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  1. I think the funniest/hardest question I always get is "What is that book about?" I've been reading WoT for 15 years and really have no simple answer for this question. lol I also enjoy the comments about the size of these books. Oh, man, the way peoples eyes pop when you tell them the extent of the series! :D
  2. Moiraine has to be a crucial part to the link with Callandor. She and Lanfear are both on the other side of that doorway with Moiraine picking Lanfear's brain about boring that hole to the DO. Mierin Sedai was the fool who did it! Moiraine will assist in placing the attack correctly.
  3. Thank you all for the warm welcomes! I've successfully petitioned the Illuminators and am anxious to begin my contribution to the DM community through crochet of all things. Lots of warm snuggly WoT themed stuff to cozy up with while reading perhaps? Seems I'll have the opportunity to work on some projects within the Org too, which tickles me. What a nifty feature. And I'm so glad that JordanCon was mentioned! My bags are packed, the budget planned for and the course plotted. See you there!
  4. Oh, man, I'm so nervous. I'm such a n00b here!! Not only am I just stubborn and ignorant about the internet in general ( which will reveal itself ), but I'm completely new to the social universe that exists for tWoT. I started the series 15 yrs ago when my fav. bookstore was handing out the first half of TEOTW. Beginning as such an awkward teen as I was, I believe I've held a deeper affection for WoT than may be clinically healthy. Just the, ya know, familiar maniacal Prophet type of devotion. It got me through the years of finding myself and the years of running from myself. It's hard to admit, but I learned about RJ's passing from an insensitive bookstore clerk that casually tacked it on to my inquiry of the last book. Well, he handled it casually, I recall that I swallowed a lump in my throat and tried to get to the car before the tears burst forth. I didn't make it. I never want to feel that alone again (within the scope of WoT), so I've started seeking companionship within the web, peeking in for the last year or so, and now I'm ready to join in and celebrate with everyone! You can tell I don't mind sharing/blabbing, but I listen just as well. Contact me if you find yourself willing to admit you tried to channel along with Egwene and Nynaeve, or that when that failed you might have practiced sword forms with a cardboard tube, er, uh... wore a black scarf that could be pulled up to hide your face? Just me then?
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