thread on the pattern and it was sliding off, thats why the girls felt her fading. I do not think mog is powerful enough to unbind a thread from the wheel that easily
  19. So i was thinking, who are all of these random men chaneling in the distance we see, or well dont see, in ToM. in the Borderlands they sense men chaneling far off and when perin goes to help the white cloaks his asha'man feel men chaneling. So my question is do we think they are just "black" asha'men or are they another group we just have not seen yet. My question comes from, i find it kinda bold to have asha'man being so out in the open where all it would take is one of the good guys seeing who it is to maybe start another purge in the black tower like they saw in the white tower. I know we know Taim is bad and the black tower will be dealt with, but the characters in the book dont, it just seems strange to me. If someone has started a post about this my bad
  20. we have seen other items that have been used as a focus other than Moiranine's things, and they are pretty big things. The Seals were used as focuses to seal the dark one and as been talked about after the first few books
  21. i got mine from one of those 5.99 tables at Barns and Noble but i dont know, my friend said he say a bunch of wheel of time book cheep at Big Lots so maybe try there
  22. that in tSR when verin askes perrin when he is going to give up the hammer, that she is asking when Tarmon Gai'don is going to be and how do we know Taim is using compulsion.... I's slower than you, it is just a few months ago that i got the sword in the stone Arthur reference....
  23. Im thinking it has to be the Creator, though if it is, this is the only time in the entire series we have ever seen him take any part directly... thoughts? i think most think it is the Creator but we don't know when asked about it Team Jordan just says RAFO so i guess we will find out
  24. here is a link to his blog with the rest of his wheel of time stuff http://seamassketches.blogspot.com/search/label/wheel%20of%20time
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