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  1. Well there is really one thing that makes me believe that something other than resealing will occur, and that is Rand's acquisition of the True Power. I'm beginning to think more and more that this is going to be the thing that tips the balance in Rand's favor. This just seems like one of those things that even on the grand scale of WOT something like this has never happened before.
  2. Well technically the Creator isn't even there anymore. If Lews Therin/Rand's philosophy on the subject is to be believed then the creator planted the seeds of life and moved on like a gardener planting flowers. Frankly i see no cause for providing this age-old and wise characters insight on the subject if it wasn't true. The only possible motivation would be to throw readers off and have an epic arrival of the Creator in the final hour. I think Rand will permanently defeat the DO and life will proceed without the interference of these higher beings. I hope this isn't all leading to a simple resealing, but i suppose i could live with it if it does.
  3. Another indicator of BF strength vs. time lapse is when Rand Kills Semirhage. He says that the True Power rivaled that of the CK, so when he BFed Semi nothing much changed because Semi had been in captivity for a few weeks. Tuon/Fortuona remembers her and Rand's hand is still there so even a powerful BF doesn't do all that much.
  4. The Stone wasn't made until after the War of Power. It was made sometime during or after the Breaking of the World. Callandor was also placed there during the Breaking with its special wards because it was the safest place to keep it from the hands of mad male channelers.
  5. Haha I knew I remembered looby coming up somewhere before. :D
  6. It could just be a connection of all the different towers sorta like how the Two Towers was. It was never fully explained which two towers, but the book makes connections between several.
  7. Hey just thought I'd bring something new to the table. No need to shoot me down.
  8. Ok I'm kinda fuzzy on this whole thing but I'll propose it anyway. I seem to recall that when all the Borderlanders meet to decide on wether to head south or not there was something odd about Agelmar. I can't remember if he was absent or what but I'm just going off what I remember. Anyways I'm not saying Demandred has been Agelmar from the start, but from what I can remember, after The eye of the World he was seen in a different light. I think if he's in the Borderlands that might be the greatest possibility.
  9. Just taking a shot in the dark here. Perhaps the sword was found by Graendal and left behind when she fled Arad Doman. Total speculation, but i think she'd be more likely to find this sort of thing than some random person in the middle of a war-torn nation.
  10. Do you think they would even recognize the sword? I mean the Seanchan have seen the Dragon banner right? Wouldn't they be wondering why the symbol on the legendary sword of their "demi-god" is being used by those who oppose them?
  11. The Turak logic was definitely sound aside from it being mentioned as buried, but it's still plausible. In TGH his sword is described as long, slightly curved, and heavy; so there's no objection there. I still don't think it's Justice or Turak's, but like i said before there's no way to rule anything out.
  12. Everry theory about the sword is unlikely at this point. There simply isn't enough info to single a possibility out, or even rule a possibility out for that matter. We have no way of knowing if the sword has even been seen/ mentioned/ referenced before. It could be something totally off the wall.
  13. Well I just thought a king of Manetheren would be a good candidate.
  14. Couldn't it be possible that Rand thinks it's one of his memories , but it's LTT's. It's not the first time it would have happened.
  15. There are so many unkowns regarding the sword that it could be absolutely anything. -Justice -The 3rd powerful sa'angreal -Guaire Amalasan's or some other False Dragon's sword -A past king or general's sword By the way is anything mentioned about Eawynd's sword in the books?
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