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  1. Welcome to DM! I'm getting ready to start a re-read of the books myself so I hope you not only decide to pick up one, but that you come to love them like I do. I've not played Mafia, but I'm sure you'll enjoy that here!
  2. Welcome to DM! I have an extensive collection of tea myself- I get curious about different flavors and buy them. Then sometimes regret it when I do, and now I have a whole closet full of boxes of teas to get through.
  3. MoonLily


    Welcome to DM, Anae!
  4. Super glue, duct tape....I might need the works as I've been terrible about coming home and staying put. I'm going to try to make time for the things I enjoy though, especially now that my children are a little bit older and needing me just a little less. The possibility of free time is a bit exciting. Also, now I really want chili. Or tequila- possibly both. I'm going to be looking at the different social groups, though I was sad to see the Illuminators were gone until it was cleared up that they're over in their own wagon. It's been years since I've done anything new, so maybe I'll re-find my home over there and get inspired to do a new project. Thank you all again for the welcomes back. I'll be back again, I need to go start dinner. Mmm. Jalapenos.
  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome back! It's very heart warming. I mostly recall being with the Illuminators, being dunked in chili a time or two, and role-playing. It's been so long however that I'm probably (read as: most likely) am missing some of the places I spent time here. As for my finishing the series, after my heart was broken several times with AMoL, I've almost returned to the point where I'm about to do a re-read. My favorite character is Nynaeve, followed by Siuan and I'm absolutely unapologetic about it. =) Also, a belated thanks to the comment about my avatar. It's one of mine so I figured my giving myself permission to use her here complies with the avatar regulations. Thank you all again. I feel warm and fizzy.
  6. Given the fact that I have not been around in seven or eight years and just rediscovered my log in here, I feel like I should say hello in the introductory area. I'm claiming to be new again because honestly it's been so long that everything SEEMS quite new to me. That being said, hello! Lisa, MoonLily
  7. Heyla and welcome! Do you prefer to be called your full user name of Samarasin, or do you prefer it to be shortened to Sam? Or something else entirely? Fire is a great way to warm up to everyone. Though there won't be much happiness after I suppose. Take your time like I am, wander, poke and sniff until you find a place you wanna try and settle into. The Social Groups all look very interesting if RP isn't your cuppa tea. Again, welcome! =)
  8. Ohhhhhhhhhh BOY!!! Ive been caught RED-handed!!! ... *Rim Shot/Groan* - Fish *Grin* Hey, the fish shaking was completely random so it was pure luck that you were shaken and then tied down by someone else at that! It's officially a party. I'm going to wiggle my way into a Social Group or two, and I want to get my nose wet in the rp area again as it is tempting. I'd had a character approved, crosschecked, and novice-ified the last time I was here but I pulled out due to some drama that will be best not gone into. Things look settled and stable again so it's tempting all over again to try. Sadly now I have to go over to the dark and face the evil that is my vacuum cleaner.
  9. Thank you very much for the kind and warm welcome back to DM. I am leafing through the social groups (I keep wanting to call them orgs) and I brushed up on the rules after finding them there, thank you. I'm going to go work on getting updated signatures made for myself, and then throw myself more into everything here! =D
  10. I am doing very well! Procrastinating doing further housework by poking around forums, I just poked the ACW forum when you'd responded to me =D How are you? I am thinking about prodding the Ogier next, or if I feel ambitious I'll go see how the Wolfkin are doing.
  11. When in doubt, go to the general forum before saying anything. To be honest, I don't recall when I was last here. I like to think I didn't stomp toes or anything, but who knows. I know it was YEARS (likely two) ago, and I've since not been in any communities. I decided to come back now that life is fairly settled. If you can count having hundreds of earthquakes in a short two months time as being settled right? I'm resolving to be less anti-social this year. Really. I will be. I also re-found my link and login here when I was going through my massive stores of saved email, hence I'm back here. So I want to start over. No! I'm not going back to the introduction forum and you can't make me! (>.> technically a mod can move my thread, but I'll cry.) Suggestions of forums to go poke at and hang around? Something for me to shake other than a fish? Just say hi? Okay. Time to go a pokin' and probably go re-read up on signature guidelines and forum rules.
  12. *climbs out of the pile to hug Jade* =) thank you! Congratulations on the little one you had when I was gone too! Very exciting and felicitous news there!
  13. *Drags Tigara into the Jelly pile for huggles* It is me *g* it's nice to see the familiar faces, the names that just scream that one's come home.
  14. *tackle pounces Taymist and drags her into the Jelly pile* Yes, yes I was. =D Okay, back to go visit my old orgs... art, ale n' chili!
  15. Ooof! *huggles the heck out of Jelly* Jelly! Always good to see you! *g* Yes, I'm back
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