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  1. I don't think they are dead either. Merilille was picked to be the first teacher under 'the bargain' - which she found rather trying. She could see leaving with Talaan as a way of meeting her obligation as a teahcer but also a way out. I think that Talaan will have a further part to play given her strength but this would be as a part of the AS contingent in the Last Battle.
  2. I also think that Perin & Galad will meet up first. But to complicate this meeting .. isn't there also a large body of Shiado in the area? Perin was warned of a group closing in when the rescue raid was under way. Does Rand rock up in the nick of time to avoid a blood bath by opening a gateway & sending the Shaido back to the three fold land? I very much want to see the Rand / Tam reunion :) I think Matt and his small group will go onto rescue Moiraine. The indication was that it had to be Matt, Tomas and one other but none one else. I handn't thought of Elyase as a Malkeri but I remember a comment about the leather band ... what could RJ make of it though?
  3. ditto to all of the above ... we're all so, so sad things
  4. I like the 'we can make it together' reference .. and agree this could be symbolic of the struggle for the future and not a battle for the WT. Whether or not it's Tuon or some other female Seanchan we'll have to RAFO :)
  5. I reckon we'll see both the Rand/Moridin body swap (I really like this idea - it's solves so many problems!!) as well as Rand as a Beggar (you don't put in two references (Min & Perin) & then not follow through). I have NO idea how all this will happen but I love dreaming up ways that is could! I can't wait until we get our hands on that book (yes, it will happen! RJ WILL get through this thing) and find out how RJ has it coming together :)
  6. Cheers Cwestervelt. But what is she up to? Is she just running a reverse psychology ploy? Cads doesn't exactly call things as she sees them. Do you trust her to be with Rand at the very end?
  7. I put Verin & Cadsuanne in the same boat ... I don't know why they do what they do ... they seems to want to help Rand but the question is why? To see him defeat the DO or to be deafeated by him? I don't think Verin is BA but I'm not so sure about Cads. But this isn't based on anything concrete - just gut. Verin knows a lot about the Prophecy - more than most - recall the comment about 5 going in but only 4 return (or was that 6 & 5) just before Rand and the others go into Falme? Cads seems to want to guide Rand but her reasons for the guiding, and where they lead to, are unclear.
  8. 'I Am The Storm' sums it up for me too. I don't mind Elayne & her hormones ... The Sea Folk get up my nose but, hey, I can deal with that ... but the way Nynaeve, Elayne & Egwene treated Matt drove me to distraction. They needed a good thumping! But then, every Aes Sedai thinks they know better than everyone else ... they consider everyone else as inept, blind, stupid, ignorant etc etc and only THEY can save the world!! Give me a break! But this is good! The fact that we feel strongly about the character means that we have an emotional tie to them - which is why we like the Books!
  9. What a list! What a laugh! But, hey!, what an addiction :)
  10. Yup .. I agree with Luckers & Genesis. The new found friends (Tuon & Rand) will step in to stop the assault on the WT. And Egwene will not be happy about Rand 'interfering' or making a truce with the Seanchan. But lets face it, Egwene isn't happy about anything concerning Rand ... she thinks the WT is the (only) answer to EVERYTHING :). But what about the dream that had a Seanchan woman helping Egwene to the top of the mountain (or whatever it was). She didn't make it without that help. I always thought this was Egeanin but could it be Tuon?
  11. My guess would be in the re-humanising of Rand. As others have said, his focus is on the LB and nothing beyond. He has said at one point or other that the best he can hope for is to defeat the DO & die doing so. Once he know about the babes it will give him a reason to live beyond the LB. I think he'll find out about this before the LB. I also think it will hit him like a ton of bricks! He's certainly not expecting something like this :)
  12. While respecting your pov Genesis - you could have the right of it - I have to agree with TheDice. The way I've always read it was that the Seanchan version had been deliberately doctored. The bit about kneeling before the Crystal Throne had been added by the Foresaken to cause trouble. About the Beggar ... I don't think has happened yet. References like this are usually easy to spot - like the crown of swords - and (most of?) the other things that Min viewed at the time have happened . I like to think it will happen literally but I haven't yet figured out how it would. Rand would have to hit rock bottom again (and then come out of it before the LB) and time is running short (only 1 book to wrap it all up!). I do like the idea of Rand dressing up as a Beggar to get entry somewhere but somehow this doesn't feel right unless I've missed/forgotten some reference to Beggars having special access to some place.
  13. I think Egeanin (the Seanchan) is a DF. I only think this because of a reference she made to the 'Dark Lord' in Chapter 21 (Matter of Property) in Book 9. This may have been a typo - but maybe not!
  14. I agree - Faile is a pain and Perin does deserver better. I can't quite see what Perin seeing in Faile - but then they say love is blind (it must also is deaf & dumb). I don't think Faile's mum was/is much better either. Both have a 'I'll do what I want and to hell with anyone that says otherwise' type of attitude and what they think is right is very limited by their own personal needs & desires. Neither seem to have much of a social conscience. Neither care if the world is detroyed so long as their little world is okay. Her dad now. He's the opposite.
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