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  1. Currently in my rereading of WoT, I'm in TSR, and Rand hasn't started, or hinted, his list yet. Lanfear reveals herself to him, he does attack her, and she does over power him since he really still doesn't know what he is doing. Several woman and children have died, some Maidens, and he hasn't yet started carrying the guilt about it he does later. Also, the whole truth about who he is to the Maidens has yet to be revealed. It was mentioned earlier that "the list" could be more on a psychological condition, and I can agree it looks sexist, I believe it's more a development of psychological stress, on top not having a mother figure in his life, (the village women maybe, but it seems like they didn't them as "their son"). The early books don't really show that much of an extreme in Rand. He picks up, shields, and damn near threatens Egwene and Elayne early in the TSR and on feels regret for not having full control yet over his powers. So, my two cents, Rand is under severe stress with a predisposition to protect women since the mothers in life have either been none existant or have died.
  2. So, I'm rereading the WoT for the first time in over a decade, and I just wanted to share a particular annoyance of mine: every characterin the books assumes they know the truth and that everyone else are idiots. Currently, I'm in TSR and I just read about Elaidia's foretelling about the royal line of Andor being the key to success against the Dark One, and assumes its the line that starts when Morgase takes the throne (Rand, being the son of Tirgraine (sp?) the previous daughter-heir, is the answer to that particular foretelling). There is alot of pure ignorance and stubbornness in alot of characters. That's it, just wanted to share/vent. Have a good day all.
  3. Mat always reminded me of Perry from LOTR, the goofball who grew up, but in this case, the people who grew up with him don't see it. I'm currently rereading the series for the first time in 10 years, and I'm in book 3, Nyn and Egwene treat all three boys as little kids, and I never thought they ever really saw them as young men. Mat gets it worst from them.
  4. This makes me feel like a fool. I had all the first editions of each book, and I sold them to a friend for 50 bucks total after I finished AMoL. He wanted to read them, and I needed clear out some stuff. Oy!
  5. Actually don't think he remembers anything, he knows how the Wheel works, but doesn't actually name any specific event outside his current life that he remembers. I've always believed Ishy bought into his own hype. Made himself seem more important to The Wheel than he really was. He was trying to impress everyone with how smart he was in understanding the Wheel, that he missed the easy answers right in front of him
  6. I don't think it was every really explained in the books, but I always took it as just a talent in that area. Like how some people are really good at math and the sciences, but struggle in the creative arts. Or a person who has perfect pitch and can't play a musical instrument. He was the one guy who broke convention with what was considered normal in the One Power strength. Andol was the guy who helped me realize I might know something but not everything, because we limit ourselves as much as we limit others.
  7. I was on WoTmania right before that shut down, I've been on and off DM, but never made an account till 09, even though I would come here right after it started. Also, never posted alot, if anyone remembers, I'd be highly surprised.
  8. Haven't read ASoIF, surprisingly, but that is a pretty cool little fact.
  9. Possibly. What I do know is this; Robert Jordan is the name of the main character in Hemingways "For Whom the Bell Tolls". So, I've always thought it was more of a nod to Hemingway than anything else.
  10. I'm not really new to DM or Wot, but I've not been on in a long time (2009) and haven't read the series since AMoL came out. Started reading the series when I 15, and the series was only 6 books, it was 7 by the time I got to LoC. Been in few different Wot foruns since I started reading it, and even an email discussion group back in the old AOL days. Figured I introduce myself, say HI, since I'll be rereading the series for the first time in a long time, and will want to talk about it. So, Hello everybody!
  11. Reading through most of this topic I'm not saying anything new: I agree with negawalker from much earlier, The 3 becoming one would be the 3 powers, saidin, saidar, and the True Power. From Lews Therin ramblings we do find out that he knew the seal wouldn't hold and that there would be a backlash. Obviously he will Callandor with two women, one being Moiraine (one of Min's viewings says that Rand will fail, or die can't remember exactly if she is not with him and she thinks that it is the only viewing that is wrong, and Mat is going to rescue at some point), the other I haven't really figured out yet. I think the TP will be used to actually seal the Bore, and the TS will be used as a secondary. Kinda like a second lock to avoid a backlash on saidin and saidar. we know that the TP is given by the DO and I've read Rand gets it from his link with Moridin/Ishy, what I don't know, and haven't read yet is that the DO can actually block access to the TP once someone has tapped into it. I only believe about the TP cause there will be a backlash, and The TP is the one that won't be missed. Unless the supposed flaw in Callandor also shields it user(s) from the taint and therefore the TS. Okay alot maybe's in there, but I'll let you all now dissect it.
  12. It's been brought up in other threads (I don't remember which ones, but I do remember reading about this discussion). From what I recall (which may be mistaken) was that the majority opinion was that using the TP to seal the bore, while a nifty idea, but probably isn't feasible. Using the DO's own power to seal himself just sounds like it wouldn't work very well (it's been suggested that the TP is the DO's very essence. Use a being's own essence to imprison themselves?). Not to mention that whether Rand drawed the TP directly from the DO, or drew it through his link with Moridin, the DO would probably cut off that source as soon as it started. No matter how many or few people I gave permission to use my power, the second I felt someone trying to seal me with it, I'd immediately cut off -everyone-, on my side or not. Maybe, theories aren't really my thing. I thought it could be a possibility, but after Rand destroys the access key to Cheoden Kal(?) it's probably a better possibility that Callandor will be used while Rand is linked to with Moiraine and someone else, but thats another topic for another thread.
  13. Pardon me if this was brought up already, but I scanned the forums for the topic and didn't see it. With Semi's death Rand got to use the True Power to kill her, since the a'dam stopped him from using the True Source. Not much had been said about it except that it's a gift from the DO in Moggy's POV in CoS. How did Rand get access to it since it derives it power from the DO, which we know from SR while he is looking into his ancestors past. And now that Rand can use it do you think he will use it to seal the Bore anew and have the DO backlash on his own power supply?
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