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  1. First the women who remind me of my Mother: Cadsuane, Sorilea, Sulin, Siuan: Indomital, unstopable forces of nature. Second the indomitable Aes'Sedai (coolnes in battle): especially the greens: Cadsuane, Moraine (blue), Rashima (legendary amrylin) Carighan (legendary green) Third the Swordsman: Lan, Lan, Lan. Fourth: Lews Therin Telamon, he's almost as crazy as I am. Fifth: Mat Cauthon, super quotable, "One pretty woman" (I added another line "why am I not over the mountains by now?") I know its a long list but that's why I love WOT
  2. As one of the newest members of Dragonmount I feel it is my duty to remind people that Mr. Jordan is the reason we are all here. Without ever having met him I can never truly understand how his friends and family felt but now after many months I too regret my initial selfish thoughts when I found out that Mr. Jordan had passed away. I am now truly, deeply moved by the loss his friends and family and also this community have suffered. Harriet; if you ever read this then take comfort that one more loyal fan will always remember the great man who showed us a world we can all be a part of. My sincerest condolences to you and your family. To Mr. Sanderson, May you shelter in the palm of the creators hand and do justice in this magnificent task you have willingly embraced.
  3. I know Thom is apparently just an old gleeman with an interesting past. but I keep on remembering a scene where Thom is in a court in Barashta. Now correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Barashta a city before the trolloc wars??? I don't think this ever happened but I wanted to be sure. DOES ANY ONE REMEMBER A SCENE WHERE THOM IS IN A COURT IN BARASHTA????????
  4. I guess its about time I got involved. I've been a WoT fan since, um 2004/05 when I read the first page of TEotW. I was hooked straight away. I finished TEotW in about 5 days then slowed down and read it again. I got through all the books in about a month each and Mum got me KoD for Christmas'05. I really pity all the older fans who had to wait on 10 release dates and are still waiting on AMoL, I got to read everything in one hit (minus AMoL obviously.) I cant stand the wait so I cant imagine how long time readers felt. I hope I can provide some valuable contributions to this venerable community and I wish you all good reading.
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