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  1. There are plenty of great scenes in this book...I personally always loved the scene where Min, Elayne and Aviendha bond Rand as their warder. I've always loved that comment from Avi "You do love me!" or something to that effect, a flash of womanly softness from a battle-experienced maiden of the spear. The cleansing was fabulous, but I agree with the above poster...The description of when Mat makes Tuon his wife was fabulous.
  2. I am sooooo looking forward to reading this book, especially with Perrin being a major arc. I never really understood all the Perrin hate that abounded over the last few books...Yes, I did find his arc somewhat boring at times, but I always liked Perrin, so I am especially excited that he moves forward in what is apparantly an awesome manner!
  3. Could someone specify more regarding Tarna, and why we think she's been 13x13? Thanks in advance...I have to wait until th 15th before I can buy the book, and I'm living on spoilers until then! lol
  4. There are many lesser known scenes that I have loved in this series: Rand's walk throught the dead of the night while pulling Tam's body in tEotW, along with the reveal that he had been 'found' as a baby. I believe that Rand's strength of character can be traced back to that point, (or perhaps slightly further, when he goes back to the house to get supplies even though he is terrified out of his mind). When Thom discovers that Deena had been killed...(paraphrased) "You should never have touched the girl", and then proceeds to kill the two hit men, and we find out later he kills Galldrian as well. Epic badassery right there! Perrin, growing a beard...And then when someone, I forget who, or what book, comments on it, and he states simply "My wife likes it." Perrin, when he decides to free Gaul from the cage. Perrin, when he discovers that his family is dead. Frist time I actually teared up reading this series...For a main character's entire family to killed off!! On the flip side of that, after the battle of Emonds Field, the little boy who speaks to Perrin, who has the same last name and figures they must be related somehow...Such a sweet moment! Nynaeve...So many great moments with her; breaking her block was great, her sheer stubborness in marrying Lan, the whole 'The Golden Crane" moments in KoD. When she first begins to remember being compulsed by Moggy, and when she bests her in the first fight. Her quiet, but heartfelt talk with Rand when he first asks her about his mother. LOVED when Mat and Birgitte get drunk...When Birgitte points out to him that they are conversing in the Old Tongue. And when Birgitte makes the girls express their gratitude...Well, actually, when the girls reveal information about the whole Tear thing that even Mat hadn't told her..."I dont' know that I would've have done that for anyone short of Gaidal." And when Aviendha agrees. When Mat pouts in bed after the first time he and Tylin get together. His reaction to the news of her murder. The moments after Moiraine 'heals' Matt from the dagger, and he enters the room, his reaction to Loial because he doesn't remember meeting him, and when Rand realizes that he still has the dagger. His healing at the White Tower, and his speech in the Old Tongue to the sisters who are healing him. The quarterstaff fight with G/G. Those few moments where he thinks to himself that Olver spends too much time with Riselle's bosom. When he chooses to stay in Ebou Dar to search for Olver, and the brick collapse on top of him. Too many moments with Mat to keep going! lol I love many of the Loial moments as well...When he first meets Rand...When we discover that he is over ninety years old; when we find out how he saved the children in Tear, and all the mothers send him flowers. Carrying Gaul all the way back after closing the Waygate. When he sings for the Green Man. Every moment that sets his ears twitching. I miss Loial, and wish we would hear more from him. :( When he is so excited about the bed in the one inn being made of sung wood, but then doesn't even get to sleep in it.
  5. Just by my sheer presence, Western Canada is the best part of Canada! lol, j/k! There are many geographical locations to Canada alone that I would love to explore, as well as the rest of the world. :) I actually am a born and raised Prairie girl(Wpg, MB), but moved to BC some years ago, and became a total convert! There is something magical about the beautiful mountain ranges of the Kootenays that capture my imagination much more than the curving horizon and golden wheat fields of the prairies. But, everyone has their own ideas of what they find beautiful.
  6. Also, wasn't it stated in the first book that naming the Do only brought his attention to you? Not that it necessarily caused an immediate action, like an earthquake etc...And considering the DO has had his eyes on for Rand for quite some time, I think a little world lurching seems quite the thing.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! To Emporer...I am not afraid of the dark, though I will admit to being so when I was younger. A terrible 80's made for TV movie caused it, and it went on until the sixth grade. I met an Amercian a couple years back who referred to Canada as Canadia as well...By the end of the evening, I made sure that he would never forget what I think of that! ;) LOL Raeyn, Loreina, it's always nice to meet like-minded people, and kindred spirits. Corki, I'm not particularly crazy about maple syrup, at least not on pancakes. I like to use it as a glaze for roasted carrots though, yummy. Barmacral, thanks for the support! But, though they put up a good front, I've found most Yanks and Brits to be relatively harmless. ;) And if you ever get the chance to visit BC, I highly recommend it, the Kootenays in particular, some of the most beautiful mountains, and the most fabulous lakes. I haven't actually had much time to check out anything but the general and structured Wheel of Time boards here, so I will definitely go check everything out as soon as I can!
  8. Yes, I know 'aloha' is traditionally used in Hawaii...But, I like it, therefore I use it. :) So, I'm a long time WoT fan, and am currently going through my yearly re-read, by which I have become obsessed about Randland all over again. Having access to the internet has allowed me to expand on my obsession, for which I am grateful! I've been lurking among your boards for a while now, and thought it was time to join, as I have seen many topics and posts that I would have replied to had I been a member. Hmm...what else...I am from British Columbia, Canada, I am an Early Childhood Educator, I am also a pretty productive, functioning member of society in general. I love reading, writing, dancing, movies (but only DVD's, I hate paying outrageous movie ticket prices for the theater!) and cooking. I am bossy, stubborn, opinionated, loyal, honest and reliable. I can admit when I'm wrong, although, as I like to say, THAT doesn't happen often! ;) LOL Oh, and it's nice to be an official member!
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