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  1. Yes, I think the fact that iron is a paramagnetic element could be at play here. Perhaps their brains are composed of neurons that use elements other than Na+, Cl- and K+ to fire action potentials. Perhaps their brains use paramagnetic, ionized elements, which may seem unlikely in our world, but hey, this is an alternate universe. Then, the presence of a lrage amount of iron could in fact cause a magnetic interaction, which would shut down the functioning of their higher cognitive function. Or, maybe it's just something Jordan just tossed in there cause he came up with a cool little verse and it sounded neat to him.
  2. Time runs differently in TAR, though. I still think he is, and I have been pulling the strings behind the scenes for eternity!!
  3. That's what I think. He's ugly, he keeps talking about Birgitte... He's definitely Gaidal Cain. That is all.
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