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  1. On the road the Band was taking, they would have been in Cairhien still, or in unclaimed lands south of Cairhien (they left Maerone and were headed directly for Tear, though they obviously didn't make it there), and this happened before Rand gated them to Altara in Chapter 33.. This doesn't mean the killers weren't whitecloaks, but it does alter the circumstances.
  2. My favorite scene in Winter's Heart is when Mat meets Tuon for the first time and is looking around, thinking a Forsaken is going to jump out of the fireplace! :D
  3. Favorite memory of them was the bonding at the end of New Spring, Moiraine giving Lan a new purpose instead of an anonymous ending in the blight.
  4. The day after TGS was out, I thought that Graendal might have been too clever for Rand (at that point, I don't think I had even finished the book yet). Back in June, I mentioned the humorous-to-me-at-the-time possibility that Aran'gar was in Graendal's lair and that she compelled the Domani Lordling. I didn't argue for either, but I thought they would be nice potential plot twists that turned out to be actual ones...
  5. I had the same idea, but actually the blight's retreat began in book 1.
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