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  1. This was amazing to read through :) especially all the posts from Raeyn, Nighteyes, The Don and "Guest" Emp. I think I teared up a little bit! I officially made a Dragonmount account in December of 1999. I lurked and poked and hemmed and hawed then about a year later I got active. I was such a little kid. 15 or 16 at the time. Life was rough and I made a lot of friends (for good and bad) here. Now I am reaching back out, finding a lot of nice new faces and occasionally running across an old one, covering it in smooches, then running away! Sniffle. Thanks for all the crazy memories, DM! Happy belated birthday!
  2. Dear ladies (and gents) of the Brown Ajah SG, I would like to invite you to participate in my thread What do you love about your Ajah SG? There are treats and special haikus up for grabs. And I would love to hear what you are all about. Thank you, oh bookishest of Ajahs!
  3. Myriam - Aes Sedai (returning after a looooooong hiatus!) Currently shopping for my SG Ajah home! I work from home as a freelance writer, have a lovely husband, and am mommy to three kitties and one gigantic puppy. This thread was a great way to see which groups are active and what you all do :) What a lovely idea. Myriam
  4. Yay for being brave! Welcome to the kookie land of fellow crazy WoTers. Nice to have you. Cheers! Myr
  5. I love these quizzes! And I appreciate Verin more than almost any other character in the books. So Yay :D You Scored as Verin You are Verin Mathwin! You seem to have your head in the clouds, but really you are a clever manipulator who is clearly focused on what you want in life. Verin 80% Graendal 75% Egwene 70% Nynaeve 60% Berelain 55% Moiraine 55% Lanfear 45% Liandrin 45%
  6. It is changed, but it's still home. :) I just found myself on the WT Site. Looks like my Aes Sedai is in the group "Those whose age is nigh Mythical." Hahaha. I started playing with most of the ladies in the "Those who are Legendary" group but I'll take Mythical any day. I did spend quite a long time as an Accepted. My character was quite naughty.
  7. Ooooohhh... I like where this thread is going. I'd definitely get back on some SC style loving. Depending on how my WT business goes. Gah, and I told myself I'd take it slow! Thank you so much for all the fond welcomes. It is nice to be back. I think I might be going Red this time (never thought I'd say that!) but we'll have to see how it all pans out. I will definitely be taking you up on that bombarding offer, Elgree! I hate to have a least favorite. But I'd have to say Nynaeve. She started out so strong and I think what RJ ended up doing with her character was quite sad. She's still bristling and tugging on her braid. I have a sneaky desire for some more character development in the last book for her, but there is so much ground to cover I doubt a good solid Nynaeve thread will make the cut. What groups are the most active around here? I haven't had time to explore too much. I write from home for a living and it's been a busy week. I'm excited about the NaMoWriMo board and hope I get approved to join them soon! Who's got the best gossip? Is there still a DM chat somewhere? And who do we talk to about getting Seanchan back on the map? yay! M
  8. It was! I had an awesome to'raken rider too! And a Freeman (not even sure if we have a group like that anymore..) I apologize for ignoring the earlier question from you Aiel Heart. Without a doubt my favorite character is Aviendha. I love her stubborn spirit. It is so much like my own. My favorite character to write will always be Aes Sedai, especially the darker side of it all. *waggles eyebrows* My next task shall be to harass the sig board people. I could use a pretty siggie. Cheers!
  9. My what a memory you have, Jennifer. Yup! I was a Grey Sitter along with such favorites as the illustrious Emperor, Pookie and Sio! Nice to see you are still here, Kat. :) Thank you all for the warm welcome. I'm looking forward to writing here again. All my old posts are long gone with the server changes over the years. I'm sure I'll find my way around. Huzzah! Myriam
  10. Hello fine folks of Dragonmount. I was an avid member of this community a LOOOOONNNNNGGG time ago (joined in 1999 or 2000) and miss RP and RJ and all that good fun stuff. I doubt any of you remember me (and if you do I apologize ahead of time for being a bit of a young bratty thing). Will be looking into creating a WT character sometime soon. Nice to know this place is still alive and kicking. Cheers, Myriam
  11. Saints preserve us. You're a brave woman, Kat. It's hard to be a gangster. Myr
  12. I just came by to point out that an entire page of this thread is you two love-birds hitting on eachother. Try to contain your violent passions. It's rough. I know. Myr damn it's hard to be a gangster...
  13. Hello boys, and girl (Hi Arie!). I'm too old to be doing this. But couldn't resist saying hi. yup. my walker says I've been at DM since 1999. They were pretty much gone and only living to shame us all in the chat room when you got super-active, Arie. Don't feel too bad. They're dinosaurs. Really hot dinosaurs. love love, Myr
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