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  1. They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Yet, the question at hand is can a thousand words paint a picture worthy enough to portray Mr. Jordon. I will try. I started reading Mr. Jordon's wheel of time series in late 1999 and several times thought of picking up the phone book to see if i could find him listed here in Charleston, South Carolina. He captured my imagination and inspired me to write poetry and attempt my own novel through the sheer imagination and detail placed in his books. He allowed me to step away from my problems and into a new world which allowed me a view of myself and a view of the world which currently surrounded me. Through my imagination which was aflame from his eloquent prose I lived other lives and in other times. It assisted me in my daily life by allowing an outlet by which I might relax and find enjoyment. I actually did pick up the phone book and looked up Jordan under the listings and found numerous entries but sadly never had the initiative to see if one of the Robert's in there might have actually been THE Robert Jordan. I'd go to the bookstore and manage to find out I had either just missed a signing or would not be able to make the next one due to work assignments. So even though I never truly met him I do feel that through his writing he exposed his true self. Mr. Jordan took me upon flights of fantasy that near bordered reality with the amount of detail my imagination lent to his prose. The books that he wrote enthralled me and left me dreading having to turn to that last page which said the story would be continued in yet another book. I personally cannot wait to see how closely this new author can come to Mr. Jordan's achievements for in my eyes i must say he has some mighty footsteps to follow in. If the family by chance reads this my only desire for you is that you realize what a truly extraordinary individual James(Mr. Jordan) truly was and that he left you with the warmest and most imaginative memories that he could create for you. If the author who will be following in his footsteps reads this then i truly wish you the best of luck in your endeavor. Mr. Jordan you are greatly missed by your family your fans and I Sincerely, Robert Williams
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