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  1. I like that scene in NS where she's all anguished over that kid, Diryk (sp?) who she wasn't able to save. I also like the part when she bonds Lan.
  2. I have a question here - I'm probably wrong, but I was under the impression that a channeller needed to see in order to form the weaves. So that means a blind person will effectively not be able to channel. I read in LoC that Tarna's block was that she was unable to channel unless she'd closed her eyes which means she cannot channel. So in Rand's case, if he becomes blind, he won't be able to channel.
  3. How could the attack be fatal for Rand? Even if Lews Therin hadn't seized control, even if Logain and the others hadn't been there for him, Rand could simply have made a gateway inside the manor and Traveled elsewhere along with the others in the room. Then, the only damage done would be a destroyed mansion.
  4. I really dislike Egwene, but I hope she doesn't die. Her POVs as captive in the White Tower were pretty cool reading. I think she's really self-centered. I also don't see why she has to throw heart and soul into the fate of Aes Sedai. She is completely unaware of all the major happenings - Rand's kidnapping, Black Tower disaster, etc. She is all like, I won't let Rand chain Aes Sedai. What makes her and all Aes Sedai so much more better and more important than everyone else in Randland including the Dragon Reborn! It would seriously piss me off if we saw Rand KNEELING to her! Unlike the other characters she retains absolutely NO loyalty towards her old home and her friends.
  5. Why would Demandred want to consolidate Murandy? I thought he only wanted chaos, chaos and more chaos. I can hardly imagine him working towards so 'petty' an aim. I didn't look any deeper about Roedran scheming to control Murandy. Besides all his praising Mat's book and getting Talmanes a copy seems - well - so human.
  6. It was never given in the book what exactly happened in the Alivia-Cyndane duel. We only know that Alivia had her arm broken and Cyndane departed unharmed. I find this hard to swallow. Alivia was stronger than Nynaeve and that means she comes close to equalling Lanfear. She also had an angreal -weak though it was, it would've amplified her ability by atleast two times. She even had a ter'angreal that would nullify webs. Alivia should've been able to crush Lanfear easily. I find the outcome rather puzzling.
  7. I'm a bit confused - by favourite do you mean most useful? If so, I'd take those wards Rand used on the Shadar Logoth Waygate - the one that kills all Shadowspawn after they've gotten a mile away.
  8. It might also refer to the number of sisters who mysteriously died, and in fact were murdered by the Black Ajah. The Amyrlin Tamra Ospenya had been tortured and killed and the sisters she had appointed to search for the Dragon Reborn were killed by hte Black Ajah. This "vileness" took place in New Spring.
  9. Yet he looks back on her fondly. To call it rape is too simplistic. It was rape. She even sent him the customary post-rape gifts. When Elayne saw that she misunderstood and was angry at him up until he explained that he was the one that was raped I don't get how what Tylin sent were "post-rape" gifts. I mean, Tylin sent those gifts and when Elayne learnt what they were she was angry at Mat because, according to you, she had thought he had raped Tylin. Now, I don't think any society however weird would demand that the rape victim send the rapist "post-rape gifts". I someone can follow what I mean here, despite my twisted logic.
  10. Thanks for your post - it certainly answers my questions - and it's a great theory besides. I guess I should've checked if there were any previous threads on this topic - my bad.
  11. What Aviendha told Rand - <quote> "Egwene said she thought of asking her mother's permission for you, but before she mentioned it her mother told she had to wait another year" </quote> <quote> "If she wants him, and is old enough to marry, why should she need permission?" </quote> There's a whole lot more but from what I can make from it is that once a couple gets engaged they've got to wait a year before getting married. During that year, if the girl wants to do it, she's got to ask her mother's and the Wisdom's permission. The men know nothing of this custom. The reason Bar Dowtry and Kimry were punished after being caught was because Kimry failed to ask permission.
  12. In KoD Tuon states that she'd like to make Tar Valon her capital. Together with Egwene's dream, I suppose that means the Seanchan will be attacking the Tower sometime soon. But what about Rand's truce? His attempts to negotiate one with Tuon are obviously going to fail. But how can the Seanchan refuse a truce when the Last Battle is on their heads?? Also, the Seanchan are currently in Ebou Dar, Tanchico and Amadicia. That makes it a pretty long march to Tar Valon, crossing Andor. Any ideas about what going to happen? I hope Rand will make some sort of deal in which he gives the Seanchan a free hand with the Tower. Tuon will definitely want all the Aes Sedai 'decently collared' before TD. I'd love to see a confrontation between Egwene and Tuon!
  13. The Two Rivers do believe in pre-marital sex. When Rand insists that he marry Aviendha, she educates a little about Two Rivers customs. According to Egwene, if you were betrothed to the guy all you had to do was ask your mother's permission to do it. Aviendha says that Egwene told that she was planning to ask her mother's permission to do it with Rand.
  14. The only problem I find with this series is that there is this huge divide between men and women. I mean, the whole, "I don't know which planet they've come from" thing is way too exaggerated. The whole Women's Circle stuff, Wise Ones - it all seems so stringent - it would be way more relaxed in real life. Jordan went a bit too far to create all that tension and animosity.
  15. I think we can generically state that most Aes Sedai do not let themselves get taken advantage of as badly as the sea folk teachers do. I could understand young Aes Sedai (Nyn or Elayne) but it's actually Merille (sp?) that gets the most bullied. My point regarding cadsuane was only that it was not that difficult to get the sea folk to shut up - just tell them the terms and ignore any protests. Everywhere else in the series the Aes Sedai (even Nyn and Elayne - see Thom and Julian in Tanchico) seem well attuned to this strategy, except with the sea folk. That's simply impossible in practice. I'm sure the Aes Sedai did that at first. Like that AS called Amelia or something. But it's difficult with a dozen Sea Folk Windfinders. They just would've clapped on a shield, tied to you to the rigging and give you a good flogging. Amelia's captivity is about as nightmarish as Galina's. Interesting point: Sisters captured by the Aiel(like Kiruna) seem to be gaining strength of will from the Wise Ones whereas the ones with the Sea Folk become stuttering cowards(Merillile). But I agree with you, someone ought to tell the Sea Folk to shut up, preferably with an extremely strong angreal or a saidar nullifier like Mat's.
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