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  1. Hello Tinkers! I'm not a dancer but I'm all for the veggies and music! Was just wandering by ;) and was wondering how all this works. I mean, how do I join boards? I'm a newbie. :o I briefly read some posts earlier about visitors and members. What I'm getting at is: what are the rules? And how do I find out what the rules are? I'm Lost. :'(
  2. *poke-poke* What are stickies? ???
  3. Hi everyone. I just joined today. I'm not really sure what to say here. ??? Uh, I started reading WoT in '03, I think, and fell in love! Since then I have read and reread each of the books over and over. Every single time I find something new in them. Believe it or not, these books have helped me understand politics better. I don't know what boards I'll join yet but I have enjoyed reading the posts in the New Member's board. You all seem so friendly. I've been in chat rooms and those were not friendly at all. I look forward to "talking" with other fans/members.
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