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  1. Favorite scene? In WH? “The street out front is filling up with Guards, sheepherder.” A dark wetness stained the left side of Lan’s coat, but his sword was sheathed, proof of who had danced that dance the better. “Time we were on the roof, if we’re going.” Reluctantly, Rand acquiesces, and they head back to the roof and climb to the peak. Lan’s boot slips, and Rand turns and grabs him, the other man’s weight pulling them both down to the edge of the roof and past, until Lan is dangling into space, Rand above him holding on. “Let go,” Lan said quietly. He looked up at Rand, his eyes cold and hard, no expression on his face. “Let go.” “When the sun turns green,” Rand told him. If he could just pull the other man up a little, enough to catch the eave… Whatever his fingers had caught broke with a sharp snap, and the alley rushed up to meet them. Gotta be. Bar none. Woof™.
  2. I have been looking for a Blademaster page. IMHO- Lan is the best. But... it has been posed that Gawyn (gag) is a better swordsman than Lan. What is the current rankings of WoT Blademasters? Woof™.
  3. just checking to see if ass becomes tushy here. Woof™.
  4. Well, I'll have to go back and dig through the books but at some point Nynaeve was in Salidar, as was Halima. I am not sure if Halima was around when Nynaeve made her breakthrough at first Healing Logain and then Suian but the possibility is definitely there. Delana was probably around too. As Graendal does make repeated reference to Nynaeve, the facts had to come from those close to her now. Woof™.
  5. I'm guessing Delana told Graendal about Nynaeve, which explains Graendal's wariness of Nynaeve's ability with Compulsion. Nynaeve was able to heal Stilling which even the AoL AS couldn't...what if she discovered something new about Compulsion as well? They're closely linked talents, so Nynaeve probably has as much skill with Compulsion as Graendal herself. Nynaeve might not be able to outsmart Graendal, but I can see her coming up with a battle tactic that's just too crazy for Graendal to anticipate. In Nynaeve's own words: "I don't have to make sense!" True, I'd say Graendal would have made sure to do some diggin' for info alright. Yeah, Nyn would come up with somethin fun... I dunno, I think Moggy has mentioned something in passing at the last "Forsaken Summit" about Nyneave's skills. Or maybe it was Aran'gar as he was disguised as Halima. Graendal did refer to Nynaeve as being "the woman gifted at healing". Something like that has to come from direct observation by one of the Forsaken. Woof™.
  6. I'm with you, Jem - Fains been exhibiting unique and weird abilities since TSR. Yeah, it has always bugged me about Fain. What is so special about him that has Myrddraal quaking in their boots. He had a Myr pegged out at one point. And that cloud thing when Rand was putzing around with Darlin, was that Fain? In hindsight, I am not so sure about the bubble of evil. Bottom line, it is not that Fain is so unbelievable as this greater power, it is remembering that he embodies Mordeth and all that took down Aridhol. I mean, after all, Machin Shin ran from the guy. That had to be a sign right? And what was that about Perrin and Galad? Was I reading the wrong prophecy? Woof™.
  7. First off- Love the tag Impressive Bosom. Has a ring to it, a certain sound if you will Fain- well, it was a long time coming. I am not getting into the whole chicken and egg argument over Mordeth with Mashadar or Mashadar came later as a result of the evil or whatever- fact of the matter is, Mashadar is now linked to Fain, a part of him, and is a deadly weapon as there ever was. Originally I thought Fain + dagger= really lame bad guy if someone drops a big rock on his head and ends it all, or even if somebody say... learned how to use a spear or a pole arm type deal so the dagger could not get into range. Fain=dead. Now we have this cloud/fog which is like the mother of all extended range weapons until Mat figures out the Dragon Egg angle. Any way you slice it, Fain has moved up on the badass creep-o-meter to just under Moridin and SH Woof™.
  8. Lan isn't a hardass in that way... he wanted a release. An end to his burden. He wanted to die. That funeral/ dead flower thing/ hairy chested drivel he keeps on handing Nynaeve. It is good that was put to bed here by this one boy that Lan met in New Spring. Woof™.
  9. Lan nudged Mandarb into motion, Bulen followed on foot. And the one became two. That is what I took away. Lan was bound and determined to wage a personal war with the Shadow. He was going to throw himself at the Blight by himself. Donkey. Through the persistence of this one boy, this one who Kept to the old ways Lan is no longer alone. I think this was necessary as the rest of the Borderlands empties to follow the Golden Crane. Heck, when the Borderland armies finally come back- Man! And then Mat's army, and Bryne's army and the White Cloaks. It will be one for the Ages. I am soooo stoked! Woof™.
  10. As far as the rest goes... I am hoping that somebody teaches the AS with the borderland army how to channel. Drop 200 000 troops into the middle of a huge battle. Man, that would really turn it around. "You held until you were relieved". Wow. Woof™.
  11. Brandon has gone on record and says that the Dark One has access to orders of magnitude more Trollocs than can be supported by the Blight alone. Whether this means they get food from elsewhere and have it shipped to the Blight, they live in the Ways or some other world attached to the Ways, or whether they are being stored on another world and commute via Portal Stone is anyone's guess, but hopefully it's explained somehow. Ishamael only came back in the past 20 or so years, and he didn't have a huge amount of extra Trollocs lying around after Book 1, so it's unclear where armies of millions of Trollocs can be raised / supported. 2 years of breeding wouldn't do it. Somebody may have already answered this but in the begining of tGS, we see how the Trollocs are made. In terms of parallels to LoTR, I think the DO has been amassing his troops for some time. Woof™.
  12. Can they channel the True Power in Far Madding? Woof™.
  13. Banzai!!! Man was this cool! And Loial... and Galad... and... gahhhh soo stoked! Woof™.
  14. Yeah, I'm not really feeling that one either. Most Mat quotes should either revolve around farming, horses, or gambling, basically what he grew up with. I am sure in one of Mat's memories he has seen a lionfish, but in Mat's WoT world, that reference is a bit out of sorts. It didn't ruin it for me, I think it was Brandon's way of saying "hey its me, not RJ". Or the book was soooo massive it is hard for the team of editors to catch all the inconsistencies. Woof™.
  15. Feels the same to me. Thom was always a fast study and knows what is going on around him so I don't see him doing something then thinking about it after. I am sure that at some point Thom would have noticed Mat in the tavern. Dunno if anybody is dead, I am thinking if the gholam was in Mat's tent, there would be some dead bodies around camp to begin with. Woof™.
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