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  1. Oh. I forgot that part. I'll agree with U. Good job I had completly forgotten. Thanks.
  2. I've read the latter books.
  3. Yeah since when is Morridin in Rand's head in WH? I don't remember that. I thought at first it might be Allanna, but she cry's more than she destroys.
  4. Who is "The other one"? This might be a reference to Mat and Perrin but I can't find it? The first time I read the series I was curious but now that I've read through it several times I'm really curious. On page 79 of WH Rand is @ the academy in Cairhien and he's wishing he could leave something behind and hoping he could build something positive that lasts past the Last Battle. when Lews Therin says, “'I thought I could build,' Lews Therin murmured in his head. 'I was wrong. We are not builders, not you, or I, or the other one. We are destroyers. Destroyers.'â€
  5. I was all psyched because I registered to talk on the forums and express my own theories and the first thing that I read is my Olver is Cain theory already posted, but I thought that's OK because I wanted to bring up the idea that maybe Cain's soul was ripped out of TAR and put into a person like Lews Therin, but TigerToe beat me to that one too. But, I do agree with this theory or at least Olver will be an extreamly important warrior later, because think about who he hangs around with. Mat is the greatest General of the age and what else is Olver going to learn, but things like war and ba
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