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  1. Great answers! LOL That gave me a nice laugh after a really long day. @ Amyahoshi: "Interesting how females are dislking Berelain, I wonder why! *cough* rudewordquestioninghermoralcompassregardssexualin tercourse *cough*" Oh, I don't care if she's a *couslutgh*. I don't buy into the whole victorian/puritanian holdover that women should have no sexual feelings and no desire to pursue men. What bothers me is that she keeps pursuing Perrin after he's made his disinterest perfectly clear. If a man was doing the same thing, he'd be a stalker and would end up with a restrain
  2. Ok, I've read so many rants about Faile and Elayne and Egwene and Gawyn and Perrin et blech, so I thought I'd ask people to look past the hate. Here's my question: who is your least favorite character, and what is one thing, in spite of everything else you hate about them, that you have to admit you actually admire? It can be a personality trait or a thing they did, and it can be more than one thing (though it might be hard enough to think of one). I'll start: I can't stand Berelain. I just don't understand why any woman would make a sport of laying claim to a married man, and the way s
  3. Perhaps she acquired pigeons in Tarabon before they set up their camp in the mountains. It seems that Aes Sedai do a lot with pigeons.
  4. I'm not quite sure why one would want to keep reading the series if they were so bored. Personally I have never been bored by any of the books. Impatient, maybe, to find out what will happen, but not bored. The problem with this whole discussion is that terms like "bored" and "interesting" are subjective. Trying to back up an argument that a book is boring based on reader reviews is pointless. The best indicator of a book's success is sales. I'm not sure what the figures are, but given that ALL the WOT books are still in print and the publisher is happily producing three more books, Jorda
  5. To Auld Manriva, no one who has mentioned seeing a difference between Sanderson and Jordan's styles has been rude or mean about it, we are just commenting on our reactions. I think Sanderson did a great job, I just don't think he writes in the same style as Jordan.
  6. I re-read the part about the sword and I don't think the sword is one we've seen physically in the story before now, like Laman's or Turak's. My reason for this is not the description, but the context. Rand says the sword was recently unearthed and given to him as a gift, without those who gave it having any idea what they had. He also says he did not tell anyone about it, even Min--why keep it secret? I think it's most likely as Andrew said, something from his Aiel Memories or Justice. I could tell this was Brandon not Jordan, but I enjoyed it. It will some getting used to reading WOT wi
  7. No no, its safe . . . perfectly safe . . . see, people do it all the time: My favorite part is the fuel in hot water bottles zipped into his suit.
  8. For someone who doesn't Joke, mb certainly provides me with hours of entertainment. Mr Ares' replies to this thread had me laughing so hard I nearly choked on my dinner. My cats are looking at me like I'm a total weirdo. Seriously, mb, are you a robot in disguise?
  9. Have you spent much time reading these forums? We can't even agree on the definition of the word "sent," let alone a word as subjective as "rape." I do however appreciate your larger point, that the word has many definitions from many different points of view. I thought Tylin's actions were disgusting. Whether or not she physically raped Mat, she used her power to coerce him into something he didn't want. I think the complexity of the situation is a testament to Jordan's power as a writer, although I did think that Mat's response was too mild. As to him growing to have feelings for her an
  10. One more thought, regarding the extra money we will be shelling out for three rather than one or two books: You get what you pay for. If Brandon had rushed and squeezed this into one book that we could pay one price for, it would be cheaper but also worth less. I'm willing to pay more, especially as at least some of that excess money will go to a man who is spending sometimes 80 hours a week working on this project. Who knows how the contract is set up, but if it is a typical advance + loyalties, Brandon is not getting paid by the hour. Hopefully the loyalties on three books will make those
  11. What would RJ say? I have no idea because I never knew the man personally, but the impression I have is that he was quite a gentleman. I think he would say "thank you, Brandon, for taking time from your own writing projects to finish my life's work and to do it well, not rushed and incomplete. Thank you, Harriet, Light of my life, for continuing to devote your life to my work and my dreams even now that I am gone. Go do something purely for yourself, next. Thank you, Tom, for taking a risk on a lengthy trilogy that turned into a project bigger than anyone could imagine. And thank you, fans, fo
  12. Sincere apologies. My copy of TGH has chosen this time to go wandering somewhere, so I simply copied the quote from a post in another thread. I will correct the error shortly.
  13. I think that covers all options. If anyone has any other theories, let's hear them. For an 11 page discussion of the definition of "sent," see the post titled "Questions about Moiraine."
  14. Anyone else thinking this question would be a good poll? I'm not sure how to set one up, I'm new, but I'll give it a try. If you don't see one by Monday morning assume I gave up or fell asleep. If anyone else wants to go for it, feel free. javascript:void(0);
  15. Just a thought: It has been mentioned a few times that the DO would not want Lanfear to be returned weakened, either by himself or other forces, because that would diminish her usefulness. However, it seems to me that strength in the power might not necessarily be her only asset. No, I'm not talking about her ravishing good looks that seem to have disappeared as well. She could have intimate knowledge of Lews Therin that would help the Shadow fight him. Further, the Dark might have their own Foretelling regarding her necessity to the TAG. Consider the following dark prophecy: "Daughter
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