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  1. I don't think so in any way. To balance they Aes Sedai, they need to do thing the Asha'man way, not simply become male versions of existing Aes Sedai.
  2. Agree. I still think that making a Grey tower, where the men and woman can balance each other, like a true Yin Yang, is the answer. The Black Tower is the complete antithesis to the White, not only in the fact that it is men that can channel, but also in they way they train, hierarchy, thought process, motivation, world view, etc.
  3. You mean other than when Bonwhin sacrificed a whole country for her envy? Or perhaps when we find out the entire White Tower is riddled with Black Ajah, think of how many names were on Verin's list? Or perhaps the fact that no one is inspired by the White Tower, even Borderlanders, who respect it to a degree, are suspicious of it at times (see some of the Borderlander statements when coming South). Oh, I know! You mean when they sit in the Tower doing nothing, and have pretty much left the Borderlands to fall, that's certainly inspiring! I'm sorry for the sarcasm, but really, the White Tower is meant to represent an organization that is riddled with corruption and has lost its place in the world. It does not inspire, nor does it lead. It manipulates and fails. Pretty much. As has been said elsewhere, "What have you done for me lately?" The only Aes Sedai Ajah that has had a definite long term positive effect on the world is the Red Ajah (seriously - they at least keep the kingdoms of the world free of men who can channel with a reasonable degree of success). The Greens have failed to protect the Borderlands, the Yellows remain in Tar Valon rather than going out to heal people in the world, the Gray Ajah has been unsuccessful in keeping constant warfare from weakening and destroying most of the kingdoms of the world, the Brown Ajah has done a poor job of increasing the overall amount of knowledge of the rest of the world, and the Whites have failed to innovate. In all fairness, the Blue can probably claim the single greatest success of the history of the Tower in finding the Dragon Reborn and bringing him to the Eye of the World, but that was effectively the work of one woman, working without the aid of the greater body of the Tower. Actually, if you really want to split hairs: Verin may have done more personally to support Rand when he most needed help than anyone other than Moiraine. So, I guess you could say that the Black Ajah has done more to help the world than the Greens, Whites, Yellows, Grays, and Browns (the ones who aren't Black). Excellent post. +1
  4. Since when does being able to bench 270 have anything to do with being able to pull a bow or reflect practical strength? i know multiple person who can bench 350+ who can't even do 2 pullups, 40 pushups, etc. Hate to take this thread any further down the track of not being about Rand and Egwene, but weight strength means absolutely nothing in real world situations.
  5. It is probably that note that got him killed. So, what does it contain that got the Dark's underwear in such a bunch? Clearing the rubble? At first glance, breaking the Seals looks very risky, but Fel was probably right, it has to be done before any new prison can be built. Rand and many others here are forgetting the first Part of that Note. Belief and order give strength. Right now there is not enough belief and order, if Rand goes to Shayol Ghul now he will be crushed. This is not going to be a Battle were the one with most Military Power or Strength in Sadir and Sadin wins. Thats why the Choedan Kal were not needed. Rand has been working a bit on the order Part, but has long since given up on it except for focusing his established order on Tarmon Gai'don. The Belief part has been totally over looked by him. He and the other Major Players of the Light need to strengthen the Belief part, spread out the Hope. Rand is not the only one who can clear the skies around him and make the world right/grand with his presences. I don't think Rand has forgotten at all about that part, in fact, he has realized it and is beginning to use it in his favor. See the apple orchard, Ebo Dar, etc. I think that is why we wants everyone with his and is using Egwene to "rally forces" to convince him otherwise. Already, Perrin and Nynaeve believe. I think the big meeting will be the final stroke for his bringing belief and order.
  6. I really want to see a "You can call me Rand Sedai" moment with Egwene in front of the whole White Tower. I think that is what got to Cadsuane, although even she couldn't' admit it to herself, Rand is the ONLY true Aes Sedai ie. trained when it was legit, from the AoL, A Servant of all (this cuts out all the turned to dark ones), properly raised, etc. Have Egwene put that in her pipe and smoke it, along with the rest of the White Tower. PS. I completely agree with all the frustration where Egwene thinks she's the only one on the planet and from the Two Rivers that has developed, especially with regard to becoming more powerful. Tbh, of the original Two Rivers lot, I think Egwene is the weakest of the group. That would be another great shot at her, if somehow she could realize that.
  7. It is likely, just to throw something out there, Graendel up until LoC had contacts there, and she doesn't know what Demandred was up to. Sammael thought Demandred was up to something in the South. Land of Madmen? On another topic, Moridin in TPOD was a bit freaked out that Avi could unravel Webs for Gateways. Is the Bore a Gateway? Very very interesting thought. +1
  8. Having been quite disturbed by Avi's visions, I too came to the conclusion that The Way of the Leaf is truly the only way for them to maintain ji-i-toh once they fulfill their obligation to fight or the Dragon.
  9. Really Egwene's position as Amyrlin has lead her directly into the trapof AS thinking. I feel like she has become the weakest character in the book (now that Perrin is the badass he should have always been.) Also, I am disappointed that there was no discussion of a Grey Tower anywhere between Rand and Egwene, and really, only Nyneave gets the whole "how to serve." her discussion with Egwene seemed to have no effect. The White Tower simply is back to "protecting the White Tower because we are the hope of humanity." Really, the only good taht has come out of the White TOwer this series are the women that stay away: Moraine, Cadsuane, Nyneave, and to a lesser extent Siuane. I'd like to either see them completely tempered by the Black Tower (as in a Yin Yang) or wiped out by the Seanchan. Oh, and Mat wants his Horn back. I can't help but think they are going to give him a lot of trouble over it.
  10. I'm pretty sure the "wrongness" in a lot of the channelers in the Black Tower is that they have been converted by a circle of 13 Mydraal. I found the Aviendha future scenes, Ovler's POV, the epilogue with Rand and the lack of Seanchan portions of the book to be confusing. I simply cannot see how These storylines (except for Olver's, it may not be that important) can be wrapped up in one book in addition to the rest of the major storyline. Oh, Egwene has learned nothing with regard to not being a pompous Aes Sedai.
  11. You know, if that were true, I'd really find that hilarious. Seriously, I'd like to see one. Do you know of any online? Knobs Mahoney, of course you have my forgiveness. All you had to do is ask :) On a serious note, world maps made in China have China in the more central location with the US far off to the side and basically falling off. The locations of the countries are switched.
  12. Yeah that would be great if Cyndane actually ever went up to Rand and tried to pretend in being Lanfear that would be a great Strategy, only she doesn't. She doesn't even say these things out loud she thinks them to herself. Why in the heck would Moridin want a Lanfear clone that WASN'T Lanfear? It'd be much easier and probably smarter to just raise some new Forsaken at this point in the game. Frankly I think Moridin and the DO do NOT want Lanfear going on Pyscho Love Nut for Rand since she did make the proclaimation that he and her could defy both the DO and Creator. I am CERTAIN the DO got wind of that little conversation. When Lanfear goes off about Lews/Rand she is a loose cannon, she blew her chance to bring Rand over in that way and they wouldn't want to waste time and effort trying it again. Moridin has the "forget the name of the device around his neck) with which he has absolute control over Cyndane/Lanfear. He has nothing to worry about her with that regard, and everything to gain.
  13. Since none of you people are willing to be happy for the moment, I will be. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I can't wait.
  14. RJ said it's not sentient; more like a supercomputer. So it would have data inputs from people and events in the world, process them, output some actions, like spinning out ta'veren on the basis of indications/predictions from its program. OK, fine. Thanks. So the Wheel is a Micro$oft product... So why si the DO even trying? It'll implode eventually...
  15. I for one can't wait to see Elaida's training and her assistance with the continued humbling of the White Tower. I really hate the White Tower for their attitude of "being the best at everything simply because they are Aes Sedai", using the fact that they wield a power with makes them dominant over others as proof of this (for example, the rankings of Aes Sedai based on strength, this would be like elected presidents based on shoe size) and well as the continuous idea that the whole world revolves around the White Tower and that everything in the world must for hte good of the world. For me this was most exemplified by the statement while the Salidar Tower was marching towards Murandy and one Aes Sedai overheard that the Bowl of the Winds had been used with the Sea Folk and exclamed something along the lines of, "How can a Wilder think to know more about the weather than Aes Sedai." (not exact quote.) It will be delightful to see the Seanchan continue the humbling that has already started.
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