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  1. a long time ago, i didn't believe, but I considered, that the seanchan woman who will "climb it together" with egwene, referring to some cliff in one of egwenes dreams could be tuon. both are idiots who believe what they believe no matter what evidence is put before them. they are 2 very unlikely people to ever work togather, but both clever enough to pinch rands forces between theirs and force him to follow one or the other's authority. both so unlikely to work together, but... if tuon learns rand is going to break the seals, and that the wetland forces are about to face his forces, tuon would worry less about capturing marath daman, and would start worrying about trying to stop rand. egwene has already shown that she's more worried about subjugating rand than she is about anything else except her own personal power within the WT both will say "I can deal with them after I make the dragon reborn kneel to me" if perrin isn't there to save rand at the BT, then he'd be needed in that situation for sure, maybe mat can handle tuon, and perrin can handle egwene.
  2. I don't really care that it's really rands plan for her to gather the 1/3 of the world that he's missing, and that he's letting her gather that missing portion so that he can do, as someone else stated earlier, make his demands I've been positive since the beginning that the pattern will always and forever make it right...thats what the pattern does, takes everything in and makes it add up to being a patchwork quilt that keeps on going. What I do care about, since I began reading these books, is that I worried that RJ had intended these powerful women to be... 1. interesting, which they are, but not as individuals, except for the ones that change 2. powerful female leads, which just don't happen as often But, at first, all he made was a bunch of women who were nearly identical and terrible people. I've been amazed at nynaves and a little of mins changing attitudes, and was amazed at moraines as well. Those characters were different than the rest and were more interesting, because they started off as something so different than our world, a world where women run things more often than not, and GREW into people with real strength. anyway, egwene is still moronic, and completely wrong, she isn't being cautious, she just flat out hasn't believed in rand since before she left the two rivers. she fully expected to marry rand and become the womans circle leader or become wisdom, and either way be the secret power behind rand, the leader of the village council. Her plans haven't changed since she was about 10 years old. She hasn't changed an ounce since she was about 6 or so. anyway, to all you out there saying things like "dystopian vision of the future". Avi's vision of the future was only distyopian for the ael, and only becuase they betrayed their honor and their allies, only because they broke water oaths, so to speak. Everyone else in her vision were prospering by the end, except ael, and channelers in the wetlands. Avi didn't see the seanchan as the danger, she saw her people loosing tradition, then honor because of it, as the problem. and to all of you thinking that rand bowing to the seanchan would be terrible. well maybe it wouldnt be. if everyone signs the pact, it doesn't really matter if he bends knee, especially if the WT and the BT are included in the pact. The only ones who will put up a major stink will be egwene and her buddies, and rand has pretty much set her up to fail in this. we see the ael don't like it, but they go along with it. so maybe tuon will agree, but maybe not, either way if rand does bend knee, it will only expedite things.
  3. oh, I just thought of something everyone thinks egwene is a motherfreakin retard for summoning all the words soldiers to her to fight rand. because what are the worlds soldiers supposed to do against rand except die? well I'm hear to tell all you egwene haters that egwene is an even bigger retard than you think. she didn't do it to intimidate Rand. She did it because it is her official right to deal with all the worlds monarchs/nobles and this was the only way egwene could take control of the war against the shadow back from the hall since she just gave them full control. By the soldiers being their under the orders of the nobles, and them under the orders of egwene, she becomes the leader of the war again, and the hall no longer is. so basically, she is risking the light's soldiers being in the wrong spot to hold back the blight, risking Rand crushing 1.5 million of the lights soldiers if talks with rand don't go well, she forwent her chance to actually look into what rand is doing, she waived her right to talk to the leaders of the land about battle strategy to win the LB, she called the nobles/monarchs of the land to face the dragon reborn instead of standing with him in a direct confrontation, she gathered all the leaders of the land and forces of the light in a location and time where the forsaken were already aware of and she knew that when she asked them to come, all on the chance that she'd gain a smidgen of power over the hall that she just gave up
  4. i read almost all the posts, but I think I missed a post or 2.... has anyone put together the "lightning his eye" prophecy yet? something like, when fortune rides on high, luck his soul, lighting his eye, something something something well fortune isn't fortune, its fortuana, and she has to lead an attack or something from a raken or something and luck his soul, obvious and lighting his eye, well I remember years ago people thought it was either the bands "speed" mat always brags about, and some thought it was the cannons but he only looses 1 eye, and the prophecy says "eye" not "eyes" I think... so maybe he replaces it, or maybe the other begins to represent, something that represents lighting?
  5. Theres another good comparison. Tuon and Mat have a situation going on. But instead of one of the other demanding obediance for intimacy, as someone a page or so back points out egwene demands of gawyn, they just say "well you aren't my enemy but..." and both kinda just figure they'll be intimate when they have the chance.
  6. I really hate about 1/2 of the women in this book, egwene being at the top of the list, but heres another good shot at egwene. Egwene thinks of herself as being so awesome for being able to embrace pain and thus ascending the to the amyrlin seat through sheer will power. Well mat, calmly, let some fox thing claw his eye out and laughed about it later when he thought about how it won't really change his skill much. And he didn't have the intent to try to laugh it off or "embrace" it, he just laughed without trying, truly having a good time. Considering how all the two rivers folks thinks he's a whiner, a bit selfish, and does anything to avoid certain things, thats pretty freakin amazing. whereas, she didn't put up with anymore than any collage, umm, rushee?, puts up with.
  7. Yah, moraine was doing an awesome job of helping rand, and getting some of her wishes done in return. Egwene gave her shiz for it, because she thought moraine should be dominating him or something. Moraine replied with "I remembered how to guide saidar" referring to submitting to it before you can guide it. Egwene nodded like she knew all along. But she went the route all other AS but moraine and verin went, the "I AM THE KING OF ENGLAND!" route.
  8. Excellent posts almost everyone! Egwene has been perfectly consistent since the beginning. Hating or thinking her self better than Rand since the beginning. It's always been about being better/more powerful than everyone else for her, since the beginning. It's amazing she isn't a darkfriend. Maybe there weren't any DF's in the two rivers to recruit her before? She doesn't kill babies, but she does crave power for power's sake. She's almost never thought about the last battle, but she's almost always thought about making the tower stronger, or about getting rand in hand. Rand clearly planned for egwene to get things going for him that he didn't have time to do, when he confronted her. Rand isn't insane anymore, the light taint is holding off the dark taint. His plan isn't complete, but it's partially formed, with a piece or two missing. There will be enough generals there that all Rand needs to do now is to keep the land/spirits of people in good enough shape, and to get them coordinated. The WO's and windfinders would've done as rand asked, and if the WT was the last group to be left out, they would've joined just so they could try to influence. And Rand gathered more nations than the AS managed to influence in the books timeframe. So Egwene was there as an unintentional blocker for the dream team. Her power hunger made herself a target for so many aes plots that they couldn't quickly put someone else in place to deal with Rand, the way Elaida wanted to. In the end, Egwene will either go rogue, and take a good chunk of the tower with her, go silent running and pretend like she's on Rands side so she can try to influence from the shadows, or just end up going with his plans becuase she either believes, or won't be able to convince enough people. She was/is truly just a device used by the pattern to make sure the tower was all lined up to follow rand at the right moment. It will work out like that. Right now, we have a partial plan to deal with Rand, that doesn't seem likely to work, and a partial plan to fix the bores, which is missing a key piece or two, which way do we think the pattern is going to go? The only question in my mind is how is the seanchan going to get fitted into the pact? If the seanchan attack the tower, and find out where everyone is, they'll go right there, and if mat shows up right then too, well then maybe he can fix that. So maybe perrin will deal with one crazy woman wanting rands head on one side, and mat can deal with the other crazy woman wanting rands head on the other. Everyone else will just fall in line after that. In avi's visions, the seanchan were part of the dragon's pact, only the ael breaking their word started them warring again. That means they need to be there when the pact is made as well. Maybe rand will say something like this to tuon, "I'll kneel before you right now, in front of all these people, if you sign a pact of peace". The old Rand wouldn't've done it, but the new rand would. Tuon would take the offer, she's a good enough ruler to do that.
  9. ashandri as the BUT, not unnoticed, and doesn't make sense anyway. if it was part of the bargain, why take him outside instead of keeping him? if it wasn't, why give it to him? It'd be sweet if mat used it to go back with an army to clean up their foot hold on randland. his gags and the letter he wrote, awesome noal left behind, darn, but oh well, just like whats his name in TGH, how else are we going to save darkfriends we like. wonder if thom will write a book as a sequal to jain's, aside from him probably writing a ballad or something? oliver being a psycho? ya he was a little off, but who wouldn't be in his shoes? him being a kid and having all the not-normal stuff happening around him would make him not normal so is mat not gonna make it to the big meeting? is he gonna make it to the trolloc attack on camelyn? rand has wounds, mat has one now, is perrins leg gonna be something like that soon? maybe that should be better said on the perrin arc thread, oh well mat really needs to go back and deal with tuon, because the seanchan numbers keep magically increasing after each defeat, just like everyone else's nations keep doing hmm, aviendha's future visions say the seanchan don't get dragons for 2 or 3 generations from now, so does mat never go live with them? seems he never gives them the secret if he does, which is odd, as everyone knows that if tuon has mat around, she'll use him to general her armies and he'll want every advantage in battle that he can get. so does he die before really getting back to his wife, or do they just see each other on holidays and he stays with the mainlanders otherwise? maybe he stays with the other nations because he really does think she'd make him a dacoval if he went to anyplace where she has more authority than him, so maybe he never fights with the seanchan forces if the dragons get into the DO's forces, I don't see them having time to create many, or any of them, as they don't have any nations belfounders or resources to do it, unless they actually captured some of the borderland countries in the current attack. we have mat and gwayn, mat thinking of how to fight blind, and gwayn finding it beneficial to do so, maybe we'll see a new level of blademastery arising? the copies of mats medallion? I could see the shadow wanting to copy those faster than the dragons, any ideas when we'll see those pop up in the next volume, and around who's necks? good guys, and bad guys? is the band of the red hand, the half elayne has, gonna be at the meeting? the band rushing in to save oliver, gonna be disastrous, or heroic victory? is oliver going to be heroic, tragic, or just a device in the fight? is elaynes deal with mat going to mean more than the obvious things we've seen shown in the books so far? when and who are we going to see first try to manipulate mat/tuon's marriage to end/start/win the war with the seanchan? no one's seemed to mention it yet oh ya, and why not make spears/arrows/other weapons instead of exact copies of the foxhead to take care of the gholam? elayne said the only thing that mattered was the size, not the shape
  10. yeah it wasn't a big deal, never made sense, and no way to know why it was there. Why did they even take him out if he never asked to go out, just to recieve an object that has the power to take him out? If they gave him an object that can take him out, but that in itself is the way out, then why take him out. And if it didn't fullfill the contract, and taking him out did, then why give it to him at all? No point, just trying to be clever. Though if mat goes back in with an army to deal some punishment... well now its a big deal. Plus after mat goes, anyone else could use it to do that. Wonder Oliver will use it?
  11. Right at the beginning, we have seanchan towers of midnight, and we have egwenes dream showing the 12 forsaken as towers of midnight. Lan is the only person who is able to be sacrificed before the DO is resealed that could fit for sure. So which set of towers will kill him, the seanchan, or the forsaken? Seeing as how he's in tarwins gap right now, and the only person who is really aware that he need's help is Rand, who is probably about to be detained in a conflict with the AS, I think he's toast. Everyone will finish up their little squable and say "OK! Let's go save Lan and start the last battle!" only to find they just lost him. That would shake everyones nerve right before the LB starts. Anyway, Perrin's arc was finally amazing. The hammer forging was amazing. The best part of the book. But the hammer aftewards was kinda pointless... Seemed to not add any significant damage to be worth the effort. Now if it starts tossing trollocs or shooting shockwaves/thunderbolts when it starts really going, then it'll be sweet. I kinda think Rand, Mat, and Perrin are supposed to fight shadar haran in a 3 on 1 fight for some reason. Makes sense seeing as how they'll not want to channel right inside shyougouhl until the moment they make the new seal. The wound in perrins leg could really matter at that point, which might be another way to fullfill the prophecy. The beginning of the arc really drug on for no reason though. BS should've given a bit of that manuevering to mats arc near the end. By the way, how come the wolves and Perrin were able to see rand in TAR? Rand was in the world of flesh when he did his thing. Does tar kinda of show rand alot now adays, or only for huge events? That would be weird, and a huge weak point.
  12. characters are definitly not more reasonable. perrin is only just formally accepting his role, to himself, as he only accepted it when facing a problem before. so theres no major change morgase has been with perrin for how many books now? so the time when perrin met galad and gwayn, would be the time they'd both stop hating rand, and the timing of those encounters makes sense, as perrin was delayed with shaido and the prophet for 5 books. Now that he's free, unless RJ or BS to decided to throw another problem at perrin keeping him from returning, he'd of course return to everyone else and they'd learn morgwase is alive. Also, of course galad would accept perrin, as his mother was there to ease him right into accepting him. Mat was actually doing better, right up until the moment he married tuon. Now, after going to the ToG, he's just about back to that point again. Rand was getting more mature, but also more callous. He was developing as a leader for the better, but not as the dragon for the better, as the dragon is tied to the land. He'd never reached a point of being too unreasonable, but he'd on very small occassions acted with less dignity than he needed to have, when being pushed by AS. Then he did his dragonmount thing and now the light is girding his mind/soul. From here you can see that all these male characters are not acting out of character, they're doing what RJ laid the groundwork for. The only thing you could complain about is the speed, either slow or fast, but that isn't determined by BS, that's determined by the target number of books needed to finish. The female characters are all the same as well. Egwene and elayne, still dumbasses and pretty much terrible people, no changes. Nynaeve and min, both have been changing for several books now, not just in BS's books. Cadsuane, still a controlling biotch, but still formidable, no changes there. Aviendah, still all about the aiel and honor, no changes there. The only character things that seemed wrong to me was mat. in TGS he just kinda jumped from his luck just being something he was ok with, and it coming in waves varying from good to beyond amazing, right to "i can turn it off and on at will" with no in between whatsoever. Neither BS or RJ built anything in there where mat even speculated on wether he could learn to control his luck. The scene where he was talking about breaking their hearts was there to show that he's still trying to look at chicks but justifying it in his mind. But it still came off wrong for mat. The badger, the sweet buns, and the letter came off perfect though. absolutely mat and the letter he wrote was funny as hell. The biggest problems was the language BS used, as other people have said. A huge example is that the two books BS wrote, everyone would just say "channelrs". Where I'm not sure any in RJ's books said that. Things like that were all over the place. Of course the writing style was different, but the pace determines so much of that. Overall, no biggie, BS did a good enough job telling someone elses story.
  13. I think its simple. Verin wards the letter, but makes the weaves weak, so they'll dissapate in a day or a bit longer maybe. The ward means she knows the letter becomes unreadable if mat opens the letter before she dies/comes back. So she hasn't broken her oaths. She intentionally uses the words and wording she does so mat is obliged to be there if the trollocs arrive any time soon, even if he doesn't open the letter. She probably doesn't tell egwene/elayne because she thinks they'll both have alot on their plate already, or doesn't want to let one person be the hero in everything. As someone else said, she probably wants the most appropriate person to handle each plot she knows of. disappointed though because it just seems like mystery and drama for their sake only. kinda like what RJ was doing for like 5 books straight. If each major city has a million trollocs about to descend, then I'll believe it though.
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