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  1. The third oath does allow for an Aes Sedai to use the OP to protect her warder though. So under proper circumstances, an AS could use the OP offensively in battle without having to be in direct harms way. Of course you would have to find something that could endanger the life of a warder that isn't waves and waves of shadowspawn.
  2. When it was talked about Suian being raised young IIRC they commented that a woman needed the shawl 100 years before being eligible for a sitter position and 150 for amyrlin. To have ages like that thrown about willy nilly and then take comments on how Verin really shows her age... Also, I thought it was Verin's last mistake that was 70 years ago. I don't remember any time line for her mission.
  3. I take all my summers in the Blight. They have the greatest 5 star hotel there, no one to bother you, and it's ok to kill anyone who happens to on accident. ;D
  4. I thought she was around twice that, supposedly.
  5. I don't think Verin was compulsed. Just about anything could be possible with how little we know, but compulsion never sat with me. Like I said earlier in this thread, I feel Verin has some ulterior motive regarding the Dragon Reborn. We know she has to see him alive to die at a specific time but it's never said if that is TG or not. I mention the DR specifically and not Rand directly because if Verin has been at this for a while and backed just some man who could channel or one who convinced her he could, that could explain her last serious mistake and intense interest in Rand early on in the story.
  6. Well I played around on the website and I don't really think so. It's possible that the writers may have been influenced by RJ but after so long making dark fantasy stories words are bound to repeat. It seems to be based more off AD&D (Dragonlance and such) than anything else but, like I said, after so many ideas have been trown out you can't help but have to pick one or two up yourself.
  7. I think you're using the term "rode" in too broad a sense. ;D
  8. All the cities in Randland are built on the ground. All places have a sunrise and sunset. Wait, the sun is round like an o also! If the stories are true, all Randlanders put their pants on one leg at a time. Everyone has the same uncanny addiction to oxygen.
  9. What about Sevanna and whichever the other wise one she's in the bust-out battle royale with. It's commented a few times how much cleavage she displays.
  10. Bob, don't get me wrong, I like many points in your theory. I was just giving a couple of pennies from my opinion coin purse. It also got me thinking that if things worked out close to how you think, but instead Rand happens to knock up Avi before he ventures to TAR, when the trio try to bond Rand, the weaves could touch her children and create the something strange we are all waiting for. I know it's a tangent but the theory got me thinking.
  11. You can't be queenly without huge... ...tracts of land.
  12. He's fighting tooth decay. The evil Lord Gingivitis will fall shortly after the Dark One does. Also, Lan could totally pull off picking his molars with a katana, and look cool doing it. ;D
  13. I'll agree that if Rand were to end up in TAR Nynaeve could probably piece together what was done to Birgette. The logistical hurdles of Rand explaining with Saidin something for Alivia to try with saidar are what seems pretty severe to me. Wouldn't it be like trying to teach someone sign language over the phone? Also IIRC the fundamentals of how things are done with saidin and saidar are different. When Egwene and Elayne try to teach Rand to channel they comment that women are taught never to take heat inside of themselves to stop fire, that it could lead to catching yourself on fire. I guess the short of it all is, that if healing untrained can kill, imagine what messing up while trying to purposefully rip a soul out could do. They might accidentally make Rand have that inside-out eyelid look forever. Hmm... that would explain the bandages over the eyes thing...
  14. buy it used. give an old book a new life.
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