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  1. I rarely normally post on these kind of things, I often do read most of the comments about news/articles that is posted on Dragonmount. And I have read all these comments on this article and I must say I am very disappointed in some of these fans. I think those that are complaining have lost the true purpose of what Wheel of Time is.. it's a story, a amazing story. And a story that deserves to be the best it can be. As Brandon stated on his website “ It's the last book in the series. There are no chances to change things after this, and revising a book like this takes time.” That should be enough for most fans, but I often forget how selfish the human race can be. Bashing Tor, Brandon, Harriet etc. that I have seen so far on these articles really just shows child-like pouting and anger. LET ME CLEAR. I am very upset about the push back. Like all of you I was looking forward to having a copy by this Fall. But as my grandfather always said “Shit happens.” Sure I have heard the argument that fans picked out a good deal of the typos etc and that this could be done again. But the point is, we SHOULDN”T have to do that. Harriet wants it to be near as perfect as possible...And that is her right. Wheel of Time fans are some of the best people I know, and I know that you all are better than some of the words that you have written the past few days just spewing your anger. WE ARE USED TO WAITING. FOR A WoT BOOK TO COME OUT, HAVE YOU GUYS FORGOTTEN? I have been reading the series for at least 10-11 years, so not as long as some of the old veterans but still over a decade. I think we all need to take a step back and really think about this, and come at it from a logical point instead of an emotional one. That's what I did and came up with this small list: 1. The book is going to be finished! When RJ died we weren't sure what was going to happen. We should be grateful that we get a ending, not complaining about 2.. extra months. 2. This is not our story it is RJ's Harriet’s and Brandon’s.. more so Harriet than Brandon's and shes should have the right to take her time and not feel to be rushed since this IS THE FINAL BOOK. 3.Tor is a business. Even if the crazy theories about them being able to “make more money” is even true so what? Everyone likes money. Are you guys telling me you do not? I don't think we should bash them for making a smart business move. 4. And finally a lot is riding on this final book, the future of the series and WoT world. Future movie,future video game. I have a strong feeling if the book is rushed and not as good as it could have been, this will effect the book's future. I for one would love to see a mini series or a movie. Especially a game. So I am more than willing to give up 60 days so this has a higher success rate of happening. This is just my two cents on the matter, I am sure not all of you will agree and even say stuff “Well a movie is already being made etc.” which is true but my points still stand, if this final book is not as good as it can be, I firmly believe the series will be effected (This has happened to many other fantasy series) And I am sure RJ would have wanted it to be well crafted and not rushed. Thank you.
  2. From reading all these posts it is quite clear how amazing this series is! I haven't read it for 15+ years like many of you, but I have been reading it for roughly 9-10. I read the entire series I was in High School.. it helped me during many a hard nights during those "teenage years". I cannot believe the series is going to end... but all good things must come to an end.
  3. I hope they offer them in CDs or at least give you the choice, LOVE listening to WoT while I am driving!
  4. I just hope they don't rush this one towards the end like New Spring. The artwork really suffered in the last chapters. DO IT RIGHT this time around, the fans of WoT can wait! we are quite good at that =)
  5. So why is it that you don't like Gawyn? and who would you rather Egwene be with?
  6. Awesome stuff! Though Jennifer I do have a question for you! When will there be another book review? I think May was the last one <<...
  7. Sooo where is the WoT news video? their like 3 weeks late! Q_______Q!
  8. Great idea to do the landscape! can't say which was my favorite... I love them all!!!!!!
  9. Darn it! I look forward to those every month lol. Alrighty thanks Jen! for the update! on whats going on, do you know if were getting another WoT News video this week?
  10. Awww! so were not going get one for the month of June? Q_____Q
  11. June is nearly over... when is the next review going to pop up?!
  12. You gonna post the rest of the Forsaken up? =D
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