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  1. I think we've seen the last of Mesanna. There's one book left and Moridin and Demandred still haven't really done anything. Also, there's Moghidien and Lanfear still hanging around and they haven't killed off Graendal yet. If Mesanna shows up again, it'll just be to die off pretty quickly while they get back to a main plotline, so it'd be kind of pointless to keep her alive. Also, they just did that with Graendal and it would be kind of lame to start off the next book with an identical scene for Mesanna. we read in the epilogue that lanfear reached for rand, and was consumed by darkness. thats gotta be a couple of chapters and, shaidar haran does something. lets not forget, throughout the series, all the forsaken are given 2 chances (minus revival). graendal got her 2nd chance at the beginning of the book in the chapter with moiridin. i guess they'll probably keep her around to entertain our curiosity W.r.t asmodean.
  2. BOOTS :P rand weeping while hugging tam was amazing. mat discovering that the ashanderei was the key. just incredible
  3. i guess we'll find out when he goes to the white tower to get the horn. he sent that messenger remember? maybe it has something to do with him finally accepting the hold aes sedai have or something. very iffy viewing. i cant believe we've to wait till jan 2012 for AMOL. damn! they haven't revealed anything about demandred, taim, or moiridin suddenly popping up into rand's vision when he was insane. too many questions. im bloody buzzing!
  4. I think that the whole point of putting it in the epilogue was so that we wouldn't know until the next book. mhehe. RAFO huh? sad. in the new spring comics aiel wore red veils though didn't they?
  5. just wanted to know who the person who killed barriga during the epilogue was. barriga thought he was an aiel but he wasn't and he killed him who or what was that guy? shaido aiel? seanchan?
  6. Hey, i haven't really kept in touch for a looong time. just wondering if any new covers have been released. the last one i saw was the great hunt covers, with rand and the trollocs
  7. 1) Are you set on ripping off demandred? 2) Do you think aginor dies too often in the worst ways possible? 3) Do you want to end up even more crazy than you were before?
  8. not necessarily. i mean any fantasy book thats worth reading, after reading something as amazing as WoT
  9. All of us in this community love and cherish WoT. I mean, its the most complete and intricate of fantasy series ever made. period. and yet, people would rather b*^& about the fact that its really long and that RJ has gone too much "into" the world, as it were. now lets back up a little. fantasy basically came to being majorly after lotr. All RJ did was further the genre, he breathed more and more life into it, and is still somewhat shunned by the so called 'experts'. 'Christopher Paolini started reading fantasy books when he was ten years old, but was "frustrated" by the "absence of quality writing".' (www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/eragon). so i ask, are there ANY fantasy works similar to WoT? ps: if this topic is a cliche, i apologize.
  10. i seem to have stumbled upon a very interesting article which will probably end our asmodean debates....well, here it is http://library.tarvalon.net/index.php?title=December_12%2C_2000_-_CNN see the 3rd question
  11. and yes, chel vanin, i AM serious. also, yeah, he would be executed because of his crimes. and what mb says about mats link to the horn is certainly true as far as i know.
  12. as we all know, the dark one can revive people who are dead (excluding those who are balefired). we know that balefire rips ppl off the pattern. so what does death do? i mean, sure, dead people come back later because of the wheel, but, what does it mean in terms of the pattern for the dark one to revive people at his will? is this ability limited to those who walk in the shadow? or are there any limitations at all?
  13. if it can be used to cure insanity, then ba'lzamon could have just "ordered" one of the male forsaken to cure him.
  14. mb, yeah, ure probably as right as any on the eye and darkfriend thing. it does seem a bit out there for mat to become a half dark friend, so to speak. and ishmael really did go mad, or atleast, lanfear says so wwhen she talks with sammeal and co. at the starting of fires of heaven, although lanfear's statement may be a bit unreliable, the fact that the true power is addictive is pointed out over and over by the forsaken. also, ba'lzamon pretended like two people :P so i still stand firm on saying that "ishy" is/was half mad. But, in regard to the true source thing, can it be used to cure insanity because of the taint? because in the beginning of tEoTW, ishamael "heals" lews therin
  15. i wonder if there will be a big story line after TG. like how in LOTR, when pippin and co. come back to the shire, saruman was "modernising" it. it was quite good to have some adventure even after the supposed "main" story line ended. I would surely love it if there is a story after TG too. But with RJ's passing, there is little chance of that, but BS has said that AMoL isnt the last of the material left behind by RJ, apparently he has also left behind notes for one of a 3 planned prologues/epilogues. i hope for rands survival after TG, and also, for moiraine to do something, and also for nynaeve to somehow cure rand's insanity. I just cant imagine the series coming to an end
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