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  1. Great, loved the interviews and can't wait to check out the new clip each month! I also got all the audio books through Audible, first books I got, LOL.
  2. When is the audio book available? I get up in the middle of the night and no audio book! Hope it's up in the morning so I can download to listen to on the way to work!
  3. Very well put, reading a series of books with the length of these either turn you away or they absorb you. I've been absorbed, many evenings reading I almost expected to see my name added to Rand, Matt and Perrin, I was pulled into their world I felt like I was there right along side them. Lately I've been listening to the audio books and am amazed when I find myself at work after being absorbed by Emonds Field. RIP, James Oliver Rigney, you live on in your wonderful books and the hearts of your family, friends and fans.
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