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  1. Is that the way it's going to work though. Is he not going to wait until the whole thing is finished before allowing it to be split?
  2. If the only thing it couldn't protect against was balefire then i'd say it would be pretty damn effective. It would certainly remove a lot of the conventional advantage that the OP gives the dread lords and the Trollocs and Mydraal would be screwed.
  3. Did they not go walking into towns when he asked them not to and channel when he asked them not to. I can't remember if they flat out disobeyed him rather than just twist to their own benefit but they certainly chose to ignore him a lot and were generally ungrateful.
  4. Apart from in this casekilling is the best solution. Summary justice is still justice. I wonder how much Rand's aversion to killing women affected the outcome. If it had been Demandred or, even more interestingly, Arangar whether he'd have rolled out the balefire shielded or not.
  5. I don't feel you can apply that sort of rigid morality to Randland. Things are possible there that aren't in the RW and situattions that could never arise here can there. Semi isn't just a prisoner she's a coiled serpent. She's shackled now but in that same scene it's made clear that she's escaped from a similar situation before. Killing her isn't just about justice for her past crimes but preventing future ones and getting rid of the need to divert forces to look after a very dangerous prisoner. Short of severing her on the spot you can't really deny her her weapons without a significant allo
  6. Your words my mouth=straw manning! The NK analogy was a vain attempt to bring relevance to your insistence to bring a fantasy situation into the real world. The NK and Iran having nukes example is the idea of a small group having control of a weapon so powerful that it allows them to dominate the world. You hysterically suggest that i'm saying enslave them. ::) You deal with each situation as best you can and if you're trying to bring down dictators you remove the source of their power. With the Aes Sedai that's the OP and one way of doing so is by putting them in A'dams. Like in the othe
  7. With Sheriam being beaten at night and obviously intimidated there may be something there that sees her being removed. I'm not convinced she's a darkfriend but who ever did it must have some sort of leverage against her. Or she could just die... Siuan might be keeper since she's been so involved in advising Egwene. Tbh I hope the tower is razed to the ground by the end of AMoL and a new joint association is formed with the Asha'man.
  8. No it's a straw man argument because he's putting up an argument aside from the original statement and arguing that rather than the issue. The real world analogy of ripping millions of innocent people from their homes to become slaves in a distant land is massively different from the shackling of a dangerous and occasionally malevolent group which numbers less than a thousand. The purpose of of his argument was to hysterically attach it to an emotive subject and distort the original question. As far as i'm concerned that's straw manning. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man
  9. What elegant wordsmithery ::) I prefer to think of it as retro-active self defence. killing doesn't = murder.
  10. No it's what you're saying. A weak analogy off the back of a straw man defence. Poor show!
  11. Exactly. Even with Tramon Gaiden on the horizon most of them seem intent on their own squabbles rather than the future of the world. As for the saviour of the world rather than let him unite nations they want him under their control and actively work to undermine him. they srerve themselves first anything else seems to be an unintended consequence. As a weapon yes. But they seem to have a very loose definition of what that means. I for one would call switching someone with the OP, tying them using air, putting them to the question or any of the other bits of torture they commit using
  12. Hardly murder unless you're some shrill ultra pinko bent on self destruction. Only a darkfriend would want to keep her alive. ;)
  13. Stop building straw men! RW African slavery has nothing to do with this and you diminish it by comparison. That was purely about economic gain rather than nuetralising a powerful and destructive force. A more accurate real world example would be NK and Iran being the only countries in the world with nukes. You don't reason with Aes Sedai! They've repeatedly shown they will not be rationalised with and temporary aquiesence is just that: temporary, and like with Joline, Teslyn or Toviene just something they'll go through until they can regain the upper hand. They dehumanise themselves by the w
  14. We don't have to look at the Rand/Alanna bond in isolation. There's plenty of other examples now of channelers being bonded by Aes Sedai. Narishima for example. As is shown a couple of times he is obedient of his Aes Sedai but not in the compelled warder sense. He questions her when she gives him an order in front of the Hall of Sitters which draws a reaction from the Aes Sedai. The whole bond thing reminds me of the male a'dam. It was stated that although it would initially allow women to control a man but eventually control would pass to him (at least partially). "Put the collar o
  15. He was never close enough to her to feel the emotions. It's described as just a dull presence or similar. The only time either of them seem to notice anything at distance is when Rand loses his hand.
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