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  1. Yea, I agree the sneakyness was a little annoying, but...according to her. It is the wife's job and of course, faile being faile, she's going to do it whether he agrees or not. ;D As for the trust issue: there was a trust issue at first with berelain, but towards the end there, I didn't think that issue was there any longer. Wasn't it mostly a big deal because Perrin would raise his voice at Berelain and do all the arguing with her and only be "nice" to Faile...when Faile, being Saldaen, thought that he thought she was weak for not taking control of her...?? I think that makes sense
  2. That was my thinking, if there is a reason for it being harder, that it might be because they are much stronger so therefore have to fight harder to control it.
  3. I'm on KoD and I just started thinking. Why is saidar so easy to handle when saidin is like a raging icy river (i think that's how they put it)? I'm trying to think of a time if they explain why it's so difficult for male channelers, but I can't think of any. Could someone tell me, I'm very curious!
  4. so, my wife is a huge twilight fan, so I had to tell her that whoever made that list, decided they should use robert pattinson for Gawyn. So now she wants to know if they're going to use him in the real movie. I hope so cuz then that's another WOT fan!!! woohooo!! ;D
  5. I don't really remember if he ever explained everything that happened in Rhuiden. But I thought that he was just sticking to the story that he is the dragon reborn and he'll need someone to compose his "greatness" or something along those lines.
  6. Exactly what Maj said. And I must say, the Legend of the Seeker pretty much sucked. Even though (sorry everyone) I enjoy reading that series. But yea, I have no doubt the Wheel of Time movie will be incredibly better.
  7. Mistborn is better than Elantris...?? Well, I thought Elantris was freakin awesome! so I guess I'm gonna need to go get the mistborn series.
  8. if i remember correctly, I believe the Wise ones, on the way to Rand announcing that he is "he who comes with the dawn", say that they communicate with the other wise ones of the other septs.
  9. Luckers has it just about right, here's a link if you wanna hear just a few more details about it. http://library.tarvalon.net/index.php?title=The_Eye_of_the_World:_Ravens_Prologue
  10. Could someone provide a link to the whole prologue for The Eye of the World. My copy of the book got the first 10 or so pages ripped out and I haven't been able to read the prologue for years now. I am dying to read it again. Someone help!!
  11. I agree about the money Serick. I didn't mean to imply that he would just keep going so he could make an extra buck or two. What I meant was that I think he would have put as much info into this book as he could and obviously could have done it better and quicker than anyone else.
  12. Earlier in this post, someone had said that Robert Jordan may have been pushing for this to be the last and final book because he knew that his time was growing short. I believe that that is a very reasonable conclusion. If he knew that his time was coming, why would he just write what he could and then leave notes for someone else to finish. Of course he wanted to finish the book himself and could only do that with one more book. I believe that if he could have, he would have put as much into this as Mr. Sanderson is if not more. Could Robert Jordan have done this quicker and with less w
  13. yup, i bought one of his books. Elantris. I had to see what I was getting myself into. But, I must say that I rather enjoyed that book. So it gave me total faith in him.
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