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  1. i doubt rand saw lanfear or graendal as weak ever and even his internal thoughts dont paint him as misogynist. through out the whole series he treats min as equal far more than the aes sedai or other women. rand's unreasoning idea about women r a product of the randland's and two river's history as well as iyena's death. The idea that women must be protected was likely a product of the breaking and the trolloc wars during which total pop was greatly reduced and the death of a woman reduced societies ability to grow and continue while a man's death doesnt mean much. remember the two river was directly invaded during the trolloc wars during which men and women both fought in defense of manetheren. these wars were over 350 years and society had to protect its women so the ranks could be refilled and so that humanity could continue to exist. this is why protecting women is so strongly ingrained in the two rivers and the borderlands.
  2. Guys, he's the Wheel's champion... if thats so then who said "only the choosen one can do what must be done" back in book 1?
  3. Lack of food has a way of hurting soldiers ability to fight wars. Right now, food seems to only be good in the immediate vicinity of the three farmboys and it is getting worse. See "Apples First" to see the despair on the land. i thought that chapter was amazingly well written. Also, the hordes of trollocs overrunning Camelyn and the borderlands probably will cause a major disruption in the capacity of the light's forces as they ravage the land/people. The food thing is overblown. people survived for 10 years in the war of power when shaitan has huge influence on the world. As for the trollocs part, please! Trollocs and fades are irrelavant here. Rand alone destroyed thousands of them in maradon. You have aes sedai, ashaman, wiseones, sea folk, all sorts of sangreal, angreal not including the horn of valere in the lights armoury. SHadowsspawn are irrelevant. The series will end at shayol ghul. Not in camelyn That's true they did manage to hold on for ten years, but that was the Age of Legends. They probably new how to increase food production and may have even had instruments of the power to help with that. This age doesn't have that knowledge so the food issue remains a huge issue. Trollocs and Fades are irrelavant? Yes, this battle will be fought on a higher level, but they are not irrelavant. If Caemlyn falls it will leave an enemy behind they Light that they must deal with. They don't have the forces to fight on multiple fronts. 1st of all Dragon was whole and healthly and and 300 years old which would means the DO couldnt have as massive an effect as he does now. the dragon is 1 with the land and ppl after all. ppl believed in dragon which also lmits the DO. AoL had aiel ogier and greenmen to grow food at insane rates as we all learned from rand's trip though the pillars.
  4. Rand's effect on those arround him will only increase with mat and perin present so its more like 1. Shield him 2. Become suddenly unable to channel etc 3. Get shielded with knotted weave that nobody but rand or a forsaken could undo
  5. The problem is that Rand still hasn't given up on his plan to affix the seals by touching them to Shai'tan, and he appears to plan to do it exactly the way he wanted to last time: So the conditions for Shai'tan to taint both sides of the True Source are going to be realized by Rand's plan, if he's telling Egwene the truth. Which he may not be, admittedly. the quote i am looking for is longer but that basically covers the same ground. i dont think toughing shai'tan was the only condition for the tainting b/c jordan says conditions(plural). i think hes learn new things in this life with the cleansing and other event that will allow him to alter the conditions enough to prevent a new tainting. another element is part of the conditions was that it came as a supprise so even simply knowing that the counterstroke is possible and incoming maybe enough for him to block it or redirect it.
  6. actually i believe jordan wasnt as direct on this issue as you think. ill have to find the quote but he basically said if female channelers had been part of it they would of been tainted too but right after he says the tainting was made possible by a very narrow set of conditions.
  7. you are serious? What good is the horn for calling the heros of the ages, if all the heros are already manifest on the battlefield in weak mortal forms? these guys swept through falme like the army of the damned swept through the orcs in the third lotr movie, why would you want them to be mortal at the clutch moment? Not ALL, or even a majority, but with dozens of heroes surely there are a HANDFUL who would be appropriate to have spun out to support the DR in the Last Battle in the flesh? For a charge like at Falme or Minas Tirith, dead heroes are the best, but 65 heroes or 60 there isn't going to make much difference, but 5 heroes spun out, could surely have helped Rand more then enough to lose a handful called back from the dead. isnt there at max a couple dozen heroes. I remember rand being surprised at how few in number they are. a little over a hundred. rand was supprised he knew there would be only about a hundred. mat was shock there were so few.
  8. i think the shear # of flows and weaves and there precise use was is what made them so effective. example no weaves were wasted of the towers. dividing flows a dozen times is suppose tobe insanely hard which rand in the 4th book. egwene was using in TGS maybe 2 or 3 weaves at 1 time. maybe its a talent or training and aptitude the has dragon that lets him divide flows so much b/c i dont think angreal make dividing flows any easier and he was using 100s i think.
  9. See I disagree entirely with the totality of that statement. Take for instance the compact of 10 nations. 200 years after the breaking, we see the nations of Randland brought together in alliance specifically for the purpose of defending against the Shadow. The chief architect of the compact, was Aes Sedai. Many of the queens of those nations, were also Aes Sedai. The, greatest alliance of nations since the Breaking, orchestrated by the directly by the hands of Aes Sedai. On the flip side of the coin - The Shadow/Ishy finds out what's up with that, when he gets out of his phasic slumber, and you've got to figure crap, we can't have folks all united and trah-lah-lah against us which would make it easier for their side come Tarmon Gaiden - Daddy needs Chaos! *queues up 300+ years of nonstop Trolloc+Dreadlord invasions, founds Black Ajah to infiltrate and disrupt AS on organizational level. For real, people go on and on about wah wah wah, the AS should be doing this, the AS should be doing that. To me it absolves all the normal people in Randland from culpability by saying ugh, life's terrible, I know there's nothing keeping me from doing good things - but let's blame the Aes Sedai. Yeah, I know in the AoL they were less than 3 percent of all living people in the world, and even less of a percentage now, but god dammit I have an infected cut and my diaper needs changing WHERE ARE THEY?!?!?! War of the Second Dragon, the Aes Sedai rally eastern nations to counter the destructive campaign of Guaire Amalasan. 30 Aes Sedai hold back his forces in defense of the Stone of Tear. The Aes Sedai rallying cry paves the way for the rise of Artur Hawkwing. Seriously across WoT history post-breaking, every time the Aes Sedai catch a break and things start looking pretty good - the Shadow comes around and dicks things over in overwhelming ways. Manage to Unite Randland : 300+ Years of Decimating Trolloc Wars Artur Hawking's Rule : Ishamael corrupts Hawkwing. Systematic dismissal and dismantling of all Aes Sedai influence in the Empire, and sending vast forces of stabilizing influence to the other side of the world after some agenda emboldening with a little Trolloc action in the Border Provinces. Hawkwing refuses Aes Sedai healing from the Amyrilin herself on his death bed, which would have saved his life and allowed for the continuation of a stable Kingdom & World to counter the Shadow. What? Hawkwing's dead? Mission Accomplished! I'll just leave this now completely unstable and hateful towards all things Aes Sedai world thanks to me, to youuu. P.s. How's that Black Ajah I started in the Trolloc Wars doing for you? OMG ROFL 100 years of Succession Wars and no outward stabilizing influence like all those troops I sent with Hawkwing's direct heir to Seanchan too, on top of all that other stuff? Oops I did it again! Bonus! Have fun! *Ishy takes power nap Oh but the Yellows, the yellows ugh, they should like have created hospitals! Get out of your pipe dream. They're the 5th largest Ajah, of the Aes Sedai which number around 1000 on a whole, in all of Randland, not all of which even have the ability to heal, until recently lost the ability to Travel in any expedient way. What the hell is so wrong with ordinary people that they couldn't have done the exact same thing for themselves? If you needed Aes Sedai healing or aid everybody knew exactly where and when you could find them *points at WT And, to the best of our knowledge, they've never turned anyone away or refused a request for healing if they were able, regardless if they were in the tower or not. It's also intimated that the Aes Sedai have played a role in the defense of the borderlands - References about the Green Ajah facing Dreadlords, the respect the Borderlanders have for the Aes Sedai, the army led by the BL leaders having the support of a full circle - it's not blowing hot air up a skirt! People just seem to want to rag on the Aes Sedai for the lack of evidence concerning all the good they do, or have done, for the world because we're given examples of how they can be, or are, at the center of various sh*tstorms. Hell, if there were more Tam Al'Thor's out there saying hey, we need to step up and take charge for ourselves and the betterment of our world whether there's AS or not - the world would be a better place. Instead there's a whole lot of whining and complaining about a minority organization with powers that they evidently will, and do, use to aid and heal people on request to the best of their ability. Normal Person: Ugh, like, you should do more. Aes Sedai: You do know we're in the vast minority, our powers are decreased yet still in demand, people still hate and mistrust us because of that crazy most powerful Ta'varen since the AoL named Hawking, and we can't be everywhere at once right? I tell you what, here's our address, if you need help come see us, any time - we don't turn anyone away, even if you think we're witches and call us names. Normal Person: OMG, like, that's too complicated. I hate you. Aes Sedai: Soo, you do realize if you grew a pair you could do alot better for yourself, maybe talk to your neighbors more and get along, that you'd probably not even need our help? Normal Person: UGH AS IF, WHAT-EVER! *flips hair Aes Sedai: *sigh a major part of the fall of 10 nations happened b/c the aes sedai withheld aid from Manetheren and let it die do to internal arguments and jealousies. hawkwing could of never been the tool of the shadow if the aes sedai hadnt tried to control him and humiliated him after he saved them at there own request. they pushed him away in the same manner they did rand. its not really that they failed its that they never decide to change the SOP to correct there flaws.
  10. See the thing that bugs me when people go off on rants about Aes Sedai is that it's based on limited examples that are referred to in the series. The generalizing that, because of the lack of evidence concerning every single deed or action undertaken by AS across 3000 years, therefore they must all be, or have been, convoluted jerkwads across an entire age, because of what we're able to see in a handful of examples evidenced in the past 50 years of a timeline...Sh*t's weak! It's like saying all movies suck for having only seen Gigli, Howard the Duck, and Battlefield Earth. we also have the deeds of the WT during the trolloc wars and hawkwings reign aswell as the fall of the truth of malkier's and why the WT failed to aid them. Durring times of greatest hardship the WT fails to do well except for the forming the covenant of the 10 nations.
  11. And if I have a sword, and only use it exclusively to open cans of beans, it's still a sword. ah but then it isnt a sword of/for justice b/c is just a sword used to open cans. comparing aes sedai to swords is wrong on too many levels though. aes sedai are likely like the ashaman and had there name granted to them by a past dragon(1st age). the dragon as he is now is the model of of both a guardian of justice and light and a servant of the wheel and the life. aes sedai translates servants of all and thats well known but how did it change in meaning i think the "all" went from ppl and society to the wheel and the pattern. in the 2nd age there was no need to serve the pattern and the wheel b/c the DO was well sealed. yet most they still do and have done a terrible job of serving the pattern and the wheel. Nah dude, you and the other dude are reading way too far into the whole can-opener sword thing. I just said it to say it, and ya'll, not so much you, went all OOUU WAHHHH HE'S COMPARING AN INANIMATE SWORD SHAPED OBJECT USED FOR OPENING CANS TO AES SEDAI! UGH OMG! LIKE, WRONG! ...Reading too much into a blithe sword/not a sword comment, getting panties in bunches over people being Aes Sedai now vs Aes Sedai then. Wah wee wah wah wee wah wah...hark, is that the wah-mbulance? *pops can of beans with sword i thought it was a terrible comparison b/c aes sedai r terrible battle channallers. i think a butter knife would of been better.
  12. And if I have a sword, and only use it exclusively to open cans of beans, it's still a sword. ah but then it isnt a sword of/for justice b/c is just a sword used to open cans. comparing aes sedai to swords is wrong on too many levels though. aes sedai are likely like the ashaman and had there name granted to them by a past dragon(1st age). the dragon as he is now is the model of of both a guardian of justice and light and a servant of the wheel and the life. aes sedai translates servants of all and thats well known but how did it change in meaning i think the "all" went from ppl and society to the wheel and the pattern. in the 2nd age there was no need to serve the pattern and the wheel b/c the DO was well sealed. yet most they still do and have done a terrible job of serving the pattern and the wheel.
  13. I thought so too. So, on that note, I'll just run with it. The consensus seems to be that it was well written. I won't disagree with that, but I was a little disappointed in the fact that she seemed to realize that it wasn't real but went ahead and broke the rules anyway. Typical Nynaeve. I think she shouldn't have been raised. The only reason she was raised is because it needed to happen that way in the story. A test has rules for a reason. What if Army Green Berets and people like that decided to just do whatever they want during their testing? Can you imagine someone who has just made it to the end of training killing someone with a gun when they are supposed to use a knife, and just sniffing and saying "I completed the (task) I needed to. I maintained focus. Etc..." I'm sure many will disagree, but that's how I feel about it. i think she just pulled an awsome Kobayashi Maru besides shes more of a real aes sedai than any1 save rand atm. besides the testing showed she was far past it in knowledge and too strong for it anyway.
  14. ill bet u moiraine asked as 1 of her wish for the knowledge of an AoL battle channeller who fought the shadow so she can teach the women how to weave decent attack weaves b/c atm aes sedai rank just above wind finders in battle channelling and so she can be effective when linked to rand at TG.
  15. Read the The Strike at Shayol Ghul and u will see that LTT gave the others aes sedai as much time as he could and tried to get them to realize it was too late to go with thier plan and when that failed he launch his assault and prevent the fall of everything including the very weapons that latra was building to the shadows forces. LTT didnt do what he did out of pride but out of desperation.
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