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  1. With her twins born there wouldn't be another succession, a regent would be installed likely until the daughter is of age to gain the throne. What recklessness was that? She went into her own dungeons to interrogate someone who was shielded and under lock and key. It was a coincidence and nothing more that a DF rescue attempt just happened at the very second she went down. That event and even more so the BA raid have always been greatly exaggerated in this regards. In addition I along with most others do not believe Avi's vision will come to pass. They are a cautionary view of the fu
  2. Elayne could still be in danger after Rand goes to Shayol Ghul to Seal the Bore. The trollocs and fades will still be around, not to mention Black Ajah and darkfriend Asha'man. The Trolloc invasions in the Borderlands and Caemlyn coupled with the impending Seanchan assault of the White Tower seem to spell out a longer Last Battle than just a one day trip for Rand to the Bore. The Last Battle will last at least a few months if nations are to rise and fall. The feeling Aviendha had after the glass columns implied that the future she saw was a very likely future. It would be interesting
  3. It seems to me that with Elayne's recklessness in ToM she could very well be an unsuspected death in aMoL. In Aviendha's vision in the glass pillars, Elayne is no longer on the throne. If only one generation passes between the last two visions then that means in two generations Elayne will no longer be Queen of Andor. Elayne is a strong channeler and leader, who if released from the Oath Rod or not should rule for at least two generations. There is also no mention of Elayne or Aviendha, even though they are only grandparents at this time. It is obvious why there is no mention of Rand, but the
  4. Logain holds control of the bond after the flushed face incident, and I'm fairly sure that Logain cannot see what Min sees. I think I remember Logain having the Talent to see ta'veren though. Also Taim isnt Demandred.
  5. The Seanchan would not trust a channeler to return to the Tower after her capture. They do not know of compulsion or any form of bonding, and they have a complete distrust of all damane and especially marath'damane. I venture to say it is impossible that Carlinya has been da'covale her whole life and was brought from Seanchan to be inserted into the White Tower for the purpose of spying. A Listener would likely just be added to the servants if the Seanchan had a desire to spy.
  6. The Broken Crown refers to the political situation in Saldaea regarding the sucession. The Dragon has already broken all oaths and allegiances, as shown by the army that gathered to follow Lan to Tarwin's Gap, the wanderers on the major roadways since Rand's capture of Cairhein, the countries he has gathered under his banner, and the allegiance of Davram Bashere and Rodel Ituralde.
  7. As has been stated, the extra bit is the alteration in the weaving of the "Ashaman-Aes Sedai" bond that demands obedience without work as distinct from the "Aes Sedai-Warder" bond which requires work to compel obedience. The "vase shattering moment" was most likely a reaction to the shock of Logain bonding Toveine which is probably the last thing she expected. I don't seem to remember Toveine doing anything more than hard breathing and a flushed face after the kiss, but that could be from shock. To clarify though, the "compulsion" caused by the bond is distinct from the weave Compulsion it
  8. After Tarmon Gaidon, it might be possible that the Ashamen might take oaths on a binder attuned to saidin. The oaths might relate to Rand's speach to them at Black Tower. mb, seems to me that "the guardians balance the servants" refers to the Asha'man being a balance to the Aes Sedai.
  9. I wouldn't say that Perrin has been internally at peace considering his internal battle with the wolf during the entire series up to ToM. Perrin has repeatedly told anyone who would listen that he is "Just a blacksmith" when he is confronted with duty. His confusion with Faile I've always seen as just a normal relationship in the WoT-style of gender conflict. Mat has always complained about his duty, but through the series he becomes more responsible and mature. Some of the books that Mat complained the most he also grew the most, even though Mat himself didn't realize it.
  10. channeling was confirmed as genetic by RJ i believe.
  11. What I meant by the dying in the stone doorway was dying beyond it, my bad lol. And when was that mentioned? Quotes =D?
  12. I believe its mentioned when Mat and Olver are playing Snakes and Foxes that it made Mat think of the Finns. I think it was in the book where Mat is first going to Salidar? Refresh my memory someone please, been a while since my last re-read.
  13. I think Fel was already ruled out. I like the theory about Rand's blood shed on Shayol Ghul meaning Elayne giving birth there, but what would that do to the kids you think O.o? And the Gaidal Cain thing I hope happens =O it'd be epic. But wheres he going to get the ugly gene? Rand and Elayne are both rather handsome/beautiful folks.
  14. The quote was fairly direct, and evidence from the books describing burnouts collaborate with it. Lanfear died in the stone doorway. She was brought back to life by the Dark One. Since it was that body, not her soul, that had been severed or burned out, I don't think she would need healing. But then how did she lose that power.... No idea. Perhaps something involved with the angreal or finns.
  15. Hmmm... When Rand broke free of his shield? My mind is fuzzy on the details of it, but didn't he make a reference to cutting or something? Or did he overload them? And Setalle couldn't feel anything with the a'dam right?
  16. The Pattern would do everything to stop it, probably. Hmm...that's kind of a cop out of an answer I think...it's possible, but if that's the reason I'd feel robbed...I was thinking maybe the chosen didn't have enough power to truly damage the pattern (maybe only rand with the choden kal could)....but I'd rather it's something like the Dark Lord doesn't actually want to destroy the pattern for some reason Well, realize that the Forsaken expect to rule the world when the Shadow wins. Only Ishy realizes the pattern will be destroyed if the Shadow wins. So it makes sense that the
  17. That's pretty much how I saw it. She was that strong that being healed by a woman meant she was still strong, even though substantially weaker than she was originally. Works for me. I actually thought she might have been healed by Moghedien. Although it seems likely that Cyndane was already in Haran's clutches at the point Moghedien was taken we don't know what state she was in. We do know Moghedien wasn't far from Nynaeve when she discovered the healing of severing. I wouldn't be surprised if she picked up the weave at some point. Really? I'm not trying to be argumentative I hone
  18. I agree wholly Fish, and never meant to seem like I didn't support the war. I was merely commenting on how I never noticed the parallel before. Also, lets not talk politics on here, this site is about WoT, not the real world.
  19. The only thing that really struck me as "off" in TGS was uniform across all parts of it, including the Mat chapters: differing choice of words from what RJ would have used. Words such as "devil," "damned" and "kingdom" really jarred me -- especially "kingdom" to refer to a nation in the Westlands, since many of the nations aren't even proper kingdoms (i.e. ruled by a king). BTW, this also means that Ch. 48 "Reading the Commentary" was probably Brandon's work. And it was really good, the profuse usage of "kingdom" non-withstanding. I honestly thought chapter 34 "Legends" was spot on: the
  20. A minor bit of speculation to add to this: I vaguely remember reading (in tGS?) a part when one of the Aiel says that battle is what they do best, not playing policemen. (That's obviously not verbatim, by the way.) This brings up an interesting point, however, even though the Aiel are simply bad-asses, they are warriors at heart... even those who aren't fighters for a living like the Maidens, even though every Aiel knows how to wield a spear and they have created a remarkable societal structure in regard to how they live on a day-to-day basis... but I'm digressing... Anyway, compar
  21. Because Rand is quite mad. He is mad with power partly, and by that I mean he has been spoiled by instant gratification for the past two years. And he is of course mad with ...madness. He's insane.
  22. I loved Mat in TGS. First time I read it I might have had a fleeting thought that this was a slightly different Mat, but overall I was immensely satisfied with Mat in TGS.
  23. It's been said by Lews Therin that Lanfear was the strongest and most beautiful woman channeler in the Age of Legends. On Moiraine, if she was stilled it can be healed, but given the evidence I would think she has been burned out. Burned out and stilled are two COMPLETELY different things. Stilling there is a connection which has been "severed" between the channeler and the One Power. Said channeler can still sense the power, but is unable to reach it. Burned out means that the connection has completely disappeared. There is no connection anymore. The channeler can no longer sense the One
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